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  1. Wb123

    Ear protection for fowling

    I never, ever, shoot shotgun without ear protection now. Even one shot unprotected will leave me with tinnitus for days and difficulty hearing. (Suddenly became a problem, I used to be able to tolerate it without notable issues). Likewise I never ride the motorcycle without ear plugs or use power tools without ear defenders. I use peltor protacs to shoot and if I turn the volume up on them will hear birds I can’t hear without them on. Everyone gets to make their own choice on the matter but I wish I had been more strict with myself about hearing protection earlier on as my hearing does often cause problems at work. I don’t work with loud equipment, all my significant noise exposure has been through hobbies. I don’t sell hearing protection or gain in any way from people buying it.
  2. Thanks for getting back to me, Its just that my Grandson is only12 yrs so I am sure he will appreciate the light loads.

    1. Wb123

      Compact Binoculars Recommendations

      I recently bought some used leicas which have been a league apart from the lower priced offerings I have used before, particularly in low light. Interestingly the field of view from my 8x leicas is the same as my cheaper 7x pair.
    2. Wb123

      Miroku 3800S (late 80s)

      Not sure but my better half has an even earlier one which is happy with 21g cartridges.
    3. Wb123

      The French yellow vest protests

      Seems typically french, ‘we want everything and somebody else must pay for it’. The reason we don’t see that here is enough of the electorate are not that stupid. That said the corbynites do worry me.
    4. Wb123

      Does no one want a garden anymore?

      A garden would be nice but being both within budget and around work comes first. We could get a fantastic place in north wales but without being able to find work there to fund the mortgage it is meaningless. We are lucky enough to have been able to save a sizeable chunk for a deposit on our first place but until we get stable work we are renting and moving when necessary to get work, and also aren’t that young any more.
    5. Wb123

      Bruised pigeon breast

      I’d throw that round a hot pan for a few seconds and eat as is.
    6. Wb123

      Tradesman rates

      I do my own with drain rods and a brush. If you have a wiggly chimney the bendier rods are much easier. Don’t skimp on tape and a bit of tarp or the mess can get spectacular. If you do it 2-3 times a year it is a 30 minute job. Total cost of tools (assuming the wife will let you borrow the hoover) about £30. Some home insurance policies will want sweeping done by someone with a piece of paper and their own insurance though, usually two or three times a year. If your policy is one of those either shop around or bend over... A mate gets stung £40 a chimney for four chimneys three times a year to keep his insurer happy.
    7. I just go for the cheapest 12g in plastic or fibre depending where I am planning to shoot. Generally but not always 21g.
    8. Wb123


      For optics I always work out what I can afford then go second hand. Unless I win the lottery I suspect I will always be doing so.
    9. Wb123

      Shotgun from the States

      Last I looked it was eminently doable but it would have been cheaper to stick a wanted ad up in the uk offering a few times market value for what I wanted. It looked to add about £2k to the cost, perhaps more.
    10. Wb123

      Buying my First Rifle

      I went cz452 and have never regretted it. Dont skimp on a scope though if shooting around dusk. Look to spend more on a used scope than the rifle. I went from a £200 new scope to a 40 year old S&B 6x42 and the difference was like night and day.
    11. Wb123

      Cost of employing someone?

      I have done bits of work for the police and always been paid inside 28 days.
    12. Wb123

      Employee woes..

      I suspect it will depend what you do and how replaceable you are. My better half had a similar issue but she works in a field with a shortage of suitable candidates for jobs and a high ‘churn rate’ (this I understand to mean people move between the same few companies in a merry go round every few years for more money) so she said no and that was the end of the matter, likely as HR knew she would get another job on the terms she wanted very easily and they still had work they needed her to do.
    13. Wb123

      What Drone

      I was deeply ****** off to find when galloping the horses down the beach one lovely evening with the better half that we were being chased by a drone doing what was clearly an excellent impression of the mother of all horse flies. Downright dangerous use of the thing though I bet the footage would have been nice. They do look fun to play with though. I hope you have a great time with whatever you get, but use it sensibly.