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  1. Enter. The best of luck with whatever you do next.
  2. I have published academic papers... A colleague has published several novels, she (as I understand is not in uncommonly the case) has family who own the publisher and her drafts get tweaked by a panel of other writers after she puts the main bulk together according to a skeleton which is chosen for being reliable to market and sell. She struggles to balance work work and writing to deadlines but feels her usual subject matter is better informed for working in the field she writes fiction about. Income is apparently broadly 50:50 real job vs writing.
  3. I could potentially do white coturnix in a few weeks.
  4. So far I have stressed at every mention that she does not have the time and I do not have the inclination to try and undo all her aunts hard work making the dog so difficult. When that doesn’t shut down the conversation I mention how the dog is her aunts only companion. If that gets pushed I suggest it be offered to the people who took the male one a few years ago (that dog I would have considered taking in as within a few hours of looking after it one weekend it was showing potential). The suggestion they might not take it I counter with perhaps it should be put to sleep. That has always stopped the conversation so far but once my new lab arrives in a few weeks things may rear up again. I can’t see the other half moving it on if we take it however bad a trial period goes so there is potentially a lot to lose.
  5. I’ve never been convinced by redex but have found good results with liquimoly injector cleaner if run neat on a litre of the stuff. edit it might’ve been the fuel system cleaner stuff correction, the stuff I rate is liquimolly diesel purge. The bottle claims it is for busses, trucks, and heavy equipment but it seems to perk any diesel up.
  6. I subscribe to the tractor school of thought. Buy cheap oil and change it often. The super universal stuff is quite remarkable. Throw the same stuff in the engine, gearbox, diffs, swivels, hydraulics, power steering etc... £45 for 25 litres, and once it’s used filter and mix it into the fuel to get rid of it.
  7. We looked after it for a weekend a few years back and it drove me to distraction. At the time the aunt had two, the current one and a male who was a couple of years younger and even worse. After two days of very firm handling the male had demonstrated potential but the female that is now potentially needing rehoming had shown no change. Potentially as the other half was handling the female and didn’t have the strength to correct her as clearly as I had to with the male. It won’t be possible to get complete consistency if we take it in as occasionally we both work away and will need it either to go to a dog sitter or friends/family.
  8. It looks like the other half may insist we take in her aunts dog as she is too ill to look after her. This dog is a seven year old standard poodle who effectively has never had any meaningful training. It has no concept of walking on a lead, not jumping around like a lunatic, barks constantly, and is barely even toilet trained. Is the situation likely to be rescueable or should I be resisting taking it in at all costs?
  9. We use a 250 wat infrared bulb in the brood chamber and raise the height to reduce temperature. I leave a thermometer on the floor under the lamp which seems to match how the birds behave. I would have thought the same could be done for puppies albeit potentially aiming for different temperatures.
  10. I find it a little hard to see how with this chaps history and the quality of the evidence a whole life sentence has not been used.
  11. Thirty. It’s a good thing these ones are suitable to be left barefoot as to get the farrier to see them too would cost a fortune... I will have to try the earlier suggestion of the differences between a hen and a chicken on them.
  12. I don’t know wether to laugh or cry. A mate’s girlfriend just had to ask how many legs quail have whilst viewing my brood chamber, full of coturnix quail chicks.
  13. You can get cheaper rates from the tiny suppliers as they don’t have to pay the green levy, if you live somewhere they service. The problem is they get too big, get given a bill by HMRC and then can’t make a profit so go bust and you end up changing fairly often.
  14. Wb123


    Our family equivalent has a button thing round her neck so she can’t loose it. She still never presses it when you would hope.... Fortunately circumstances are such that she can afford round the clock live in carers, otherwise it would be a huge worry.
  15. I use pages and numbers, though occasionally do need excel for more complex stuff. I tried the google stuff but to but to be honest found it far too unreliable as a result of needing a rock solid internet connection making it hopeless for work on the go, or even using things for reference in the garage etc... if you use a desktop only in one place it’s probably fine.
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