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  1. If you are after a working dog then it is best via specific FB groups/word of mouth/research etc. Stay away from the pet sites as they will charge you more for a dog that may not have the breeding to be a good worker.
  2. cheers. Not interested in buying one, just that that line appeared to be a scam indicator as taking you away from ebay.
  3. Been looking at some Defenders on ebay that appear very reasonably priced (reflected as a Classified Ad). e.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2001-Land-Rover-Defender-90-TD5/324146470478?_trkparms=aid%3D888008%26algo%3DDISC.CARDS%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D225114%26meid%3D33da5b96f06c4d0ab9b746debfac59fe%26pid%3D100009%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D114204333946%26itm%3D324146470478%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DDiscV1&_trksid=p2047675.c100009.m1982 Interestingly they appear to have a similar footnote : For any enquiries please message or call. I wont be checking eBay so for more details please contact my number thank you! Does this note signify a scam?
  4. Many of the newer generation vets simply reflect the modern disregard of the way of the countryside and its requirements. Anyone who has had pups docked at the correct age know there is no detrimental effect on that pup's wellbeing and causes at most, minimal distress or pain. I've had a couple of litters of GSP's and would not have had them if I couldn't dock them as my line will readily face cover and their tails would get wrecked.
  5. Pretty bad timing for the nesting bird species , but hopefully this has been contained to the one area.
  6. looks like Rhodedendron nearest with the buds and laurel with the white flower to me
  7. Fantastic job, well done. I would love to do something like that but have zero of the required skills
  8. Don't they require a particular chain/bar?
  9. Probably juvenile/non-breeders who will hang around socially. Any breeding pairs should be down on eggs at this time of year.
  10. Sssshhh David, you put them back in their boxes regarding the Range Rover accusations so they will now start moaning about BASC giving you all laptops and mobiles......😉
  11. aren't these two places only 30 miles apart?
  12. Presumably an earlier version of this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1828041-Yukon-Ranger-Digital-5x42-Nightvision-Device-Mono/303433396684?hash=item46a60a31cc:g:eB0AAOSwB-1YwZ1n
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