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  1. Another bet on coamoxiclav here.
  2. I thought of this thread today clearing some nettles and brambles with the mower. It’s a bog standard mount field, I just set the wheels to give it maximum height and took it slow. The brush cutter would have probably been quicker if the job was in isolation but I already had the mower out and running for the lawn.
  3. Looks like a rather well made spoke adjuster. More likely car or motorcycle than bicycle looking at the size of it.
  4. I have even been contemplating trying to rig a bigger one up in parallel with it but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I would love to know why whoever installed the tank put such a small one in.
  5. I’m holding off filling the oil tank in the expectation it will push prices even lower.
  6. I spoke to a chap near us with orchards and was surprised how well paid the work was. His best pickers would be getting £15 an hour and free bed/board.
  7. Seems very expensive. I have always fixed things myself, but then have never had problems with a gas system either. My circulation pump blew a few months back and I phoned around. I was being quoted £300 for the pump (and to be fair it isn’t a cheap pump) plus £150-250 to fit. In the end I bought a Chinese knock off of the same model for under £40 including express shipping and fitted it myself in under half an hour. To my amazement having taken apart the old and new pumps to decide if the Chinese one was worth bothering to fit or if I should stump up £300 for the Grundfoss one, the two are indistinguishable.
  8. We have an account we keep about 10k back in to cover vet fees for horse/dog/cats. Insuring all separately was going to work out over fifteen hundred pounds a year so the loss of interest on the money is minor compared to the cost of cover. We do use dogs trust and the British horse lot for third party cover.
  9. Are you using a strimming line or a brush cutter head on your strimmer? The former will be very much harder work.
  10. Chuck a bit of poultry in to test it first.
  11. https://www.screwfix.com/p/titan-ttl530gbc-43cc-straight-shaft-petrol-brushcutter/61145 Once I got the harness and bars adjusted so the blade spins parallel to the ground throughout the sweep the finish got a lot better.
  12. Screwfix do a own brand cheap petrol brush cutter that has surprised me very much, and may still be cheaper/easier than making something.
  13. To those asking if it happens I have spoken to a few bar/waiting staff who claim to have had problems with contactless picking up the wrong card when having bills split at a table. Whilst it may not be evidence of malicious use it is enough to make me kill the antenna in my cards.
  14. Just stick a fine blade 5-10mm into each edge of the card and kill the antenna.
  15. Wb123


    I went down this route with two projects. Didn’t have the money to go alone so ended up tying in with a university department, it all went to non disclosure, apparently got bought by one of the companies who the result would have been competing with, and I never saw a direct penny. It it was a lot of work, but seems to be a dynamite section on the CV that very few other people have, and whilst I didn’t benefit directly from it I suspect it has been influential in opportunities that have arisen since. The best of luck.
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