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  1. Wb123

    22lr and Horses

    I shoot around ours with 22lr eley subs, some days they just stand and watch, other days they go crazy. Oddly they are fine with shotguns. I think it’s the noise of the round hitting the rabbit that is more problematic than the firing of the shot.
  2. Wb123

    Business electricity supplier dispute

    My better half used to work in project management for npower on their small and medium commercial energy supply side. I gather from her experience the rules are very different to domestic supply and you have a good deal less protection. If in doubt I would seek formal legal advice as it seems to be a much more complex world.
  3. Wb123


    If you think the price is too high don’t buy it. I’ve never paid the licence fee and never had a tv. Watch the 6 nations in the pub and spend the licence fee on beer. I firmly belive the people who use a service should be the ones who fund it. Why should people living off investments get it for free whilst those living off income pay? (I understand there are certain exemptions/reductions for those requiring certain benefits).
  4. I’m interested if collection works out. How far from Salisbury are you when not in the Peak District?
  5. Wb123

    Eye dominance...

    Be certain it has actually changed. I switched shoulders and found it very straightforward.
  6. Wb123

    Northern Lights

    Norway I have heard is crazily expensive. We did Iceland which was painfully pricey but cheaper than Norway (spring, not northern lights time). Apparently uk flagged cruises can work out cheapest, I could be tempted to try the faroes or shetlands in years to come
  7. Wb123


    I keep avoiding the temptation of watches by telling myself i can only wear one at a time and they need to be constantly worn to stay properly wound. I might cave in though if I manage to get the job that might be coming up in the next few months though.
  8. Wb123

    Car point inclinometer

    That’s no way to talk about big Sarah, Ditchy has checked and despite appearances she most definitely isn’t a dyke.
  9. Wb123

    Life in the UK test papers

    I think it has to be seen as an attitude test, are people prepared to put the effort into studying for the test.
  10. Go for a ‘tache then, facial hair makes those winter nights lamping much more comfortable. Are you involved with your local hunt at all? Equestrians seem keen on rabbit control (though my experience is that they want a visible but controlled population). Other good options are joining or just drinking regularly at golf clubs (they hate rabbits), networking with trades who mostly cater for the very wealthy (a mate who is a high end gardener has more land than he can shoot), and perhaps most importantly just talking to lots of people enthusiastically about shooting (most of my offers have been off the back of discussing hobbies in general). Remember ultimately you are selling a service even if you will do it for free and others will pay for it (offering to pay for shooting is an option I missed above), people have to want you.
  11. Grow a beard (I was astounded how the world changed when I grew mine and looked 15years older), dress properly, and get involved in the local farming community. My shooting offers have all come from people who know I shoot rather than having to ask.
  12. Wb123

    Rented accommodation and gun cabinates?

    Having rented many places I would say bolt it in, hide it inside a suitable bit of furniture, make good when you leave. Every conversation I have had with prospective landlords and letting agents has either brought a fast 'no' or the property goes to someone else. Each landlord I have had has found out and ultimately been begrudgingly accepting (finding new tennents is not without cost to them).
  13. Wb123

    electricity supply 'Bulb'

    The flying thing is the real killer for us. Little driving, very frugal on energy but at the moment between the better half and I we are averaging four flights a week. That’s with seeing each other twice a month and her work being at a low period for travel. When her work was last very busy she was often doing ten plus short haul flights a week for meetings. I’m currently working away till something comes up closer to home so flying home two weekends a month.
  14. Wb123

    electricity supply 'Bulb'

    The smaller suppliers are exempted from the green levy so you can get a better deal so long as you keep moving as they start to get too big.