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  1. I post on 3 or 4 forums and visit many firearm related sites no problems on this side of the pond.
  2. A friend has the same Beretta AL391 it's a well made piece and he is deadly with it on water fowl enjoy it for years to come.
  3. Here you go it just may answer a question or two. http://www.wearethemighty.com/news/boeings-sr-71-blackbird-replacement-totally-looks-like-a-ufo?utm_medium=watmsocial&utm_campaign=mightynews&utm_source=facebook&utm_content=blackbird-replacement
  4. I hope you don't mind if I use this thank you in advance.
  5. old06

    Guns in America

    Exactly! Now what 8 years later we have more discourse among the races it’s not that we didn’t give him a chance 2 terms. I have firsthand knowledge working in corrections for 20 years black youth in the last 8 years have now developed the mind set to disobey law enforcement and to carry out right killings of them. All this in 8 years Obama being half white could have brought us together but as everyone can see he didn’t even try. Given the freedom to arm myself or not I have made my decision to do so. So far its been a good discussion.
  6. old06

    Guns in America

    Liberal garbage this attitude developed in the 8 years Obama was in office. It has been proven that most of the cases of graffiti hate have been done by themselves to draw the media to there cause. Also from the LEFT leaning BBC give me a break.
  7. old06

    9 Years!!!

    wow back for round 2
  8. old06

    Dog Fox

    Nice of him to stop and let you take a pic.
  9. Good to see your up and around and chasing fox.
  10. shows class you did well for the farmer
  11. old06

    cannon shell

    stubby that is very interesting, I've read were that was not uncommon find after WW II, the group I served with in the USAF EOD fell under brave souls they are.
  12. Underdog is absolutely right I have a friend works at a Remington ammunition plant and different formulas on the powder are applied to almost every load let alone different gauges.
  13. Wow I never had one problem with my Remington's I've owned models from 11-48,1100 and one 11-87 and not one hiccup. As a matter of fact I want a new shotgun and looking at 1100's and 11-87 now.
  14. Character counts on older firearms I like to see there history.
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