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  1. redial

    Bubonic plague

    Toilet rolls QUICKLY
  2. redial

    Cheap sxs

    Thanks, but happily married man with two children.
  3. redial

    Cheap sxs

    Put them on trade sales. I miss you ads, particularly the descriptions.
  4. Yes, missed the boat. The gamble now is has it peaked.
  5. Thanks, forgive my failing eyesight.
  6. Looks like the cutting blade is broken and marlin spike intact ?
  7. Annoying when the headline is boats INTERCEPTED, as if they were returned to France. Should read immigrants picked up and brought to UK. Many of which will be stopping put on benefits and housed. The French are turning a blind eye and having a laugh.
  8. What do we offer the French and other safe countries do not. I think that may be the answer.
  9. I had the 1100 and couldn't fault it other than the short stock. Which may have been psychological on my part. Good luck with the fowling something I am yet to try.
  10. It looks very nice. Shame it's so short in the stock. Yes, you could extend but never quite the same in my experience. May I ask what you upgrading to. Cheers.
  11. The poor old cock Linnet was often kept as a cage bird back in the day, for it's song.
  12. redial


    Had the very same thought. I have owned BSA / Webley and HW made 70's / 80's and foolishly sold them.
  13. What ever they get won't be long enough. Such a sad case.
  14. Put some plugs/cotton wool in the nags ears and keep going with the shotgun.
  15. Every kitchen had one years ago, very handy on the leftover joint from the weekend.
  16. Talented guy, who made it look so simple.
  17. Thank you a very interesting read. You are correct about the springs particularly the shorter blade.
  18. Does anyone have an idea of when this model was produced. Thank you.
  19. Very nice indeed. Has the successful stalker on the bronze stopped for a Jimmy.
  20. Once she arrives job done. Can't send her anywhere so new identity, house, might even get compensation. Only 150 more to follow.
  21. A handful of thawed frozen peas will go down well and water.
  22. This was to have been an auction lot at a hunt fund raiser. Which didn't take place or likely to for a while. Opinel No9 the leather sheath with belt loop was made by Lin of Mel and Lin fame. So quality assured there. If it sells cash goes to hunt pack. £30 posted. Thank you.
  23. That's what I know it as in Shropshire. Pull up a bit stick it in water and it will develop roots more often than not.
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