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  1. Yes that’s the way people remove the competition on eBay I use to frame old hammer gun locks sold a few then had them removed as some else was selling hammer gun locks, I don’t bother now
  2. Yes I have had one for two years it’s never missed a beat, I have a 30 inch side plate, handles really well, I could never get on with Beretta, however this is personal taste, but go have a look see what you think, in the end it’s down to you
  3. They are getting their monies worth out of the advert
  4. No 616 total shells 50 of which are game
  5. I have a 2015, I have had it three years never put a foot wrong touch wood , the warranty is spot on, I use it for stalking, if your sensible and have decent all terrain tyres, it will get you around off road. I had a disco 3 before then bloody nightmare
  6. I have a set, very robust, easy to deploy, but you need to practice, I have tried trigger sticks a pain in the backside, don’t always deploy or lock. The yoke aren’t as stable as a quad stick
  7. About the same, wifey brought the other battery and charger for me
  8. I have the Pulsar key XM30 the non S model so there is no wi fi or record function which I don’t need; its great but that’s my opinion. I use it for stalking, it detects out to 900- 1000 metre the battery last about four hours but I splashed out on an extra battery and charger. It has been a real game changer for me it does exactly what it says on tin. If you decide to buy one get it from R. Macleod and son they do a good deal on that model. For the money they are good
  9. DSC1 can supply to local retailers, I supply the local butcher, and a couple of local pubs they take it in the fur and prep it themselves but it is supplied with the correct declaration label for traceability
  10. Yes I wish people would stop comparing ATAs to a Beretta they are as different as chalk and cheese, I don’t like the way Berettas handle never have, never will, the handling of my SP elegance is great and it suits me but that’s me, may not be for everyone. I have owned it for a year, it been fine, however this subject has been done to death.
  11. I purchased a Deerhunter DXO tweed coat from The Sportsman gun centre for £65.00 I believe they are £58 now, great quality
  12. I have had one for just over a year, I can’t fault it I have the elegance, it may look like a beretta, but it handles nothing like a beretta, the wood is super, you would pay treble for what I paid on a gun. I have not regretted buying one
  13. Try www.DSCtraining.org I used them when I did mine it has the questions with multi Choice answers it a £10 for the first month, then £8 for following months. It worked for me good luck
  14. Moleskin shirt in used condition size large but 24 inch across the armpits £15 posted
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