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  1. Very nice job indeed, only one small criticism it’s a case not a box, what you need now is the leather outer case to finish it off
  2. Then you need the S500 not a S510 the S500 are the single shot, You might want to change your heading so you don’t get people trying to sell you a S510
  3. That sling swivel is for a target shooting type sling, l have just purchased a P14 sporting rifle it had one as it was used for target shooting, I have removed it, as it gets in way just sold it on eBay I would not bother as you are trying to make it original.
  4. No mate leave well alone, I got caught a few years ago but Luckily I got my money back via the bank, felt such a **** eBay is rife with them, as they say if it’s too good to be true it normally is just reported it
  5. PARD_Press_Release_RETAIL_06_05_20.pdfPARD_Press_Release_RETAIL_06_05_20.pdf see attached
  6. Just as point of interest the Sportsman Gun Centre are becoming sole importer and distributor of Pard products had an email about it today
  7. You need to line case out first in baize then cover the bits in baize And glue in . The glue is pearl glue. this is a hot glue 2 parts water to 1 Of. glue heat via bam -marIe method put glue on the hard surface not the baize let it go tacky and smooth the baize let it dry . I did do a thread back in September which explains what to do. have fun
  8. Superb workmanship, you are very talented my man
  9. Thank you gentlemen for your kind words
  10. Don’t quite sure where it would go that lot only just fitted
  11. Certainly .300 H&H, 300 win mag and 30-06
  12. I do cases for Giles Marriott, however I do buy cases and renovate and also word of mouth, but it’s purely a hobby I’m a retired social worker but a trained tool and gauge maker if I did it full time the enjoyment would wain
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