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  1. My transit has a speed / rev limiter after market fit. It can be removed so i assume the reverse is true
  2. Just ordered a new bouncer and hide pro kit via a good friend. May be passing them on dependant but if they get me through harvest happy days.
  3. digger


    Thank you all. Some of the posts and messages have made me shed many tears. The kind words, private messages and thoughts are all beyond anything I expected. I have to seek help as to how to help my four year old daughter cope and stay strong for her. I wasn't looking for sympathy, I guess I wanted to vent. You are all helping more than you know.
  4. digger


    Diagnosed two days ago with bowel cancer that's spread to my liver and brain. Palliative care here I come 😯
  5. digger


    Do they allow overtaking now ? Moto GP is a good sport to watch, F1 is akin to watching grass grow.
  6. digger

    A and E

    Thanks old un. If I'm posting in a year happy days, if not it didn't work ! Not what I wanted the day after my 50th. The triage nurse is rightly the first person you see in most cases. From what i could tell breathing and bleeding were given priority. Shocked at how many people claimed serious pain yet found the time to pop out for a smoke.
  7. digger

    A and E

    I was dragged into my local one last night ( long story, work mates worried about me, their wives in tears etc. ) In the six hours I was there I saw a man attack the security screen, the same people repeatedly asking "how much longer" and the Police called twice. I heard swearing ( mine ) while a nugget tried to draw blood from a tendon rather than a vein. I had several tests including an x ray and ecg. All the staff bar one deserve a medal for tolerating such poo in the line of their work.
  8. Sounds like a total chancer. Not a very clued up one at that. Job too big ? Tough. Lack of care sounds more likely. I hope you get what you deserve and put this cowboy where he belongs
  9. It's plain wrong regardless of colour or religious beliefs. ISIS would lay claim to a bag of crisps being stale. Let's hope no loons see this for anything more than it was. Some fruit loop carrying out an attack for no reason other than mental health issues
  10. digger


    Helicopters aren't used unless it's a film. How would they attach the ( plastic ) chute to the entry point ? Whose job would it be ? Sorry, total non starter. Education is needed
  11. Very true. Best £990 I ever spent hiring my barrister. Actually find it so much more relaxing driving at or under the limit.
  12. I drive a restricted transit. I adhere to every speed limit from 20 near schools to those on motorways. I have between 11 and 13 points on my licence and have no plans to lose it..
  13. I should have said what sort of person carries a knife in such a location. I doubt he was in fear of his safety. Even if he was it's illegal but you know that.
  14. digger


    Protesters at Westminster are demanding, amongst other things, a definitive death toll. Here's a torch stupid crack on. Let us know how that goes.
  15. He was tasered. If they get no info from him I hope the report is altered to man shot dead. What sort of person carries a knife ? Scum
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