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  1. Wb123

    What is this?

    An inspection device for shining a light down a hole whilst having a good look. You aren’t normally supposed to run out of the doctors office with it though.
  2. I’m generally a fan of the idea that the people who use things pay for it, and as such if we are going to keep centrally funded broadcasting everyone who wants to view it should pay. Ultimately though I would not be upset at doing away with the licence fee and moving to advertising to support the bbc.
  3. A second hand industrial unit rather than a new but low budget one, unless the cheap ones have come on a long way in the last few years.
  4. Its worse in Northern Ireland. It costs me £450 here for a car that would be £120 on the mainland.
  5. I have one I got off ebay. The label says regents view.
  6. Won’t have been a fox, badger, buzzard, or sea eagle. They don’t eat other creatures and live in perfect vegan harmony with everything around them. Must have been one of those terrible badger baiting fox hunting deer rogering types...
  7. Good work getting that, I think we pay about the same but no telephone line (the better half gets the broadband reimbursed by her employer but nothing else so all we bother with is broadband).
  8. Fair enough. Last time we moved it was going to be £20 a month extra for the line to take phone calls as well as broadband so we got rid of the telephone and use our mobiles.
  9. Wb123

    The War

    Until I moved away I perhaps could have agreed. There is something unsettling though about not seeing a war memorial in the centre of every village, and no pillboxes or fortifications gently hidden in the countryside. Now when I do get home I find I think of those who died for our freedom more than ever. I rode a motorcycle up the east coast of the country to the orkneys once, there comes a point north of Inverness where all the old defences are still clear to see, and each village has a memorial for more people than live there now or possibly ever will do and the magnitude of sacrifice becomes clearer than I had ever previously appreciated. Then you visit Dublin and see how they hide that part of history... I spend enough of my professional time dealing with those who only just made it out of Afghanistan and Iraq that perhaps it feels closer to home that all out war was just a few miles from our islands, but I do feel we should all take time to remember those who gave their lives to keep it the other side of the channel.
  10. Wb123


    Tank museum and swanage steam railway.
  11. At the risk of asking a stupid question, why do you have a land line?
  12. Flying home for the week, getting stuff delivered off mainland is always pricey so I had them delivered to my work.
  13. Just got stung for £40 for having fenn traps in my hand luggage. The Flybe lady was very embarrassed that security had bounced me back for ‘rat traps’ to have it put in the hold but still charged me £40.
  14. Who will they come to heel for? No solution to the withdrawal has enough support to get through parliament, Westminster is too divided to agree on anything and the electorate is barely in a better position. Sooner or later it will have to come down to a general election, labour and the Lib Dem’s will run offering a second referendum, UKIP/brexit will split the conservative vote and I fear we will end up with a labour/libdem coalition with comrade Corbyn calling the shots. I think our best hope is for May to hang on as long as possible and get us out in any form possible.
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