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  1. That’s a bit of a pain, to be fair I had to get a replacement quick fill adapter from day one, however you bound to get teething problems, let’s hope you get it back soon
  2. I got mine from Bagnell & kirkwood air gun spares, not cheap £11.95 plus postage but screws straight in
  3. Looks like a Peter Dyson, an original would have been on paper not card and worth £80-100
  4. I purchased a new gun on Friday from a fellow Pigeon Watch member Old Boggy which I wish to say was a most pleasant experience and the present of the antler bottle opener was very kind it has been used this weekend a little to much. it was a shame that I was pushed for time as I would have enjoyed some more of his company. I purchased a Lincoln jubilee prestige in sixteen bore it fits really well and well balanced I would recommend everyone have a sixteen bore in there cabinet. First morning out just wandering about the land we were shooting over, the gun is a pleasure to carry, out of a small wooded area a pair of hen pheasants broke cover, first ever shots from the gun I down both, to say I was happy was a understatements. I just thought I would let fellow members know what great gun the Lincoln is and what a nice chap Chris (Old Boggy) is
  5. Well done, how are finding it ?
  6. It’s been fine, I’ve knocked a few rabbits over with it, very happy can’t fault it
  7. Glad to be of assistance
  8. I agree no contact number always dodgy john Norris have the. At 20% off
  9. You might like to know as a matter of interest that cases from Watson brothers are made by Guardian, i had a job from Marriotts guns, splitting a new treble set of Watson twenty bores into a pair and a single it was a guardian case that the treble was supplied in from Watson brothers
  10. I would not class Guardian as junk ,they fill a area for people who cannot afford £3-400 or more, for a case I have one of their heritage canvas flat cases paid £89 it does the job very well , I have had some apart as well and negrini canvas and leather cases no difference between them, only the price. I renovate and alter gun cases so I have seen how they are put together but everyone is entitle to their opinion
  11. Try the guardian range for a motor case that won’t break the bank, Uttings or sportsman gun centre for the best prices
  12. I have a 30-06 lite , however I did change the stock to a Boyd stock, it’s my go to deer rifle best rifle I’ve owned
  13. I just love the versability of the quad, I have three rifles in one, to be fair I have a scope zeroed for each barrel so no faffing re-zeroing It does the job very well
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