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  1. I have just tried it on again they do come up smallish I would go for the XL you can always send it back
  2. They seem ok just got one from the Sportsman gun centre, I’m normally a n XL I ordered an XXL it’s a comfortable lightweight jacket but has room for a fleece underneath, but for just over £40 can’t go wrong
  3. I have a T3 in 30-06 it’s my go to stalking rifle, with a stalon moderator and a limb saver pad handles like a .243 a cracking rifle. I have fitted a Boyd stock 123grn for smaller deer 150grn for anything bigger.
  4. Hit the proverbial nail on the head ?
  5. You are correct it does take 22 WMR
  6. There is a possibility that the white marks are due to moisture under the finish . I take it you dampened the stock to raise the grain? There may have been residual moisture left in the grain, before you applied the finish. See what CCL come up with, best of luck
  7. There is a guy on gun watch I selling a Winchester 101 pigeon grade he also has a SMLE .410 for sale
  8. Nice Muntjac buck taken this morning with my new acquisition a sporterised .303 P14, not bad for a hundred year old rifle
  9. £35 is the going rate, and a beaters shoot at the end of the season, however it the other benefits, I now have stalking on two areas, new friends, and the best laugh for five months, you cannot put a price on that.
  10. I have one following a bad time with a disco 3. The warranty does exactly says on the tin, last year four new alloys as one had some corrosion on it they are £240 each, just had a new radiator £450 no quibble. I use mine for stalking had no problems with it, it goes anywhere I need to
  11. It keeps the wolf from the door thank you
  12. First outing on new perm, very happy with the results
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