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  1. As above- in brand new condition used just the once. £110 posted or £100 collected from Eastbourne
  2. Evening allI have a rotary pigeon magnet and a 12V 7AH battery- I decided to upgrade the battery as it's a few years old now and have just picked up a Yuasa 12V 12AH battery from Toolstation.I have a cheapy blackspur12v 500ma trickle charger which doesn't have any charging indicator lights etc. How would I know long to charge my new battery for? Can I leave it connected?I also have a motopower 12V 800MA smart trickle charger which according to the box says it's suitable for my spec battery. The trouble is when I connect it it just shows solid green which suggests fully charged. It did this eve
  3. I've got a silver line 12v 500ah trickle charger which was a tenner or so. Is this suitable for a 12v 12a battery? If so how long would it take to charge please? Doesn't have an led indicator or anything so I wouldn't want to over charge it. Many thanks
  4. Thanks chaps some useful tips It was in the shade so I'll double up the net and ensure the background is tip top too
  5. I went out today and set the hide up- think from memory it's an A1 decoys net. On walking out to sort out the pattern I was amazed at how much I could see though the net from the outside- seat and kit bags were clearly visible. Is this normal or do most people double up on nets? I guess you want to be able to see the birds approach but likewise you dont want them to see you ha!
  6. minibbb

    Browning Auto 5

    All sorted thanks chaps
  7. minibbb

    Browning Auto 5

    So there is! Not sure how I missed that, thanks mate
  8. minibbb

    Browning Auto 5

    Browning Auto 5 wanted please- ideally close to East Sussex or willing to RFD. I'm after the plain action as opposed to the engraved pattern.
  9. I'm looking to buy some BKL mounts for my CZ452 HMR. The single strap version can be had for £23 delivered- the double clamp ones are twice that. I know the HMR has no recoil but are single strap ones more prone to zero shift etc?
  10. I note that some land is available in East Sussex. Does anyone know what area and type of land please just to assess whether it's worth putting my name on the waiting list.
  11. Good morning folks Having lost our old syndicate after many years due to the landowner having plans for the land we are looking for a piece of land in East Sussex to set up a rough shoot/pigeon syndicate. Does anyone know of a landowner worth approaching please? Would be willing to pay a fair price for it. Or likewise a local syndicate who would have space for rough shooting only- not worried about game. Many thanks.
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