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  1. Here there is a flat allowance of 1000 whatever the calibre which has never left me feeling under stocked for rifles. The other half however is also licensed bringing it up to 2000 between us.
  2. There was a thread on here a little while back that touched on home lpg tank installations. I have not yet gone down the lpg route myself however I did chat to a lost flogas delivery driver the other week who tells me they do still fill private tanks for automotive use.
  3. I use one of these also and can attest they are fantastic, though I may have mine in one inch rings.
  4. I have had surprisingly good pairs from rydale and Samuel Windsor.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MENS-GREEN-BROWN-DERBY-COUNTRY-TWEED-FARMING-SHOOTING-WAISTCOAT-GILET-BODYWARMER-/132118915536?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 I have had one of these for six years and all the bits that are starting to look tatty were either chewed by a puppy or caught in something. Can be ordered with a hat to match.
  6. I tend to keep things till they die, at some point, once I have made my fortune, I would love have to have a sidelock with a couple of views from home engraved. It will either be left to someone for whom it will also have meaning or be buried with me. If this is a keeper get something on it that will make you smile every time you see it. If you sell/exchange guns either the enjoyment value to you has to be worth whatever drop in value the gun takes, or it’s not worth doing.
  7. I have stuck with opinel carbones in various sizes for the last few years as they lock but also easily sharpen to a razor sharp edge. In the last year however the locks have undone themselves on three or more occasions whilst using the knives, on one occasion cutting the nerve to my dominant index finger, and a few near misses. I have now lost confidence in them and want to try something else. Could anyone recommend something fairly traditional, ideally made in the western world, even more ideally made in the uk, that takes such a wonderful edge as readily but with a more fail proof locking system.
  8. I beat a local dog off my neighbours cattle with a lunge whip a few months back expecting the owners to have no insight into the gravity of the situation. Much to my relief a thoroughly decent and extremely embarrassed local chap from the pub appeared and the first thing he said was thank you for bringing the whip and not a gun. I explained they were fattening bullocks fattening but had it been a different part of the year and the dog had got into the breeding stock I would have shot first. Word got round the village like wildfire and I have not seen an off lead dog more than six feet from its owner since. I am aware that shooting dogs on someone else’s livestock is dangerous territory, however the suggestion that I would do it has had a profound effect on local behaviour.
  9. Rumour has it that 70% of parts are shared with the rest of the Landrover line, which is enough to put me off on the basis of unrepairability. But I keep cars forever, if you keep yours for a short while then move them on I’m sure they are wonderful.
  10. No, but there are firms who will give information from the number plate for a few quid.
  11. We have third party through the dogs trust and have enough in cash handy to cover any likely vet bills. Likewise the horse has third party cover only.
  12. Even if it would mean converting the now partially used family membership to a single membership for the other half? I will give them a call and see what they can do.
  13. We have family membership for basc but i have joined a local wildfowling club who include basc membership in their fee and allegedly can’t separate the two. My local clay shoot membership again comes with mandatory country sports Ireland cover. As such I seem to be paying for three sets of insurance.
  14. It’s not necessarily helpful to compare gains between professions. The other half got 10% last April and is expecting about the same this year, but she works in a shortage field where good candidates are hard to come by so pay is rising. I got about 3.5% on a deal set pre covid but am in a field of generally falling wages. Ultimately the market sets the rates, and although there is a shortage of nurses I understand it is cheaper and more efficient to get more hours out of the ones we do have by paying less for a standard week and pushing them to pick up extra hours to top up. What happens if a 12.5% raise then means people don’t have to work an extra few shifts a month to make ends meet?
  15. I would rely on due diligence. Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge if you want protection in these circumstances you may struggle to find it without paying for it. Paypal and cover the fees at your end would seem to be the best bet that I am aware of.
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