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    The parents use dysons and they work exceptionally well if you keep them well maintained. I use a huge screwfix wet and dry thing which was a quarter of the price, never needs emptying, and seems to handle abuse very well.
  2. This is an interesting problem. My better half spends large amounts of time travelling for work all of which is billed to the client as time in which she is working via her work laptop. Her employer are clear information in her office at home should be locked away but it is not possible to manage the workload or bill enough hours without working on public transport, and also not possible to entirely secure the screen (though she does have a narrow viewing angle filter). Times may be changing but everywhere I have worked have had clear written instant dismissal rules on data exposure, and a clear unwritten policy of ignoring instances when people get reported (though that may be due to difficulty replacing anyone who would then be fired).
  3. I find the lights very dazzling when they drive the other way and the sirens sodding loud. I have also failed to hear the sirens when in the car or on the motorcycle so begrudgingly feel they should be at least as loud as present or louder.
  4. We got the keys to a new place last week that has been empty for three years, just decorating for now and have not moved in but looking forward to meeting the neighbors. One may be difficult to get off on the right foot as we will not be renewing his lease on the land. The other we will need to put a stock fence across their view of the loch. Hopefully both will understand.
  5. We get coal in at £220 a ton. There are more expensive types supposedly better for burners.
  6. Cross dominance, and I did end up changing guns to sort out cast issues. A local chap reckons he can recast most things to left hand but I have never taken him up on the offer. I started shooting right handed but then changed to left handed after getting fed up of dealing with cross dominance issues. I am right handed but find both over under and side by sides feel very much easier to use in the left hand, as if they were laid out to be shot left handed. Tight top levers open much more pleasantly in the left hand technique as well as the double triggers being nicer to use. Wabbitbosher I understand is also suspicious that the early designers shot left handed.
  7. I’d not heard the safety explanation before but certainly found using a straight hand double trigger vastly nicer after moving to the left shoulder where the finger then slides perfectly back onto the rear trigger. I will admit the safety version of events could be an equally plausible argument.
  8. All side by sides are left handed (bar a few strange ones). Look at the triggers positioned perfectly for a left handed. Right handlers just push the lever the wrong way and have to deal with left handed triggers! I changed from right to left shoulder and am convinced the traditional side by side was origionally laid out by a left handed shot. The conventions set then became the expected standard and therefore perceived as right handed. The clues are in the triggers laid out so the left hand comes straight back onto the rear trigger and the much higher forces one can achieve pushing the top lever in ‘the left handed’ way.
  9. Depending on your cash situation it may be best going with dogs trust £25 a year for public liability and using savings where necessary. Otherwise I understand about £60 a month is fairly standard.
  10. I love my plastic moulded one. If you have a nice smooth garage floor the smaller the wheels and the closer to the floor you can get the more workspace you gain. Larger wheels and you just end up having to try and get the car higher and higher in the air.
  11. Wb123

    Black Fox

    I saw something I thought was one on the way home tonight then told myself not to be so stupid... perhaps it was a black fox!
  12. I have been with 3 for my mobile for the last eight years and found them to be very area dependent. Some parts of the country seem to have excellent cover and reliable masts. Others have had occasional loss of network or patchy signal. We we have never had huge issues with broadband despite being fairly rural, but have been on expensive business packages courtesy of the better half’s employer. A few times we have lost connection but as soon as the call centres are told it’s a business line and work stops until the line comes back an engineer has been out immediately (not before they try to say two week wait for an engineer though). I get no signal at work in my current job and need to be contactable at all times so will be changing mobile provider, but the broadband presumably works on some new transmission system which might be more reliable.
  13. I would be interested to hear how people find the mobile broadband. It seems cheaper than our local suppliers but we have to have a robust line as the better half works from home via the broadband and if it’s down she can’t work. HMRC allegedly won’t let her employer reimburse broadband anymore so we are looking for a cheaper supplier. When it has gone down in the past they send an engineer almost immediately and she can tether her work phone as backup but unless the network is rock solid ditching the wire connection seems too optimistic.
  14. A few people round here were lambing weeks back. Aiming for the Easter lamb prices one told me. Interesting point on the showing advantges, I had not heard that argument before.
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