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  1. David30

    Beretta 682 L/H

    Hi I have a 682 L/H gold E up for sale. I can send you details and photos, if you provide me an email address. Best David
  2. Another great video, thank you for taking the time to edit them. Im going through a similar stage with my son, the barrage of questions was oh so familiar. lol Great to see a keen young lad out in the field. ATB David
  3. Try Ian Blowers jewellers, i have got a few watches from them. Competitive prices and great service. ATB David
  4. Massive thanks to Fenny for a great day. Learnt a lot, from a cracking pigeon shooter, top man! ATB David
  5. David30

    Trans K9 box

    Thanks for the quick reply Alex, Darlington is a little too far! ATB David
  6. David30

    Trans K9 box

    Hi All, Looking for a Trans K9 transit box, single width preferably in vg condition. Within 2hour drive of Suffolk. Thanks David
  7. Thanks for the welcome everyone.
  8. I have a mac book pro, best laptop iv had. cant recommend them highly enough.
  9. Hi All, I too am right handed and left eye dominant, and learnt to shoot off my left shoulder. A good few coaching sessions later it felt natural enough and i shoot to a reasonable standard. ATB David
  10. BASC for me. Proved very helpful indeed when i had my licence taken, relating to a mistaken identity. They were able to provide terrific legal advice and i had my guns and licence back in no time. I hear the offers available on certain brands of new 4 x4 are very good too.
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