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  1. My 15 year old daughter went with the 12G Benelli U828 which she loves (http://www.shootinguk.co.uk/reviews/shotgun/benelli-828u). Very light weight and with a 21 / 24g cartridge the recoil is limited.
  2. I got one from eBay, around £180. The workmanship isn't great but the locks are fine and you'd certainly need some tools to get into it without keys. The best security is it's location and positioning on the wall etc Without spending some serious money I expect the time taken to break into mine and a slightly more expensive version would be pretty much the same.
  3. Contacts for me. I'm getting slight changes in my perscription these days (eyes actually getting better at long distance) so it's fairly hassle free to keep my eyes right. (doesn't help my shooting though!!)
  4. The gun comes with a couple of stock length options. My daughter needed the shorter stock for her fit. The gun she tried at the ground had a longer stock which made the mount more difficult. Might be the reason behind the LOP range?
  5. I sense an expensive weekend on your horizon.... Good times
  6. Another advocate for second hand good quality. I recently went into a gun room looking for a Beretta Silver Pigeon 1. The fit was right etc and the price about what I could afford. I ended up walking out with a Beretta SP III second hand, saved a bit of cash and got to try the actual gun before committing. Very pleased. Of course I went home and scratched the barrel on the zip of my slip ..... very un-pleased
  7. I was told probably towards the end of the year but I've not had the time to check the interwebs yet.
  8. A bit of backside covering going on I think. It'll just be a speed bump to the cert. I would have also declared it so in my opinion you did the right thing.
  9. Job well done. Had mine recently too and it was much more informal that I thought it would be. No major issues and within a couple of weeks I was a few grand lighter in the bank.... Just don't tell the missus....
  10. I read this on the Northumbria Police site .... RefereesAn application for the grant or renewal of a certificate requires the applicant to supply the names and addresses of people who have agreed to act as referees for them. A firearm application requires the applicant to provide the details of two people; a shot gun application requires the details of one person. Each referee must have sight of, and have read the completed application form before completing their part of the application (Part F). When the application is for the renewal of a firearm certificate required for target shoot
  11. I asked the people doing the references to fill them out. As far as I know neither of them have been asked to give a reference but I have my cert now.
  12. After trying other O/U shotguns my daughters preference was the 828u so we've one on order in black. She was pretty good with all the guns she tried but I guess confidence is a big contributor to hitting clays and her really liking the look of it doesn't hurt either. Myself, I ended up with a really nice second hand Beretta Silver Pigeon III so we're almost ready to go
  13. I think it does have the auto safe feature but I have also read it's a quick thing to have deactivated.
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