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    The ride quality is even better than my 2016 L200, impressed with it so far. I kept the wheels and chunky tyres from the old one, didn't see the point in paying for the upgrade again, and they go quite nicely with the black.
  2. Mickeydredd


    Got the new L200 yesterday. Quite impressed with the smoother, quieter feel to it. The little tweaks they have made have made a difference. No satnav in them anymore, you link up your iPhone/android and it runs off google maps.
  3. Mickeydredd

    Hilderstone shoot

    He missed the 1700 birds that went in the first pen in July, just realised why you thought we had shot 80%
  4. Mickeydredd

    wifi booster

    The google system is good but expensive
  5. Mickeydredd


    Can Charlie see blue light then...? 😂😂
  6. Mickeydredd

    Driven pheasant,partridge,duck

    best day so far yesterday
  7. Mickeydredd


    A bit out of focus, but I achieved this when trying to drive gently. Usually, I achieve less that 30mpg, so it can be done. As stated earlier, the missus did hit 40mpg once on a run to Scotland at a steady 60mph ps I have ordered a new L200, arrives next week. I think they are great vehicles.
  8. Mickeydredd

    Don't trust all vets

    Can you clarify whether the original vet you had discussed the necessity to have the operation with was a different vet to that which undertook the operation, it sounds as if this was the case. We have had some not brilliant experiences with our local vet practice where we have recently dealt with a young vet who is a "text-book" practitioner (as described by the experienced practice vet) rather than actually utilising any common sense/experience. Our experienced is not too complimentary about their methodology. We have specified that we no longer wish to be seen by this particular vet.
  9. Mickeydredd


    It is indeed. She even sent me a pic of the display as I didn't believe her......think it was at 39.8 at the time. I tried to go canny on a decent run thereafter and achieved 36mpg, so it certainly can be done. Generally I drive pretty quickly so it doesn't get much chance to break 30mpg.
  10. Mickeydredd


    My other half has had up to 40mpg on our 2016 Barbarian with the cruise set at 60moh on trips to Scotland. I have had high 30's but usual under 30 as I'm a bit harder with the right foot on such trips. Just ordered a new one
  11. Mickeydredd

    What a mess!

    surely for tax to be "fair" everybody should be taxed at the same rate on their earnings?
  12. Mickeydredd

    Breeding - first time

    Worming every couple of weeks too, whelping box, heat lamps, bedding Unless the stud dog owner fancies a pup from the combined lines then it is generally a fee. If a proven stud dog then fee is payable upon a tied mating, if no litter produced then generally a free mating next time bitch is in season 'should' be offered. With an unproven stud dog, you need to negotiate payment on a pregnancy I'd say. Potential vet bills if anything goes wrong with the bitch giving birth. Time is the key factor.
  13. Mickeydredd

    Triumph Tiger 800

    yeah, did a 10 hour day over and up the west coast when I lived in Perth, felt a tad crippled when I got home! lol (RR2 btw)
  14. Mickeydredd

    Triumph Tiger 800

    I have always fancied a trip over the channel but I think my Fireblade would cripple me on such a trip!!
  15. Mickeydredd

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    0ne off the feeder yesterday with the air rifle and one off the feeder by the neighbour's cat! 1503