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  1. Yes fine , if you have deep pockets for repairs, the 18 months I had one, it was off the road more than on
  2. Hello and welcome, only a six gun cabinet
  3. You can get a conversion kit for 16 bore and 20 bore. 1967spud reloading have them for £22 plus shipping
  4. Thank you fellow users for your kind words
  5. Latest reline and outside refurb for an oak and leather double case, very pleased with the outcome
  6. Yes I find it works very well on Muntjac
  7. She made the mistake of coming out when calling a couple of bucks
  8. Very happy with this morning outing to my new permission, shows great promise
  9. If you buff off with a small amount on a cloth leave a couple of hours then reapply the smallest amount and palm in well then repeat with the cloth so on , it can take any time up to five weeks, i’m Into the second week of Winchester refinish, just starting to get a shine
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