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  1. As the others have said...shouldnt be a problem. On one farm I shoot there must be 7 or 8 different shooters and the farm isnt very big.
  2. I'd say it was every so slightly uphill. It's weird because the 150yard drop was fairly spot on with the bullet dropping aprox 2.2 inches. I just assumed that with the .17hmr being rimfire that the bullets are mass produced all to the same pressure/velocity etc. so the drop would be the same?. Georgehare: Admittedly it was 200 steps but the gate behind my shooting position was ranged as 220 yards nd I was 15-20 steps in front of the gate.
  3. Hi all, I was out shooting the .17hmr yesterday at 150 and 200 yards. I've checked the charts for the .17hmr drop and at 200 yards there should be an 8.5 inch drop with a 100 yard zero. When I checked how much lower the bullets were hitting they were only 5 inchs low??. I can't understand why there not dropping more?. I have checked the 100 yard zero is still spot on (which it is). What other variables could influence this?. The only thing I can think of is that halfway up the field the ground raises approx 1-2 yards. Would this alter the bullets flight?. Does heat have a major impact?. Thanks in advance for any answrs. Andy
  4. hi all, Currently filling in my variation for a centrefire. On the section that states where do i intend on using the caliber i am applying for do i need to re fill in all the farms that I shoot on. I already have a .17hmr on the farms i intend on shooting the centrefire, as the police force are aware of this should I just put down something like "land previously deemed suitable by FEO" or do i have to try and sqeeze all 5 farms into one box ? Sorry for asking the question, if my local plod got back to all the messages i have left then i wouldn't have asked. Thanks in advance to any replys. Andy.
  5. Thanks for the replys, So I could put the application in for a .204 for long range vermin and fox and a .243/6.5 for fox and deer control, do the FEO generally accept the application of more than one caliber at the same time?.
  6. Charlie, Is your .204 silenced?, what sort of ranges have you been taking foxes out to?. The max range I'd probably shoot fox's at would be 175-200 yards at most, do you feel the .204 would be sufficient for that. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the replys, The land that I shoot over has been passed for .25-06, the only really appealing thing about the .204 was the low recoil (if it is really as low as they say?), but if its marginal for fox then maybe the .22-250 or the .243. I've only had my .17hmr for approx 18months now so I'll have to find out what they think to me getting a .243. Anymore input much apreciated. Andy
  8. hi all, I'm currently researching what caliber to apply for over the next few days. The primary use of the gun would be fox although I wouldnt mind a caliber that i could use for long range vermin aswell. The calibers I have in mind are the .204, .22-250 and the .243 (useful as I have plenty of muntjac on the land). For any .204 users, is the recoil as light as people say it is?,either unmoded or with one. I've heard you can see the bullet hit through the scope, is this true?, also how does it perform on fox?. Is it actually any different from shooting a .22-250 with lighter bullets?. Any ideas on what to get?. Thabks for any input. Andy.
  9. Andy17


    She had made a nest of fur and shredded paper and they were underneath all of that, laying on the saw dust.
  10. Andy17


    Hi all, A few days back one of my jill ferrets gave birth to 6 kits. I quitely checked them this morning to find them all dead. It looked as though they hadnt been fed. Most had fallen through the nest so I imagine she was probably laying on them without realising. Does anyone know any reasons for this. It's her first litter and she's approx a year old. thanks
  11. Madcowz, I have added an extra sleeping box to the shed and it has made it a little better but the jill I'm having problems with just makes that extra effort to go and grab the other jill and pull her into the box lol, even the hob got dragged in there dispite being twice her size and weight . yis andy
  12. hi ferretboy thanks for the reply. I let the hob and both jills have a run about each day together and it just seems to be the one jill, even the hob is scared of her lol. Thanks again. Andy
  13. ok thanks for the reply stuart.
  14. hi all, I had taken my 2 jills (both from the same litter) to the vets a couple of months back to get the jill jab. All went well and they came out of season. Recently they have begun fighting alot with one of the jills defending the bed area. Any ideas as to why they are doing this all of a sudden?, could it be that one is having a false pregnancy?. thanks for any replys.
  15. hi all, Just curious as to whether anyone has used one of these bipods?, have been offered the 6-9" one and was curious as to whether they are as good as the harris bipods?. It will be put on my .17hmr. thanks all. Andy
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