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  1. The thing is though the tax is supposed to be on emissions to protect the environment so really he's doing the best for the environment by running an old car if you look at the wider picture. If he were to buy a new vehicle that was free road tax most people think they're heroes and saving the environment but look at how much pollution is caused by the manufacturing of such a "clean" vehicle and then the real truth is revealed. There is the factory running, the staff driving to the factory to produce the cars, the countless lorries and massive ships transporting all the various components and all of those factories to consider. I think all of this taxation is more about getting people to buy newer vehicles and thus boosting the economy rather than actually trying to protect the environment.
  2. Welcome I'm just outside bedford not far from the black cat
  3. I thought that you had to shear sheep for their welfare so surely they should be pro wool
  4. So shoot days are every other Saturday in the season and I shoot with my brother also. And fish and camp. So mostly it will be up and down the motorway if I go down to one car if not I will keep my car for work and spend 3-4k on a 4x4 or truck or something like that to do all the outdoorsy stuff and was looking at shotguns because I really want a range rover but I can't be dealing with all the breakdowns that I have been told they suffer with
  5. Those xc70s do look lovely and the Audi allroads what would they be like during a shoot day I wonder and I'd be upset about getting in all wet and with filthy wellies going between drives. I really do like the look of them though and if I decide to go down to one car they will be what I look at I think I'm still not sure whether I want to keep my car for work and buy an additional one or go down to one car. 🤔🤔
  6. Oh yeah sorry I'll change that ha ha Thank you i will check them out. Heard bad things about he boxer diesel unit though
  7. Thank you I will have a look Cheers👍
  8. So I do around 25-30k a year to work for which I use an 07 plate diesel vectra, which I am happy with. It has been faultless so far although is now fast approaching 200k miles. But i also have two dogs and three children and we go camping. I am looking to get a car which I can get three car seats across the back and two dogs plus camping gear in the back and I can take shooting/beating/picking up . I have looked at pickups but I don't think I could get there car seats across the back so have also looked at shoguns. My thoughts have been keep the vectra for work and buy a 3k ish shogun or similar for the other duties. Can anyone give me any advise on a vehicle to look at or should I get rid of the vectra and try to get one that will fit all purposes. Sorry for the long winded post Cheers all and happy New year
  9. I know that what im about to write is not abkut a range rover but im afraid all of these large luxury suvs are the same my neighbour has a 2011 bmw x5 with absolutely everything on it. Now she has had this car from brand new and has only done 40,000 miles. This year so far the brake light in the rear window failed costing over 600 just for the part!!!! and then it developed a fault with either the gearbox or the rear diff i cant remember which, this resulted in the car being at bmw for nearly two weeks and a bill of 4.5k and she didnt even get a bloody curtesy car. Now this car has never been off road and barely leaves the driveway. The only reason its got 40k on it is she has a holiday home in norfolk otherwise it would have maybe 10k miles on it. Now ive no idea how much this was new but that to me is disgusting from an expensive car that is serviced every year by bmw and somethinv to be weary of if you buy one second hand as they maybe affordable second hand but im afraid the running costs are not at all.
  10. Anybody got any experience of these a family memeber is looking into one and i thought id ask on here
  11. So fuel economy on these is not good either?
  12. Hi all I'm looking to change my car this year and need some help. I want a 4x4 or a pickup as I love them and need space for dogs and shooting and fishing but I do 30k a year up and down the motorway to work and back so do I A. Forget about a 4x4 and get an estate car. B. Get a small car to use for work like a diesel fiesta that will do a million mpg and get a truck. Or C. Just get the most fuel efficient 4x4 I can afford. TIA Matt
  13. I will delete him and I have Facebook for keeping in contact with friends that I don't get much time to see now due to my work and family. I will try to upload some later.
