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  1. Southerton guns has a aya forend for sale £14.95 if that’s of any use
  2. Hi Dave, your going to have a hard job to find originals in good condition, if you do, you will pay a lot of money for them. Fine sporting antiques has a tatty Chas Lancaster and it is £90. I take it you want them for gun cases or are you going to make copies? . I renovate old gun cases and it is nice if you can have originals but you cannot always get them. Have you tried Peter Dyson? they do very good repro which with a bit of work can be aged, instant coffee powder works well. Original labels are rare and are getting rarer i’m afraid but best of luck with your quest. Cheers Alan
  3. Hi have you tried gunstar, I have sold a couple of guns with them, and they are cheaper than Guntrader, freeads is ok but I had a lot time wasters and buyers giving ridiculously low offers. However best of luck with what ever mode you choose
  4. Sorry Midwest do not do international orders I have tried in the past, a real shame as they do some nice Winchester bits
  5. You will most likely find that it 1/2 inch unf as that is the thread on my t3 I bought one from J Ramsbottom it is a Gunn tuff barrel protector under £2 plus postage works fine tikka want £20 regards
  6. Would be better in the wanted section
  7. Two leather bullet pouches in used condition no1 five round no 2 six round suitable for .243, 308, 270,30-06 £16 each posted extra pictures by email
  8. Slip over butt pad £14 posted
  9. Leather 12 bore cartridge belt 35 inches to first hole 42 to the last £16 posted
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