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  1. Saw my first this afternoon while out stalking
  2. Not a bad outcome for a wander around this afternoon
  3. You will have contact him via Gun watch he is not on the forum
  4. The pigeon grade is an XTR grade which mean extra grade, it has better wood and engraving
  5. You can get a ATA case from Sportsman gun centre they about £40 new
  6. Hi Paul, I know where you are coming from, some of these so called I have engraved them at home big name gun makers turnscrews try fine sporting collectibles Ltd. they have some vintage turnscrews, how is the Halliday case doing? Good luck Alan
  7. I’m using it this weekend a bit of rough shooting with a couple of buddies It’s first time since having it fitted, the case is the final piece of the puzzle.
  8. I know motor cases are not everybody’s cup of tea but I think they make an English gun
  9. Just finished the reline for my Army &Navy BLE at last, nice to do something myself instead of others very happy with the results
  10. If you want a .270 you get one, to be fair I I use neither .270 or .308 but 30-06 I like it, I use 123grn for general use and 150 for anything a bit larger up to 240grn for Swedish Moose. . I took up stalking since I retired some four years ago it is incredibly infectious and enjoyable, I prefer it to shotgun shooting, enjoy what ever you choose, you are long time dead
  11. You only need an article 10 certificate if you are going to sell the bird,. Take it to the Taxidermist make a note of of the circumstances of the bird demise also any injuries this is so it can be entered into his log. As you are requiring him to stuff the bird neither of you are selling the bird, you are buying his services. As I said before you will only need a licence if you decide to sell it
  12. Thank you gentlemen, I try to avoid the highly polished brass eBay look where I can
  13. Just finished my latest case I thought I would share it before After
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