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  1. You tube is your friend! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPrZIwOWNvem_IAuGgmIWlg Home grown veg's channel. I recommend it and Huw Richards channel and book https://www.youtube.com/user/HuwsNursery
  2. dodgyrog

    Vit 160

    Distance stops me taking you up on this!
  3. What an old grouch you are. Have a littel joy in your heart!
  4. Can't you cast them out of pure lead. The mould must be available somewhere ? https://noebulletmolds.com/site/product-category/251
  5. I have a couple of hundred kilos of linotype. Maybe I could help?
  6. dodgyrog

    Cheap semi auto

    PM sent Dirt cheap semi on offer
  7. Lovely , accurate rifle. I have one - much recommended.
  8. I went there and joined the club today. Seems a really nice place. Well organised and safe.as well as friendly.
  9. Quite right! Just pay us pensioners a decent pension instead!!!
  10. Might drop in on my way back from Hartlepool
  11. dodgyrog


    Queen has approved it! Woo Hoo excellent news! Stuff you lefties, lol
  12. Get the jab. I have and got a minor reaction lasting a couple of days (shingles on my arm - very minor)- Well worth it considering the alternative.
  13. Nobel 80 burns at a similar speed to Bullseye - I used to use it to load 38 Spl pistol rounds. 78 is faster burning than 80 but I've never seen any let alone used it. 82 is similar to Red Dot should you ever get hold of some.
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