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  1. yeah, I know...but then probably won't fit a car in the garage.
  2. I might be looking for some garage doors soon...... Got a triple garage that when built by the previous owner the planning excluded the fitting of doors! When it rains with a prevailing wind the rain goes quite a way into the garage, which clearly isn't particularly good. Whilst there is rarely a car in the garage, I'm thinking of fitting some kind of doors. I imagine that as the opening is only 7ft 8 they would best be fitted on to the outside of the pillars so as to not lose any on the entrance width. Any thoughts on the best door setup for the job?
  3. yeah, I had the vents half closed as spotted during the test when I burnt off the veg oil coating that the flames were a bit too much. I think having the meat higher and further away from the heat is probably the solution. Will keep testing it (shot a couple of bucks at the weekend so plenty venison in the freezer!
  4. lol What reg and dare I ask the price?
  5. Very nice...........but It surely didn't tick all these boxes.....😉 Must be; No more than 4 years old. Good on fuel (120 miles a day commute) Automatic Decent inside seen as I spend a couple of hours a day sat there. Decent power 190bhp+. I’m going from 400~ish 😢. 4wd would be a plus but not essential. Big enough for dog, baby and stuff for a week away. Budget 15-20k.
  6. Tried the smoker this evening. The venison, whilst nice, was way overcooked so think I should have had it higher up in the smoker so further away from the heat. Will keep experimenting!
  7. It is simply re-wilding propaganda. There must have been a reason why they hadn't nested there for a long time.
  8. Thanks Geoff, update later! It is just steaks so 25 mins should be fine.
  9. I really fancy an XKR - anything I should look out for when buying?
  10. My Callow smoker arrived today and I got some Meths from B&Q. Going to try some venison in it tomorrow. How much meths do you put in the burners for it to burn for 25 mins?
  11. Woman I know, who outwardly seemed pretty switched on and certainly no mug, recently got taken in big time. He was supposedly a US navy captain seconded to the UN. Kept sending her photos of himself in designer "camo/forces" gear pertaining to be forces issue, which seemed obvious to me! Even convinced her that they had gotten married by sending dodgy documents. Fleeced her for around £15k before she confided in me in desperation as she needed £50k urgently or she would get jailed in the US for fraud! thankfully I managed to demonstrate the many (blatant) holes in his story before she lost any more. She had the £50k in shares that she was trying to sell but couldn't due to lockdown thankfully!! Lonely women can easily be taken in it would appear.
  12. Cheers. I fancy using it for chicken and venison. Where do you buy meths? lol
  13. one like this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Callow-Retail-Outdoor-Smoker-Oven/dp/B00Q6UT9ZA
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