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  1. Hi Does anyone have any contacts for goose guides in D&G, as near to Cairnryan as possible? Cheers MD
  2. I don't think it was a BOP, they would generally have plucked the breast first to get at the meat. It may have got itself entangled in something at some point and the damage has been done in the struggle to free itself. Given the regrowth of feathers it didn't happen too recently.
  3. I did the same - Motorway offer is £2,900 more than WeBuyAnyCar!!!
  4. They knocked me back a fair amount on a car a few years ago, but I had my revenge on them with a car they would have lost quite a bit on. They knock you back for each little scratch or mark so an older car will tend to get knocked back to way below its value for it's year as a result.
  5. Yup, was quite a shock to hear of his death from cancer. He was incredibly funny.
  6. Thanks again All. I didn't give myself much hope if I'm honest, but hopefully it will last for a wee while. I'm pretty proud of myself tbh, not bad for a pen-pusher! 😁
  7. I have a DJI4 which is a great piece of kit. I let the batteries drain though so it is $%&^!!!!
  8. Finished article, pretty chuffed how it turned out.
  9. Thanks guys. It is okay if you don't look too closely!! 😄
  10. Thanks TT, I figured it would be near enough a grand for a new replacement hence why I thought I'd attempt a fix myself. I am not in any way handy at such things really, but had a go and it will do as a stop gap until I can part with the dosh! Just needs a bit of caulk and paint to finish off now. Cheers
  11. Someone else suggested Mason wasps (the other name for Potter wasps). Only one displayed any yellow stripes, all the rest were pure black - I wonder if only the female has stripes? There were no stored caterpillers, but plenty of stored flies. There were also no "pots".
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