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  1. Not my bag and I would be very hesitant to put someone with visible tattoos in my team at work. We we have more than enough complaints about a girl with too many piercings and blue hair at the moment.
  2. I’ve had that before with rapeseed oil when they had it at 45p a litre. I wanted to buy their whole stock but again they insisted six bottles max so between me and a mate we came out with just twelve.
  3. Way back when I did my gcse DT I got a good third of the project work done over the summer holiday before starting back for final year. We effectively designed our own projects with a little guidance at the end of the spring term of the penultimate year then were expected to start final year with the bulk of the non workshop stuff completed. Im not elderly and have never had issues with stiles.
  4. Wb123


    Many years ago at a cub camp I went for a **** in the woods then a few hours later found thirty people stood around my stool discussing what kind of beast did it. On that note I’m calling this a ditchy ****.
  5. Having spent a reasonable amount of professional time with the police I am in no way whatsoever keen on them all being armed. I have known a select handful who have repeatedly not got into firearms training who were clear that their life’s ambition was to shoot a criminal, entirely the wrong starting point for carrying firearms. A select few appropriately chosen is absolutely a good idea, what proportion of the overall workforce is probably best left to those who make such decisions for a living.
  6. Is this vitality or bupa per chance? If so hit the ombudsman.
  7. Wb123

    Sinn Fein

    I do them but charge unless it’s a friend/acquaintance, the problem is people get upset at the amount one needs to charge to replace normal work. It’s not like it’s extra work, it tends to end up displacing more profitable work. Colleagues who who have tried doing them for free in the hope it gets lots of people coming back for other work have found they get inundated once word gets round, but they don’t see any increase in paid work.
  8. We budget all in £800 a month. Livery is only £220 of that and when we looked at keeping at home maintaining an arena, jumps, stables, cross country course access etc wasn’t going to break even for a very very long time. It does vary month by month but we keep detailed records and it has averaged £710 a month over the last three years. That includes every last drop of fuel used, maintaining the trailer, competition fees and expenses, coaching, insurance, feed, tack maintenance and replacement, farrier, vet, immunisations, a portion of the Landrover running costs, everything that were it not for the horse would not have been spent. That’s for one horse and a showjumping habit. I have occasionally ally had one on loan for a couple of days a week. That is much more cost effective and generally worked out at £12 a day three days a week.
  9. The implication of all I had heard is that they were going to Dublin where they have a much bigger issue with criminals shooting each other. If so hand him over to the guarda and let the Irish fund his prison stay rather than you and I.
  10. Makes an almighty mess, the Phillips one with the vacuum is a slower trim but faster overall once you consider clean up.
  11. Wb123

    robot mower

    Some people near us have one and it never looks great. Not sure what kind they have.
  12. Fair point, all my haggling has been over fairly short contracts and directly with bean counters rather than those I directly work with. If in a long term post it may be worth holding off the negotiation till annual appraisal time.
  13. Wb123

    helix original

    Never heard of it. What snake oil is it?
  14. It’s well worth looking around at what he might get elsewhere. I have rarely done badly from negotiating on price, either by taking cheaper work in exchange for other perks or where I have turned down work for being priced too low. ‘that’s our standard rate’ can be met with ‘I will go elsewhere then’. You do need to be able to walk though and they need to know you can.
  15. Wb123

    Tilley lamp

    If you don’t want to use meths try using one of those small jet lighters to warm the vaporiser. Works very well for my whisperlite.
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