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  1. £120 I am so tempted!! Thanks for the advise.
  2. Hi, many thanks for all that information, it sounds like a good investment. Beaning Scottish, did not want ta part with ma cash if its no good!
  3. Looks like desiccant type filter but not sure. i need to dig a bit deeper.
  4. That is good news. Did you get any spares with it. What about filters, are they supplied?
  5. Anyone got any experience of these 300bar compressors that sell on ebay for about £200. Looking for one to pump up my FX, just seems too good to be true at that price.
  6. Hi, not sure what kind/size the breaker is but its probably tripping either because the compressor starting load is too high or you have a earth on the compressor.
  7. There’s one on Forres High Street, prefer the Chinese myself! Thanks for spending time and your money in the area and investing in the local economy, much appreciated. Just wish our limp wristed, local council would help out. But up here if you are local, wildfowler or not, you are basically a second class citizen with the local council pandering to all the loud mouthed, transient white settlers in the area. Anything to look PC and not loose votes.
  8. Ye, went down early in the season and sat at the back in jeans and watched. One guy with a camera at the front taking pictures no one else to be seen. Once geese took off a shot went off dropping a goose. Camera man then used his camera to spot the wildfowler and very slowly, step by step worked is way between the geese and the wildfowler.
  9. Any updates on Findhorn Bay?
  10. Away with work, any geese in Findhorn bay yet?
  11. Thanks for the help. I would be wanting to move from field to field and walking about so was looking at bullpups but have no experience.
  12. Hi, looking for advise on buying a air rifle. At present shoot 10m target but want to get back into pigeon, crow and rabbit shooting. As you all know one shot with the shotgun and everything is gone and then another long wait. So looking for advise on a PCP gun that is good for about 50m plus, fun to use in fields, woods etc.
  13. Was out again yesterday. Not had much opportunity this year with work commitments. In fact, just over half way through my first box of cartridges, sad eh!!! Anyway, meet another bunch of lads that were not from the area but were again willing to listen to advice regards shooting. Anti turned up in hiviz vest, he did his thing, we did ours and we all went home happy. So, thanks to all, the shooters for a good bit of crack (chat) and the anti for not getting in front of any guns but still making his feelings felt sensibly. And a special thanks to the very pleasant lady walking her dog, who didn’t seem to be phased by our attire or that we had guns, stopped, passed the time of day and went on her way!!! Apart for the person in the hiviz vest it was just like how it has been for many years before two white settlers stirred things up.
  14. Hi I have seen enough negative comments on here (mine included) so thought it was time for some positive ones. I am not sure who you all are but many thanks to the shooters I meet on Monday morning on the bay. It made a pleasant change to meet some sensible people using the bay that were willing to sit and listen to some local advice regards go and no-go areas and do’s and don’ts . Appreciate you had just arrived after a long overnight drive and sorry for the lecture but thanks for listening and taking note. I ended up way over the opposite side of the bay but watched your procession of head torches heading away from the burn corner. Looked like the seven dwarfs going to work in the dark, surprised you didn’t hear my laughing! After packing up I went round and parked up at the bird hide and watched the remaining geese paddling about until walked off their roost by a photographer with a big camera and tripod walking out onto them!!! Anyway when forced to take flight they went high, not a shot was fired so thanks again for that, much appreciated.
  15. I would not like to comment on that or if Julian Assange may have stayed their!!!
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