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  1. Wb123

    Irish passport

    The other half has one which again was regarded very favourably in her last job change. For her the process seemed very simple and took about three years of reminding to fill the form out followed by a four week wait and a very small fee.
  2. I bought a used champion for £500 that has been cracking. Supposedly mulch capable, at some point over winter I will try and find some mulching blades for it and see how it does. I have never ever used a ride on with grass collection that works unless the grass is very dry indeed and only having a minor trim. I ended up removing the collector from mine and using a leaf blower instead. I tend to cut once a month rather than weekly though.
  3. Wb123

    hare coursing

    No trouble here, it’s also still legal. I suspect the two may be related.
  4. I have a particular love of Cromer crab.
  5. I never pick before first frost or first of November if a very mild winter. I crush slightly in a large large pessle and mortar rather than *****.
  6. Having pulled away down the wrong side of the road no less than four times that I recall last time I was in France, and once shortly after my return, I feel this was a terrible accident but one where there but for the grace of god we all go. It would have been dealt with appropriately to my mind with a small fine and a profound apology assuming suitable remorse etc. No punishment will return the kid who died or make a repeat event less likely. Whilst I understand the Americans did put up new signage to remind their people which side to drive when leaving the base in the hope of reducing t
  7. My local are selling cattle slaughter blanks, sends the dummy miles away but very painful to use.
  8. We have been lucky, I have had a small rise and am still working though not as much to do. The other half has taken a job with another company mid lock down which looks to be going well. Neither of us are particularly well paid for our respective roles by standards within the fields but there is no talk whatsoever of furlough or redundancy. If you you can get by on less temporarily I would take the cut so long as there are assurances you will be the last to be let go after demonstrating they can’t hold the ship without you.
  9. Go on, show us a picture...
  10. If skint and you like the gun you have, how much could you get for the sarasketa and how much would it cost to just open the full choke to half? It may be far more cost effective to open up the chokes and keep shooting the same gun. Once work normalises you can then treat yourself if you want... I have heard of a chap using a brake cylinder hone to open a choke but going that diy is something I’m not sure I would do now (but probably would have done a few years back when completely skint).
  11. Wb123

    Exams Fiasco

    I’m glad I’m long past A levels and University, but I feel most sorry for those kids from last year and the year to come who will end up competing with kids given artificially inflated grades through no work of their own. Life is (hopefully) long enough that if she really wants to go to Durham leaving it a year is of no major consequence. Especially if she uses this year to start cv building and working towards the all important first job after uni. It may even be better to go into a year group that isn’t horrendously overpacked.
  12. I can confirm there are certainly rush hours around Dublin, in Northern Ireland they exist also, but even in belfast generally they don’t have the same degree of congestion as larger cities I have worked in.
  13. Given the rare occasions I drive between the two are pretty plain sailing without congestion what would a dual carriageway add? I should admit here that I have never done that route at rush hour.
  14. Wanted: rope pull type bird release trap, not the electronic remote type (I can’t afford it). Everywhere seems to be out of stock, but this is the sort of thing I am after... https://picclick.co.uk/Manual-Bird-launcher-123287679565.html Terribly sorry I put this in the ring place. Would it be possible to get it moved to wanted please?
  15. I keep corurnix for meat and eggs, they might get fit enough for a decent flush when barn kept, mine don’t lift easilly as they are used to the dog helping me collect the eggs but when they do they will fly till they hit the ceiling. The dog is too young for using them as a flush yet but I will give it a crack once she is older. As above if you want some eggs I am happy to post you some, though they never seem to do well after being posted. It is important to remember Coturnix wont come back, bobwhite might. My neighbour uses feral pigeons one of his mates
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