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  1. Keep them coming Al good banter to be had on small shoots a great video once again would that bear be Ted's understudy?
  2. welshgun

    Passing Out

    Well done that lad what an achievement
  3. Fair play big Al ted looked in form once again and a nice bag shot..ps the music was a bit like river cottage lol well done once again and rightly so the Lough looks a lovely place to be even when things slow down atb welshgun..
  4. A lot of time and effort payed off well done.
  5. Could you not send it by RFD? If so I'd be interested and yes such a generous offer indeed..pm me if you can.
  6. It's starting to be like bargain hunters😄
  7. An excellent retrieve on Ted's behalf Al just goes to show the keeness he has for the job well done TEd👍
  8. You finally remembered the spare batteries Al !! 😄 another great outing Keep the vids coming atb welshgun.
  9. Well done wilksy a good day had by all accounts and must say I do like the border an underestimated terrier but not back in the day very rare you see a good border nowadays
  10. Enjoyed that big Al as well as the others looks a lovely place to shoot don't forget the new batteries for next time😄
  11. As above he would have to get the land cleared by his fao as he has a closed ticket open ticket different matter
  12. Twenty minutes from pontypool we are pm you
  13. Rhondda cynon taff redial
  14. Four black eyed white ferret kits two hobs and two Jill's from working stock available £8 each s.wales
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