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  1. 26 shot last Saturday on drilled peas I think 7 Crows and 19 Jackdaws.
  2. 1 in the week last week walking the wood with the shotgun and 1 yesterday evening from the high seat waiting for Charlie. .22-250 at 40yards is a bit drastic but the opportunity was not to be missed. 650
  3. Got this pair this evening in the sheep field with the .243. First was about 200yards hit quite far back as I rushed the shot as it was about to duck out under the fence. Second was a far easier shot, stopped dead to look at me at about 60yards. 155
  4. Small one and a woodie on my lunch boundary walk yesterday 543
  5. Dog fox in the garden this evening, nut shot with the 22lr 70
  6. Another two yesterday in the back field with the 22lr 66
  7. 1 in the woods behind the house when I popped home for lunch today. His mate escaped, im sure I will catch up with him at some point. Total 33
  8. Looking for a caller Hitchin Hertfordshire.
  9. J90GUN

    L/H .243 Rifle/Setup

    Thanks Salmo. I dont think they made T bolts in .243 maybe its an A or X bolt?
  10. Hi im in the market for a Left handed .243 rifle. Ideally would like to buy a full setup ready to rock. Everything considered many thanks Joe
  11. Last Saturday me and a friend went out over some straw stubble, 42 Woodies + 2 Crows in just over 3 hrs. Total = 2213
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