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  1. Yes, I’m assuming he does not have this option activated. Hopefully he will look in soon.
  2. Hi Does anyone know this member to give him a nudge or have contact details for him. I need to get in touch with him re lab pups and he hasn't picked up my PM yet as he hasn't been online for a couple of weeks. Cheers MD
  3. Lintran are the best in my view, the white materials they use really do stay much cooler than the likes of TransK9 (I have had both). You could also collect from Lintran as they are in Lincolnshire.
  4. Sounds like a fine way to spend a morning!
  5. Well done. I took out a group of 3 bucks on Thursday, the first day of my retirement. Had to crawl into them as they fed on the farmer's winter wheat and then they proceeded to sit down in the lee of the very cold wind. I waited until one stood up again about an hour later and neck shot one that was still sitting then took the other two out too. I had dropped some venison off to the farmer upon arrival, which was from a couple of does taken a few weeks earlier, so the freezer is now topped up again.
  6. So, eventually, after looking at the TTS and more recently the TTRS, I finally decided that this might be a better option for an old **** like me.....it is an awesome machine!
  7. Hi Stimo Thanks for the feedback, I am going to try some with the cartridge end, saw them earlier. I will ignore the comments from the heathens amongst us 😁
  8. The SD forum will be a good opportunity for you, I'm sure I have seen someone from Kent offering to take a beginner on recently and you my get an offer to tag along with someone to observe the gralloch.
  9. Having recently purchased an old woodturner to mess about with during lockdown, my first effort was a game priest. I'd like to have a go at improving my effort and make a couple for myself and the missus. Can anyone advise where I can purchase the brass components similar to in these pics? Cheers
  10. DSC1 course doesn't cover practical gralloching
  11. I remember in the mid 80's in Perth sunbathing one Easter and having a snowball fight the following Easter.
  12. A/ that is far too cheap, and B/ that is an awful lot of studs!
  13. The stud fees have not risen in line with pup prices, which to me is not right. The old adage of a pup or price of a pup should stand in my mind.
  14. I don't think it is that simple, all "fanatics" to a cause shout loudly, plus the SNP massively control things in Scotland, in alliance with the Greens and this is why we are seeing unjust laws foisted upon the populace.
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