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  1. Yes I wish people would stop comparing ATAs to a Beretta they are as different as chalk and cheese, I don’t like the way Berettas handle never have, never will, the handling of my SP elegance is great and it suits me but that’s me, may not be for everyone. I have owned it for a year, it been fine, however this subject has been done to death.
  2. I purchased a Deerhunter DXO tweed coat from The Sportsman gun centre for £65.00 I believe they are £58 now, great quality
  3. I have had one for just over a year, I can’t fault it I have the elegance, it may look like a beretta, but it handles nothing like a beretta, the wood is super, you would pay treble for what I paid on a gun. I have not regretted buying one
  4. Try www.DSCtraining.org I used them when I did mine it has the questions with multi Choice answers it a £10 for the first month, then £8 for following months. It worked for me good luck
  5. Moleskin shirt in used condition size large but 24 inch across the armpits £15 posted
  6. A pair of Jack Pyke trousers XL worn but usable waterproof knees and seat £15 posted
  7. Two pairs of Redhead woodlands pattern trousers, Size large/ XL adjustable waist hardly worn, they are not waterproof £18 posted each
  8. Will this do unfortunately there are no instructions, it’s for 70 mm. Not bad condition £28 posted
  9. Yes does the job I have had one two years, only just changed the battery the battery
  10. Hi it has HIPOR on the label that’s the only indication, I purchased them about five years ago never worn them
  11. Woodlands Camo zipped hooded top by Redhead from the USA size Large/Xlarge £15 posted
  12. Pair of Laksen thick leather & fleece gloves, hardly worn, Size Large £20 posted
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