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  1. I sweep twice a year but that is open fires. Screwfix will do you a set of rods and a brush for less than a slab of clay bangers.
  2. We fortunately still have our usual incomes but I am glad to have enough stashed away to tide me through a couple of years with a tight belt, and feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t been able to put that aside to fall back on if need be.
  3. Wb123


    It’s private work your gp may or may not be willing to do at any time covid or not. You dont have to use to use your own GP though most would prefer access to your records. The chap who did mine had no access to any records though that was before the Glasgow bin lorry incident. Have a look for HGV Medical’s near you and a few providers will pop up.
  4. If there is any data to be found on accepted rates of cylinder liner wear per hour of use or mileage that would probably suffice. Or even something suggesting most petrol engines would start seeing wear beyond standard tolerance by a certain mileage.
  5. If we are resurrecting this thread I will put a plug for Hollow Farm. Cheap, always a pleasure to deal with, and always have a solution to any problem or know someone who will.
  6. To cut a long story short adding 3cc to my v5 will get me a higher milage rate at work to the tune of about £500 a year. I don't want to change the car as its pretty frugal on fuel and parts plus has done all its depreciating already. At 110,000 miles I suspect it has already worn an extra 3cc by itself, and an old friend who is a qualified engineer is happy to write a letter supporting the case if I can help find some published evidence to back the argument up that the expected wear by this point would be at least 3cc. So far all I can find is that engine performance doesn't suffer
  7. It’s not uncommon here to see people walking down country lanes with a broken gun and personally I wouldn’t think twice about it in the right setting. This chap may be a plonker or he may have just made a poor call which was interpreted for the worse by the OP. At best it is poor muzzle awareness, at worst it is waving a firearm at cyclists to deliberately annoy. Given I am a firm believer that no behaviour that can be attributed to idiocy should be attributed to malice without good supporting information I would send the individual a polite letter, without a return ad
  8. I looked at one but ended up spending £30 on trickle vents instead. Worked a dream.
  9. Wb123


    Push your MP to lobby to pay enough for the NHS work for it to be viable with the extra safety costs in time and kit... Margins on NHS dentistry were reliant on pushing people through as fast as possible without doing anything that would take time to get right. The covid changes have slowed turnaround and increased costs to the point where the system cannot function.
  10. The other half arrived, and told the host I had left it at home as I wasn’t sure, and then I was sent back for it.
  11. Sloe gin, lots of small boxes of quail eggs, dog, other half, and went back for the gun. I shot, the other half did some flag work and showed the dog her first proper shoot. The bag was small but the company terrific, got to meet lots of interesting local people, the other half thoroughly enjoyed herself also.
  12. Had a fantastic day. Thank you very much everybody for the guidance.
  13. We have moved next door to a family owned shoot, 80 acres of partridge usually kept for the enjoyment of the owning family who live abroad. We have been invited to tomorrow’s shoot, but the chap who rents one of the houses on the place and acts as defacto gamekeeper has only spoken to the other half and it’s not clear what we are expected to do. I expect to bring dog, dispatcher, and be appropriately dressed. But should I bring a gun, or tip and if so how much? We do love easilly close enough (300m) to run back for the gun if need be so I was planning to arrive prepared for be
  14. I sweep my open fires twice a year and the Rayburn flue once a year. My insurance broker said diy sweeping was accepted by a few of his underwriters without issue and didn’t add any cost to the policy but saves me roughly £150 a year versus paying someone else to do it.
  15. I just noticed that one of the public bodies I occasionally undertake a little work for has been paying a rate ‘net of early payment discount’ despite still taking months to settle the bill and at non negotiable rates. (There is the option not to do the work at all however at present I have spare time, and in normal times not doing the work would have knock on effects on other work). Is this normal?
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