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  1. Black powder is more sensitive to friction, static discharge, shear forces and impact forces has to be treated with respect. I load by hand, takes a bit longer but I still got all my fingers touch wood
  2. Yep each to their own, I don’t wildfowl, but enjoy the gun, certainly looks the part
  3. ATA actions are steel but they do some with lightweight alloy action, I have a SP Elegant which is steel
  4. Yep I agree, I have had various bits over the years, good little company, first class service 👍
  5. The estate had some forestry guy in last year to thin out the trees and blimey did they leave a mess, you have to drag over waste timber and they ******** up the tracks so can’t get a vehicle down them, so everything has to be manhandled out, but it keeps you fit
  6. Some of the fallow have come from the neighbouring estate, some of which are white but they are big I have to get help from the keeper if I knock one over but at 06.30 on a Sunday morning I thought I leave them alone. I’ve Seen some nice Roe bucks for the coming season
  7. Exactly just the right size not to break the the back
  8. I was out this morning, my main permission has all the species barring sika, they were all about this morning, a small mixed herd of red which I had seen earlier rambled past at 70 metres, then half a dozen fallow does i refrained as the recovery would have been nigh on impossible( I think they know that sometimes) but ended up with this young lady and all before 06.30
  9. Well done sir, good and enjoyable write up, and yes they are a tad heavy but bucks are eye watering
  10. Yes that’s the way people remove the competition on eBay I use to frame old hammer gun locks sold a few then had them removed as some else was selling hammer gun locks, I don’t bother now
  11. Yes I have had one for two years it’s never missed a beat, I have a 30 inch side plate, handles really well, I could never get on with Beretta, however this is personal taste, but go have a look see what you think, in the end it’s down to you
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