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  1. About 200 meters with its ir light probably a bit further with an add on ir thanks for your interest
  2. Chrony F1 in very good condition, only bought it to check air rifle ft/ lb sat in the cupboard since £65 posted no offers please
  3. Hawke Niteye 2000 in as new condition only used in the garden. have gone over to thermal £150 posted no offers please
  4. A Helle Odel knife, well used keeps an edge well, reindeer antler, leather and birch it has been my main knife for everything, had new knife for Christmas, £45 delivered
  5. No it’s not an affliction, it’s nice to know these things. I have histories for both my Westley Richards , and my Army & Navy, which was made by Midland . Midland, Webley Scott and Westley Richards made guns for a lot of other makers. I will wish you luck with your quest
  6. Just thought you could not advertise on both, I may be wrong
  7. According to British Gun Makers. William Wallace senior was based at Ludgate Lane Wigtown 1827 then moved to King Street 1835 the business was taken over by Irwin Wallace the son from 1883 - 1905 then his son Daniel from 1909-1936 the other branch opened in 50 Blackfriars Street Carlisle 1913 as for a label you may have an impossible task best of luck with you quest
  8. Thank you gentlemen, it keeps me out of trouble
  9. The latest reline for a chap with a rare Norman and Son side lock, very pleased with the results
  10. You are correct it cost £40 for them to research your gun you will find out , who made it mine is a Midland, who it was sold to when it was sold and the purchase price. Enjoy here’s mine
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