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  1. If it’s just giving the odd twinge I’d hold off for now.
  2. Using a photograph of that republican terrorist sympathiser seems entirely fitting within their remit to protect queen and country. Their choice to share the footage is however disappointing.
  3. Wb123


    If doing work that meant I could sit infront of the computer all day I would consider day trading it with strict stoplosses in place, a colleague does this using a software managed system and claims it produces useful amounts of money (around 0.5% a day over the last two months). As i understand it they fed the computer a lot more than £250 though, pay a hefty fee for the trading software, and will usually buy and sell several times a day. Personally I wouldn’t buy it for a long term holding. If I had experience day trading such things I might be tempted if I was not working during trading hours.
  4. Wb123

    British rail

    The prices can get silly mind, for me and three colleagues the tickets for a trip booked by the company that wanted us elsewhere for a weekend were printed with ticket prices of a total of £2200. I suspect they could have sent us by helicopter for less.
  5. Wb123

    British rail

    I don’t miss rail in the North, I do remember it being fabulously cheap though. The last few train journeys I have done were bang on time, very comfortable, much faster than driving, but eyebleedingly expensive.
  6. Carry on and don’t worry about it. Your local police force sound very sensible.
  7. Ladder trap. Apparently the breasts are quite tasty. To to keep things smooth with the neighbours put a few cage feeders out to support the song birds.
  8. Sod the driving licence we want to see your tity card!
  9. Not had any myself but I have seen a few done with cheap eBay kits that have come out very well indeed.
  10. If I remember rightly the expansion caused by warming in general. Water at 10 degrees takes up more space than at 5 degrees etc, so warming the whole sea raises the level. Melting the ice caps also reduces energy reflected back into space increasing the rate of warming.
  11. Exactly, the floating cap will make no difference to sea level purely by melting. The one on land however melts, runs off the land and into the sea and does raise the level. Both issues being far less significant though than other related factors causing sea levels to rise.
  12. The problem is he is more likely to stick some other poor sod in a wheelchair than end up in one himself. Shop the ******. It’s our families he endangers.
  13. Wb123

    Noise complaint

    Ignore it. If you rent they will start to annoy your landlord, if you own the place and want to sell before they do you will have to declare issues (which will tell people you have crazy neighbours so they will run a mile). I lived one place where the neighbours dogs barked all day every day, within weeks of moving in I found myself going bonkers but after the chap who owned them appeared under my Landy whilst I was fighting with the handbrake cable, got stuck in, and turned out to be a fantastic chap the dogs stopped bothering me. They still barked all the time but for whatever reason it ceased to annoy me.
  14. Scraping the mind for the answer from GCSE geography brings this up, some of which may have been debunked. One polar cap floats as and therefore melting it will make no difference to sea level, the other is almost entirely sat on land and does then run off into the sea raising the level as it melts. Overall however if I remember rightly the effect is relatively insignificant compared to the increase in volume of the water with temperature which also raises the sea level. Where the earth is covered in ice it reflects a good deal of energy from the sun back into space which will be absorbed and further raise temperatures in the absence of as much ice cover. Consequently the rise rise in sea level due to polar cap melting is due to both increased liquid water and increased volume of that water due to higher temperature.
  15. He is supposed to declare it if I remember rightly. You could shop him to your local constabulary before it causes an accident.
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