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  1. A couple of weeks of Clicker training
  2. Yes. Better to feed a dog raw venison rather than cooked as it can cause an upset system if fed cooked.
  3. A guy on a CBX used to ride between Dundee and Perth most weekends back in about 1978/79 and you heard him coming from miles away, it was incredible!
  4. But that is as a result of the EU accessing Scottish fishing grounds which resulted in the decimation of the Scottish Fleet. If Scotland get back their grounds then this figure would change significantly I'd imagine.
  5. That's my point, it shouldn't be. I despise the modern day ambulance-chasing mentality of compensation but these cases are absolutely deserving of significant compensation.
  6. My ex-neighbour had a GTR...it seemed to break regularly and repairs were expensive!
  7. The pattern emerging should certainly have raised concern that perhaps there was a systems issue that needed investigating. This ruined so many innocent people's lives and I hope they all get substantial compensation, as this is one instance where significant recompense must be given.
  8. 15/16 months, but certainly before you start them jumping.
  9. Cheers Figgy, my preference is certainly the TTS. My local garage mechanic races a TT so I'm sure he can keep me right on th tuning front lol
  10. I kinda like the idea that it just looks like a TT but has considerable more punch too. I really enjoyed my TD1 TT, was a real fun little thing and ultra reliable too. I'm not that keen on a rear wheel drive as I had an M Sport BMW in the past and it was pretty scary in non-dry conditions so this is putting me off the BMW option. The M2 does look a very good direct alternative to the TTS otherwise.
  11. Thanks. I'm 6ft 3 and had a 60 plate TT TDi until I traded it in recently against the other half's Q3, so used to the space issue but it is fine once you're in! lol Just needing something to have some fun in when not needing to use the truck. I like the M4 too but think the TTS will be cheaper to buy and run plus it is a Quattro.
  12. Anyone owned one or can comment on what they are like?
  13. nice pedigree, good luck finding suitable homes for them.
  14. I'm a member of this syndicate. Unlimited access to pigeon and corvid, pheasant and the odd partridge and wild duck when in season for not very much money at all, it is an absolute bargain to my mind for anyone relatively local.
  15. He wasn't drunk, he was "in drink" (whatever the hell that means!🤪)
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