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  1. Hi, is this Catton in Staffordshire, and if so do you have contact details?
  2. I should say that there is a degree of grey area in relation to finding a bird in these circumstances and for the less "rare" species you can probably get away with just documenting where and when you found it, and as long as it is not offered commercially for sale then you can probably get away with no A10 for a tawny. Only problem is in this day and age is that some no-gooder who knows you shoot could cause you a lot of bother with a false allegation and you not being in a position to prove where you got the owl from. The A10 would provide your evidence/authority in effect. Check with a taxidermist or NE to cover your **** (back) would be my advice.
  3. No, there are different types. You need an A10 to be in possession of a protected species, dead or alive. For example, if you own a live goshawk you need an A10 for a live specimen. If it dies and you want to keep the carcase for taxidermy then you need to return the live specimen a10 and request one for a deceased specimen (not sure what the correct version of the form is called, but it is still an A10 I believe)
  4. you need an Article 10 certificate
  5. yeah, the Almond near the fish farm was a busy spot after the regular escapes lol
  6. used to be a very busy stretch of river that, for anglers and salmon! I caught a rainbow trout there once too!
  7. I have it in my L200. Mixed thoughts really, I find it very good for responding to texts (using voice) whereas otherwise texts must be ignored unless you stop. Hands-free is good too. Not been too troubled by lack of 4G to run it, usually only an issue when you try to set up your route where there is zero signal, never had a problem with it failing on the move. If your cable for the iphone is not great or muck in the phone charger point then you are knackered.
  8. A GP can charge whatever they like for this service, I've heard cases ranging from £10 to £200.
  9. Nice write-up, and congratulations on the Bronze!
  10. For a fully tested dog with good lines you will be looking at £800+ I'd say.
  11. I was hawking rabbits on the hills above Rait, the roost was just over the hill from there!
  12. It all depends on the food source in the area and where they wander to. There will undoubtedly be some cases of interaction with livestock in the early stages as they wander from the food release site - in the Scottish release in Fife I recall some attacks on a smallholder's fowl - but it will be the sustainable food source level that dictates whether or not the focus on livestock. They are huge things, I had two fly lowish over my head whilst out goshawking one day as we had a roost site locally, it was rather unnerving for both of us!!
  13. my other half breeds her own line of labs, should be having a litter by the end of the year. Always produces strong, well-boned dogs - attached pic 1 is dad and two sons out of a previous litter. Pic 2 is the two sons and a boy from the last litter who is 8 months old. Dad is a FTW and will be trialled this season to hopefully get made up.
  14. I have had a response from the Crime and Police Stats Unit to say that no information on legally/illegally held is held. Pity.
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