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  1. price up the value of the days offered in return and if you are a beater who shoots then that's a fair offer in my opinion. Obviously depends on number of days you have to beat but looks good enough to me.
  2. Same here, have saved around £5k on a new L200 twice now. That should more than pay my membership for life I'd imagine.
  3. save yourself a few quid and go old school - had this since 2005!
  4. One man and his young dogs looking for a day's picking up for the final day of the season, within an hour of Derby. Alternatively I can work my GSP for you on a rough shooting outing. Not looking for payment. Please contact by pm if you have anything
  5. he did almost get named ASBO...……...😉 A mate has taken him out picking up for the first time so thought the GPS on the GSP might be a wise precaution lol
  6. The German in full flight the other day
  7. They come with a chain, just manually adjust the height above the pups depending on the room temperature at any time.
  8. In fairness (to the dog), it is only 9 months old and still has a great deal to learn, as well as mature. The guy's "training" methods aren't particularly well managed for such a young dog. He shouldn't even be shooting over it at that age.
  9. I used to fly a female goshawk over my GSPs who never chased after the flush....they would have had a face full of goshawk if they had tried 😉
  10. Used to happen around Edinburgh in large numbers around 30 years ago so not a new phenomenon. Presumably happens around most major UK cities.
  11. It is a common GSP trait, they do grow into them eventually lol Chip, my home-bred lad out of my imported Croatian line.
  12. my missus made carpaccio too, absolutely delicious!
  13. same - but use fresh blackberries when in season or frozen if you saved some for the freezer! Also, venison makes great fajitas!!
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