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  1. alan123shooting

    Roe sack

    Any good £25 posted
  2. Thank you, I will bare that in mind for the future If I decide to do another one, I will see if I can sell this one first to pay for another hide and give my fingers a rest
  3. I could have shown a hide of leather but it’s not very interesting, the case is new I made it.
  4. I thought I have a go at something different rather than a gun case revamp a cartridge magazine, pleased with the result
  5. I have had a pair of their aviator trekking boots for four years , been to Sweden in the winter, kept my feet warm and dry still going strong great boots
  6. Very nice job indeed, only one small criticism it’s a case not a box, what you need now is the leather outer case to finish it off
  7. Then you need the S500 not a S510 the S500 are the single shot, You might want to change your heading so you don’t get people trying to sell you a S510
  8. That sling swivel is for a target shooting type sling, l have just purchased a P14 sporting rifle it had one as it was used for target shooting, I have removed it, as it gets in way just sold it on eBay I would not bother as you are trying to make it original.
  9. No mate leave well alone, I got caught a few years ago but Luckily I got my money back via the bank, felt such a **** eBay is rife with them, as they say if it’s too good to be true it normally is just reported it
  10. PARD_Press_Release_RETAIL_06_05_20.pdfPARD_Press_Release_RETAIL_06_05_20.pdf see attached
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