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  1. Like you, I'm still learning the habits on the roe ground I picked up in December. The does were taken easily as everything just sat out in the open all day long! Had my first buck stalk this week and not a deer to be seen. Thankfully I had taken the thermal and discovered everything was tucked up in the long grass/reeds in the drainage ditches so I will now have to resort to normal stalking hours outside of the heat of the day. I took one but didn't get a shot on the second buck that I spent 20 minutes shouting at from 30 yards to try to get him to break cover!! 😁
  2. Buzz and Rolex awaiting their turn at training yesterday.
  3. I had the 325d M Sport, manual. it was terrific in the dry, handled a dream through the corners, but any sign of wet roads and it was a scary experience. Would never have rear wheel drive again.
  4. This one doesn't share anything....😄
  5. I suppose I should also show off the spaniel, just coming up for one year old. A wee cracker!
  6. Thanks, they are fine specimens. My lad, Buzz, is nearest, his brother Chance is in the middle and dad, Rolex, farthest away (they belong to the missus who trials)
  7. Dad and two sons training in the Spring sunshine.
  8. I don't think there is a correlation, I believe body weight will be determined by food availability and the antlers are more to do with the minerals available.
  9. okay, remove the word "plenty". It still had fuel in a tank. The report stated that the transfer pumps were switched off so the remaining fuel could not be used by the engine. Presumably if it could access the fuel then the copter could potentially have landed, even on the M8 if it could not reach the airport - rather than flame out and crash.
  10. It still had plenty fuel, unfortunately the pilot had not enabled a system that allows fuel to transfer between tanks. Two tanks were empty (apart from 0.4l in one) and the third tank had 76l of fuel in it - but the transfer pumps were switched off.
  11. I'm giving it another few weeks before I start on the bucks, some nice looking heads await!
  12. It is the Bracco meet you are thinking of, it is always a great day.
  13. That's a real shame. Just a little too far for me otherwise I'd have applied, need to put these Accolades to good use!
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