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  1. FS45 will not take a blade, anything with an angled bar at the head will only take the nylon I believe.
  2. I'd imagine the charge is for obstructing the verge. Obstruction of what I'm not sure (given there is a parallel footpath in the safety of the woods!)
  3. Looks good Chris, no need for the fake branch as they will use that branch below the box and then spread out in the tree/s from there. We never fitted a fake branch to that style of box.
  4. Hi Chris Unless you are not confident of your build being waterproof then I personally would not bother with the drainage holes. If the box isnt pretty much dry inside then the owl wouldn't use it if other sites are available. We never ever put them in. Good luck!
  5. I'm considering converting above the garage to put in a living room, bedroom, bathroom where the living room can be used as an office. I think it would add value and be attractive for home-working (I currently WFH in the mancave in my shed)
  6. Nobody will rescue them, they are dead in the water. City centre shopping has been changing for years now and this Covid-led issues signal a further major shift as to how it will look going forward.
  7. Looking good! We just used to make the lid the access, just took the driver with us when we went to check them and it was just a case of two screws to remove.
  8. I don't think so. Spoke to him earlier and he has pretty much given up now. There are pretty easily made tbh and don't have to be perfect, just watertight if possible.
  9. I think the round hole may be more forgiving on feathers.
  10. this is the style of tawny box my mates are making these days. sizes: 300 x 300 x 550. Hole is 150mm I will try to look out the kestrel/tawny style box if I can find the old laptop!
  11. It is good to try to get it in place well before breeding season if possible as it gives the local owls plenty time to investigate and claim it. They will roost in the box out of breeding season too.
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