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  1. Nice work mate, looks to have a bit of age about him. Nice buck to take 👌
  2. How do chaps. Im an experienced foxing man but i have two very clever charlies avading my efforts. I usually sit out and call foxes with my 220swift or 223. Im after baiting a certain area but what is the best way to stake a (rabbits) out for charlie?
  3. A little as possible as its just for the hide.
  4. Cheap side by side wanted. Willing to travel. Based in cumbria
  5. I have same gun same year in mint condition paid £1100 for it. This is a steal for anybody
  6. Looking for either a Daystate huntsman or a theoben rapid in 177 or 20. Cheers folks
  7. I think my heart has been set on a rapid from the start tbh, but as i have never owned one i like to be sure.
  8. Guys im looking to buy myself a new rifle here are my choices.... Daystate Huntsman Regal.... Theoben Rapid... Hw100.... 12months ago i sold my RTN tuned mk3 super 10 and i regret it massively so looking to get myself another air rifle. Im not keen in the R10 i dont think there anywhere near as good as the super10 was so thats why its not in my choice. Any of the above rifle owners that can give me a heads up would be great
  9. Hi im looking for a theoben rapid in 177 or .20 please message me cash waiting Cheers
  10. Thankyou matey thats most helpful. I shall try that tonight. Thankyou ☺
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