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  1. I’m not sure what the length the stock was when a purchased it at auction but he has arms like a Gorilla so anything will come up short , I do know that it was an absolute bargain at £350
  2. Thank you gents, mind you the next one from the same guy is completely at the other end, fitting a four bore into an old rifle case
  3. One of the perks of a hobby working on gun cases is handling some of the guns. Just finished converting an old 16 bore leather violin style case for a Westley Richards .410 side x side what a sweet little and incredibly rare gun, the owner gave me permission to shoot it, it handles like a dream, very jealous! I tried to keep the case as original as possible so no total reline ,
  4. Canvas & leather case for S xS I made this a few years ago been sitting in a box the canvas is rubber lined suitable for 30 inch barrels £35 posted
  5. Brady canvas & leather leg of mutton case good condition replacement shoulder strap this is a O/U type suitable for 30 inch barrels £45 posted
  6. Vintage leg of mutton case good condition for age most of the stitching has been renewed, replacement strap, the inside has been part relined with baize 30 inch barrels, 32 inches long £80 posted
  7. Cracking job, well done👍👍
  8. Hi are the 16 bore cartridges  still for sale, very interested 

    regards Alan 

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