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  1. Hi there, is the fabarm axis still for sale? 

  2. Silver pig

    Fabarm Axis

    I have one available, Im located in Mexborough near Doncaster. PM sent.........
  3. Yup, so far this year I have had a beretta 686, benelli super sport, hatsan escort, fabarm rs12, webley 820, daystate wolverine, air arms tdr, kalibrgun cricket and a steyr lp10 pistol. You are not alone!!!!
  4. Thanks all, I knew I would get the right information from the good people on PW.
  5. Plenty of free space but only six slots, looks like i'm good to go this time, cheers Saddler....... Many thanks.
  6. I have ran out of space on my certificate and have seen a shotgun I would like to buy, what are the rules for writing outside of the box? Gun maybe sold if I send my cert off and wait for it to come back with additional space.
  7. I stand corrected and have learnt something new, I'm just happy now that I never did as I was advised and cut my spring, cheers guy's.
  8. maybe a few coils off the spring, never tried it myself but people say it works. would not advise if gun is under warranty.
  9. search for shotgun adapter on Ebay...........
  10. I use both on sporting, depending on the presentation of the clay.
  11. I will take the two slips please. pm sent.
  12. Yes please, I will take two off your hands. Please send payment details.
  13. Looks like a real neat job, having that confidence in your equipment helps to break the clays IMO. Have a good day tomorrow.
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