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    Drone pro x10

    Hi that’s correct I have two drones and various others but it’s provisionally sold now thanks
  2. For sale my drone pro x10This is one of the originals from Carl Moore ‘Nightvision gear’ it has all the original cables lens caps ect also fitted with the kevgun torch / lens support it’s in fantastic condition works as it should ,I have two of these one that sits on my 243 and this one I don’t use as I use an archer on my 223 .The drone imho is thee best digital out there let’s you shoot longer when others struggle with humidity ect the clarity is unbelievable.The price is £1450 inc post and sorry guys I’m not prepared to move on the price as it’s worth every penny .Please email or PM for pictures or watts app Regards Colin
  3. Hi I have both the foxpro is ok and the down side is that near any kind of electricity pilon they don’t work very well they are limited to line of sight to about 100yrds. the icotec 500 has a updated handset which is easier to read it will work out to 300 yards and doesn’t need to be in line of sight and for me is so more responsive to the handset the back light on the handset is better
  4. I've got just the tree in mind as I've been watching when sat in the hide and when I first watched them, I've also got Thursday morning clear just hope the rain keeps off , cheers
  5. I will have a look , the wife and I usually get our books from there thanks
  6. Thanks , I keep reading the tips and I am starting to get a very good understanding of much of this I think I will add a flapper into the pattern to see if this can pull one or two in to increase my chances .As you say I'll keep going it's the only way to learn .
  7. Thanks for this , kind regards Colin
  8. Hi old'un I'm shooting in the Barnsley area
  9. Hi I used to shoot pigeons but it was decoying in the cow fields under a flight line but the farmer rents the land out now and another farmer grows crops in it , I think it is rape as I've looked on google images that said Ive not shot over crops before . They haven't been shot at before well in a few years at least and there are patches all over the fields thus the farmer resorting in putting flags all over the field Colin
  10. That's what I thought but it was the farmers wife that had said but I think it must be rape , I've not shot over this before so unsure
  11. Hi all I am new to the forum and I have been away from shooting pigeons for a number of years as I have consentrated my efforts on foxes and rabbits but now the farmer has asked me to do some crop protection on his fields . I have decoys ,hide nets from before also spinners , now I've been out a couple of times and every time I choose one place the pigeons seem to go and sit in trees in another and not coming into my decoys , I would then try and walk them off and set up again where they have moved to but it seems to me like cat and mouse and was wondering if there was any way I could increase my chances with a flapper to draw there attention and also the best position to put one in but at around £80 this seems to be an expensive way but if it works then I don't mind paying it . Could I call in your experience into how to pull them in . I'm shooting over corn the farmers wife has told me but that I'm not sure, they have made a right mess of it and they are all flocked together . Thanks in advance Colin
  12. Hi all Ive just got back into pigeon shooting after a 5 year break and still got all my gear , but the time away really tolls on my skills as I struggle to hit much at the moment , subsequently had a few disappointing days so I hope I can call on your knowledge as I read up on the forum and I have been back on to the clays to get my eye back in and practice until I'm good enough to go back out . So thanks to all in advance Kind Regards Colin
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