  14. The file size is too big from my phone unfortunately and I don't know how to make them smaller as I am a carrot cruncher and don't do computers
  15. I was so pleased today to be able to shoot on my first beaters day. The guns were really helpful and put the two of us on the best pegs for each drive and I even shot my first partridge today. I took some great pictures of all of our dogs at lunch and I made a post on facebook and a family friend has slated me, do I ignore it or do I debate him?? What is the best response to this. His words were well done you should feel really proud of yourself killing a dangerous bird what was it doing flying at you. I'm sad that people are like this but that is life I'm afraid I'm just not sure how to respond
  16. A bull breed would bite clean through your finger and break your arm if bitten as I said before I've always had staffs but I'm a big guy and they have always been under control not sure what sort of image that projects but they are big softies. I have rescued a weimaraner from a bull breed (not mine) which was being attacked outside my house a few years ago and the woman just froze holding the lead I took the dog back to its house which was a few doors down and known to be aggressive. If they have a collar on its easy to control them you just hold the collar like a handle and twist it choking the dog, after a few seconds breathing becomes more important to them than trying to fight and they stop. If they have no collar on then a massive display of aggression will put some off if not you have to give it arm arm to grab and then you can climb on top to pin it to the floor, this is not fun and will hurt alot but it does work and I have the scars to show for it. More than one dog I couldn't say as it's never happened to me. It's easy to say I'd do this or that but the truth is until your in the situation you don't know what you will do. I can only speak from experience with bull breeds though and I'm not sure how you could rectify this problem as the breeds get the blame when really it's the owners who are to blame for the problem. all dogs have it in them to attack they are after all domesticated wolves and I think people forget that sometimes and you are more likely to be bitten by a jack Russel or a collie than you are a bull type dog it's just the damage that can be done I'd different and is therefore reported in the media more often for shock value to sell papers or get viewing figures. You need to read up on the history of the fighting dogs to have a better understanding of them. A true fighting dog will attack another dog on command but you will be able to get in to stop it. Man biters were never tolerated and killed thus removing them from the gene pool. These dogs which are out of control and biting people are far from what the breeds were they have been bred by idiots that want a status symbol because for whatever reason it looks good having a dog straining at the lead and snarling at people. Maybe a license would help I don't know the answer
  17. I find these things very sup setting as the white dog is a dogo not a pit. Calling them pits or pit bull types is bad news as staffs are lumped in with that mix and it would be a crying shame if they were banned. The problem with this situation is not the dogs it was the owner of the dogs quite simply he should not own dogs of any kind and if he knew they were a problem around other dog why were they off the lead. The brown dog it's hard to tell what breed it is however it is immaterial. I have had staffs all my life and will not be without one they are the best dog to have if you have children (Google the nanny dog) he is my daughters elder brother slept under her carry cot from a newborn and is so gentle with my daughters, better house pet and family dog by far than my springer spaniel is. This should absolutely not have happened but everyone there could have helped I mean who takes pictures or video without helping
  18. Selling them is fine good luck to you but they are not going to waste are they which is what I take issue with
  19. I'm not looking to take it up I'm just curious as I see this so often it must be more popular than actual smoking and I'm sure some people have just started vaping because they think it's cool
  20. I was saddened that one or two guns took a brace and me, the keeper and his dad split the rest. Now it took me the rest of the afternoon almost to breast the partridge and the pigeon(which is my favourite) out but it will save me a few quid over the week in food. There are three shoots that have clubbed together and bought the incinerator because they shoot so many birds that even those who take them don't take them all. My point is this if your not going to eat it my personal view is your only there for the killing which does not paint our sport in a good light if you do take a brace or two or even ten and there is still birds left at the end the why are they shooting so many it's not a competition in how many can you slaughter you are out for the day with like minded people working their dogs to provide good challenging game to shoot at and at the end of the day your have the food you have harvested completing the cycle. It is just my opinion that it's wrong to shoot so many and not take them with you I am taking some into work to a Romanian colleague who is desperate for some wild meat that he used to have back home and I thint it's great to share with people you know and help to feed other families it's the hunter gatherer in me I guess providing for the village??
  21. Is vaping nicotine free oil bad for you? Are the vapes actually safe?
  22. Was out on my local shoot today, some weeks I beat others I pick up with my spaniel. Got chatting to the game keeper who has started beating on another shoot who shoot 100s of birds each shoot day and along with a couple of shoots nearby have invested in an incinerator. Most of the guns won't take a bird so they burn them, I was horrified and said that that should be a crime and it does no end of damage to our sport if we are to try and portrait a good image to the public. I hate seeing the guns at the end of the day just walk away empty handed why shoot a bird if your not going to take any home it seems they are just there for the killing and it just doesn't sit right with me. Has anyone on here experienced similar? Maybe we could give them to a charity or something if they are not used at the end of a day that would be good PR
  23. I agree of them all the disco is more of a country motor but what countryman can afford them now I'm talking people who work on farms and pest controllers farriers things like that. They are so bloody expensive Lovely looking cars though
  24. Go and get a piece of paper and pen and write down these words eight hours. Put in on your bed Stare at it for a few minutes and then throw it in the bin. That's the last time you will see eight hours in bed for a good few years. Kids are a wonderful thing though I wish you both all the best
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