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  1. A pair this evening shortly after dropping a nice Muntjac buck. 277
  2. Replaced with a Wildcat Evo, so far very impressed. Its lighter and a good bit quieter too, not overly keen on the anodised end but other than that I am pleased with it.
  3. It was proofed with the rifle as the rifle had been screw cut and legally to sell on it has to be proofed, is my understanding. This was on my 22-250 not the .243 I just have the same mod on that. The clamp marks look like its been held and twisted more a scratch mark. I sore the gun before it went off and that mark wasn’t there . I have heard may tales of the proofing chaps being very heavy handed with stuff. In regards to use It was snugly nipped up on the barrel, the shot taken hit its mark and there were no obvious noise differences or other oddities. Also shooting factory Winchester loads. Will open it up this evening and have a look inside see if it tells me anything.
  4. Not sure on the age, it was proofed just before I bought it with the gun off a mate of mine. It had some what looked like clamp marks on it when it came back from proofing with the gun. Probably had maybe 50/60 rounds through it since then. Ive the same Mod on my .243, hope its not a common issue with these. Will open it up later and have a look see, i mean the shot found its mark so I don’t think its struck the inside or anything like that, just pressure/heat cycle related I think
  5. So was out earlier with the 22-250 and took a couple of shots, after the second I noticed my A-Tec Maxim mod had cracked open just after the barrel. Has anyone experienced this before ?
  6. One on Friday in the garden and one In with the guinea foul this morning. Both with the HMR. 1259
  7. 2 yesterday. One with 12g other with HMR 1182
  8. 1 small vixen on the farm Saturday night when we were out for bunnies, with the HMR. Decent size dog fox last night in with the sheep 22-250 sorted him 244
  9. 8 on the farm Saturday night on the drive round. 941
  10. 1 mangy looking skinny dog fox last night on his way to check out the geese on the pond I think. 22-250 checked him right out! Total= 242
  11. Haha lucky enough the neighbours are a fair bit up the road, and not know to mind much. As gardens go its pretty centre fire friendly lol
  12. A pair on the lawn this week. One with the 22-250 on way back from foxing and one with the air rifle this morning. Seeing an increase in numbers again now. 876
  13. 1 this morning on the lawn from the bedroom window. Hit it with the .22-250 as it was close to hand. Effective!! 963
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