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  1. Finished article, pretty chuffed how it turned out.
  2. Thanks guys. It is okay if you don't look too closely!! 😄
  3. Thanks TT, I figured it would be near enough a grand for a new replacement hence why I thought I'd attempt a fix myself. I am not in any way handy at such things really, but had a go and it will do as a stop gap until I can part with the dosh! Just needs a bit of caulk and paint to finish off now. Cheers
  4. Someone else suggested Mason wasps (the other name for Potter wasps). Only one displayed any yellow stripes, all the rest were pure black - I wonder if only the female has stripes? There were no stored caterpillers, but plenty of stored flies. There were also no "pots".
  5. Hi, yes planned to speak with TT as he doesn't live far from here. Pic of the culprit below:
  6. I have some infestation on one of my oak-framed windows. They are little black hornet type beasts and they have turned much of the one side of the frame to pulp (you can see the lighter shade are mainly to the right hand side of the upright in the attached pic). I am currently attempting a repair by digging this side out completely and then treating and replacing all affected areas. Is this feasible or am I looking at a new window? Cheers Mike
  7. It looks like multiple pics of the same owl and doesn't look newly fledged to me. They wouldn't sit in a tree together like that either surely. But then again.......lol
  8. Thanks Henry. Yes, it is only about 30-40 feet wide probably at it's widest so a smaller rod should suffice
  9. Hi All I have recently joined a deer stalking syndicate which also has the fishing rights on a small river which is a good back-end salmon river as well as holding quite a few pike. I am therefore looking to buy a spinning rod outfit to use to try to enjoy a bit of fishing when on my stalking trips. Does anyone have anything second-hand for sale or recommend any reasonably-priced new options? Not looking to spend too much on it. Cheers Mike
  10. The ticket to me suggests you parked at 13:01 on the 14th and the ticket expired at the end of the day of the 14th, hence why it reflects the start of the 15th 00:00. It isn't a 24 hour ticket, rather it relates to the day of parking. is that when you parked?
  11. I think it all depends on population levels on your land and importantly the surrounding areas.
  12. I felt it was worth doing certainly, it does teach you some things you may not really have considered. Interestingly, the only guys that failed it on my course were the two older guys who had been stalking for 40 years.
  13. Will do, just trying to finish off a table I've had a go at first but I have got the copper for the priests now.
  14. Cheers Saltings, will give that a go.
  15. Try to get the legal side resolved as quickly as possible as divorce cases can drag on and this simply creates a big bill for both parties. Similarly, don't waste solicitor time arguing over petty things as this all adds great cost for little, if any, gain.
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