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  1. Wanted: rope pull type bird release trap, not the electronic remote type (I can’t afford it). Everywhere seems to be out of stock, but this is the sort of thing I am after... https://picclick.co.uk/Manual-Bird-launcher-123287679565.html Terribly sorry I put this in the ring place. Would it be possible to get it moved to wanted please?
  2. I keep corurnix for meat and eggs, they might get fit enough for a decent flush when barn kept, mine don’t lift easilly as they are used to the dog helping me collect the eggs but when they do they will fly till they hit the ceiling. The dog is too young for using them as a flush yet but I will give it a crack once she is older. As above if you want some eggs I am happy to post you some, though they never seem to do well after being posted. It is important to remember Coturnix wont come back, bobwhite might. My neighbour uses feral pigeons one of his mates traps for a living. If anyone knows where I could get a bird release trap that isn’t an outrageously expensive electronic one I would be interested. Everywhere seems to be out of stock of the rope pull release ones.
  3. The best of luck.
  4. I’ve been working throughout albeit with at times 3.5 days a week on standby to go at a ring of the phone. The biggest worry for me has been getting deskilled in a lot of the things we do, I have definitely been going rusty in the areas that have totally dried up. Fortunately the other half got got a new job and a pay rise mid pandemic which has helped avoid too much stress for us.
  5. Alibaba is good for wholesale amounts of things. I have a pending order for 1200 items when I actually wanted 200. The minimum order was 4800 but after some haggling and getting the order number down the price was right. It will take close to six months from order to delivery as the supplier in China is having to import a component from Japan first, but the unit price works out at about 15% of what I would have had to pay in the UK so hopefully I can make enough profit on the excess to make the whole exercise worthwhile. aliexpress is much faster for small numbers of things available off the shelf but generally considerably more expensive.
  6. Wb123

    3 mobile,

    I’m on 3 and it’s been fine for the last ten years. Moving away as the signal at work is terrible (big steel framed building with a deal with 02 to pipe their signal only throughout the building so can’t really blame 3 for it). The WiFi calling is ****, I get 2 seconds of connection before fifteen seconds of silence and then a connection. If I am expecting work calls I turn the WiFi off. I understand this is an issue with all networks using the technology rather than just 3.
  7. I would again say if unsure letting it go is the only option, in my book you did the right thing.
  8. I’m in Northern Ireland so I would be surprised if anyone on here would be up for it, but people might know what sort of day rates I would be looking at...
  9. When I lost a lot of work at the start of the pandemic I started doing some work on my disco. I have the boot floor out, it needs some chassis work, new boot floor, new rear cross member, and some patching to the inner wings and wheelarches. I have the repair panels and some plate to cut up but now work is picking up and I don’t have time. Does anyone know if the plague has many welders/mechanics out of work and if so would advertising the job and a day rate be a reasonable way to finish the job? If so any idea what is the going rate for cash per day? I would guess there is a weeks work in it.
  10. One, at full arms length. I can confirm however that by some miracle the dog certainly isn’t gunshy, though I may be now. Used for driving some form of bolt gun though a cows head. A cows head I now assume is armoured like a battleship.
  11. Bought a blank firing revolver and some blanks for the dog last week. I failed to read the box on the blanks and have had four days of tinnitus as they were cattle slaughter blanks. In the spirit of avoiding repeats I thought it might help to remind anyone else who struggles to read instructions that sometimes it’s a good idea.
  12. Wb123

    Holidays in UK

    I almost always holiday in the UK. Still a long list of places left to see, and generally pretty cheap but I tend to wildcamp.
  13. I use one of these https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F201718967185 I have had others before but found anything less than 10A means trouble on those days when the car won’t start and you have to be at work pretty sharpish. If buying again I would probably consider buying an even higher current one.
  14. The MOT doesn’t check all that much. More on newer stuff but it is no replacement for proper maintenance.
  15. Wb123

    Poultry slaughter

    Bleeding and getting a variation for an air pistol would be potentially troublesome. But thank you very much. I could get a spring loaded poultry bolt gun off ticket, but to stick within the rules I would still have to bleed them.
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