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  1. Can't they try blocking the English channel, It would cause a tailback to France in a matter of seconds, Dingies gridlocked everywhere.😁
  2. If it has a Oval shape Purflux fuel filter with the clip band on top< buy a New filter and fit the seals that come with it, had quite a few with that problem, drawing air in around the top seal.
  3. Fully agree, I hate cheating and you know it's coming with the Italians, the heavy tackles were mostly missed or let go by the Ref, so we needed a few more Phillips on the field of play because that Lad got stuck into them. but the Italians always slow the game down to their pace, if we couldhave kep up our starting pace, we'd have won by half time.
  4. I work in this industry REfrigerated Vehicles. I would avoid it like the plague, most of them never get maintained, but your biggest bugbear will be the insulation. If you imagine that Box body bouncing around the countryside over it's life most of the joints have worked loose, then you get water ingress so the insulating properties are next to uselss, so the refrigeration unit will be running constantly and you will have a big electric bill.
  5. I Had this happen to me, some new neighbours moved in across the road from South Africa, anyway I had the day off, to do some work on my house and paint my gate, I was happily painting away and heard the clatter of and old springer, I thought someone is having some fun, then just after I thought it a dead sparrow dropped off my Roof. So I picked it up and went across the road and told him it was a good shot but he wasn't allowed to do that in the UK, I informed him that it's a firearms offence and could carry 5 years in the nick, I told he could happily shoot in his own garden providing 2 things, 1. the pellet never leaves his own boundary and 2. he's not annoying neighbours and shooting birds off their roof is not a good way to start, he seemed a decent sort just not familiar with the UK airgun laws. If it were me, I'd go and have a word, just be polite, just say it's better coming from a fellow airgunner than being taken away in bracelets down to the local nick. I'm sure he will see sense.
  6. The only one concerns me, is shooting over stubble. Because it can't be for crop protection because it's already gone, unless of course you have a crop of something else in nearby field.
  7. Nice looking Drone mount nice job well done.
  8. I can Confirm Pete or Bucketboy is at least equal to Kev g and is a decent bloke to Boot, i was there on Sunday dropping off my Vendetta blocks for him to work his Magic on. If you go on the rapid7ownersclub.co.uk forum Join up with an intro and ask bucketboy, he'll sort you out.
  9. Perfectly shootable, it does look better than the SCL35
  10. My Theoben MFR.20 i bought in 2003 has suffered none of the problems in this thread, it's been faultless save a couple of bottle seals and the bonus is i could almost recover all my money should i decide to sell it. I also have a Mk1 unregulated model and it's just as good and just as accurate, so regged/unregged doesn't matter both do the job fine.
  11. It's ideal with the 58grain Vmax, but not sure of the others.
  12. Tell me what you need making and what material, I might be able to help, Lathe and mill here ready to go. kev1gun
  13. Nothing Motty, but you and I are Shooters, not everybody is, it's just my opinion that we don't do ourselves any favours sometimes. I watched a video on Facebook not to long ago where this guy had taken a shot at a Fox with a thermal scope at an esimated 400+ yards according to his rangefinder, the shot wasn't on in my opinion he took it anyway hit the Fox didn't kill it and couldn't get a follow up shot in either, then to put it up in public for all to see doesn't show us in a good light But that's my opinion, i think we need to be careful what's put up that's all.
  14. Unfortunately these Idiots are given a platform to preach from, but as already mentioned we have our own stupid people within our ranks, videoing kills and taking pictures and seeing some of the dangerous shots taken all recorded for the powers to see, it's only a matter of time before rifles are banned, we should stop glorifying kills, how many times do you see a picture of a Fox being shot with the shooter holding Rifle with his thumb up. it makes me cringe and i go out shooting Foxes with the best of them but each kill is just a memory to me not a picture to show everyone how clever i am, if i feel this way about it, how do you think the anti's feel, it's just all ammunition for our down fall. I don't want to see a ban on the .50 cal and i have lobbied my Mp and i suggest everyone does the same because this is the thin end of a very large wedge, so we should all take a bit more responsibility of how we portray ourselves. i have anti's in my family and i have told them to stop reading rubbish on Facebook and all the other media based sites put a pair of Wellies on and come out and find out for yourselves what really goes on, but it's difficult when they show you the pictures they have seen of Foxes being shot and its clearly wounded and not dead and needs a 2nd shot to sort it, we've all done it but taking pictures and glorifying it is hard to defend. We know the majority of shooters are good law abiding people that would go out of there way to help and advise people, but if we want to be seen in a good light we need to get our own house in order first and take responsibility as a group.
  15. Needs somebody at the next British shooting show, should be able to find enough people there
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