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    Rough and vermin shooting, also deer stalking. Gun case restoration

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  1. alan123shooting

    Side by Side Club

    I obtained the history from WR the gun was started in 1866 as a pin fire but was not completed until 1869 as a centre fire
  2. alan123shooting

    16g reloading kit wanted

    Have you tried 1967spud.com, they do the conversion kit for £22.00 plus £5 postage if that is any help and that is brand new
  3. alan123shooting

    Air Arms SE90 .22

  4. alan123shooting

    Zeiss Jenna binoculars

    Bit of a no brainer as new for £30 just look at flea bay for what they are going for
  5. alan123shooting

    Beaters required Northumberland

    Cheers John
  6. alan123shooting

    Beaters required Northumberland

    Nice to meet a fellow minded person, beating Saturday and Monday the old dog enjoys himself as well as myself what more could you ask for
  7. alan123shooting

    Side by Side Club

    Yes indeed
  8. alan123shooting

    Side by Side Club

    This one is cased and still knocks the pheasants down on high days and holidays with my black powder loads
  9. alan123shooting

    Side by Side Club

    Here are my entries an 1869 Westley Richards black powder proof bar in wood hammer in 12 bore and an Army &Navy BLE in 12 bore
  10. alan123shooting

    Beaters required Northumberland

    Going rate in North Norfolk £30 without dogs and one of shoots is a largish eastate. However I do it for the cock days at the end of the season 150 bird day for a tip to the keeper can’t be bad. No shoots pay £70 plus lunch is unheard of up here.
  11. Hi reference shooting, As in listing  the guys name is 

    Malcolm Stoodley 07740 591114 




    1. alan123shooting

      Looking for a nice cheap knife for breasting

      Definitely a Mora, I use one for prepping deer, keeps a good edge and when your finished put it in the dish washer and cheap as chips
    2. alan123shooting

      Air Arms SE90 .22

      Unfortunately no
    3. alan123shooting

      Scottish Boxlocks

      If the letters HB and no 1 in the circle below the.720. Is most likely the date mark when it was sleeved 1982 any idea as to letter in the date mark, mentioned by Gunman ?
    4. alan123shooting

      Lee Load All 2 auto primer feed

      Required Lee Load all 2 auto primer feed, thanks