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  1. Watch repair heads up

  2. Watch repair heads up

    How about Bulova. I have a 80's automatic that needs an overhaul.
  3. Americans get all the good kit!

    Ok for trench warfare. Not sure what else.
  4. carillion

    Regarding pension funds. I'd really like to know how they would have been doing if Gordon Brown hadn't pillaged them. Would some/ all of the end of salary based pensions still be viable and would the current shortfalls have happened?
  5. Holts Sealed Bid Auction

    I think a lot of folk must forget the premiums etc. I had bids on 2 items. 1 needed parts to complete. By the time you added the cost of parts (even as trade cost) it would have been cheaper to buy the Item from a dealer and save the bother of rebuilding at the price it went for. The second I can walk into the local gunshop and get the equivalent at the same price or lower. Go figure.
  6. Gunsmith defiantly required /recommendations Essex

    If it was.mine I'd take it or send it by RED to Tim Greenwood. Think He's now located in the Midlands. He or another reputable gunsmith will probably be able to do an invisible repair. The wood glues available today ate stronger than the surrounding wood and as there in a good size area which looks clean won't even need pinning. Also I'm not surprised that you shot it for 30 shots. On a stock bolt fixing all/ most of the recoil goes through the back of the action where the bolt is screwed not the cheeks. I had a DT10 do he same. Cost me £30 to fix.
  7. American Ebay

    I bought 3 items, 2 shotgun stocks and a Browning book at different times. It was a while ago and perhaps the rules for importing gun parts has changed. I did get hit with import tax on the last Item which was a stock. Actually made a good deal into a poor one. If I need parts I now will just buy from Europe and will do until that possibly gets screwed too.
  8. Spectre - James Bond

    Of course. I watched the film and the Morning after I got off the tube at Pimlico. The first thing that came to mind was how good the London builders are. The SIS building had been fully rebuilt and Vauxhall Bridge repaired overnight.
  9. Transferring photo's from iPhone to PC

    One reason I don't like Apple too much. How to instructions are:- 1. Difficult to find. 2. You get sent to forums where everyne has their own way of doing things. 3 The info is 10years out of date and refer to an IPod or something else. 4. You have to navigate around Adverts and multiple downloadable programmes promising the world of convenience that are either useless or let you get to the bit you want before asking asking ransom in payment. No doubt the photos are stored "on the cloud" at sometime in the past an annoying pop up would keep bugging you to press accept (even after you say no) which will then have transferred all of then on to " the cloud" and removed them from the phone storage. The phone will then download them for viewing when you want to view them. If this is the case you don't need aby fancy downloaded programmes just to sign into your Apple account SIgn gn into your Apple/ icloud account on the Apple website via a web browser on your PC (not itunes). The pictures can then be downloaded to the PC from the I cloud link at the top of the webpage.
  10. Fleas

    Unfortunately I've thrown the box away. It'll be prescription only though.
  11. Fleas

    Yes. They have been bad this year. Tried the stuff from the pet shops and they didn't touch them. Went to the vets (due yearly jabs anyway) and he said it had been a bad year for them. He gave me 2 tablets 1 to be taken straight away and the second after 28 days. They were gone after a day and been clear now since September so I guess they work. The whole bill including the inoculations & worming tablets was about £35 which seemed good value to me. If you go to a vet, you need to say what and when other treatments were given to avoid overdosing which can be fatal.
  12. A step too far

    From What's been reported. It's claimed he's a keen hunter. Only just returned from a boar but in the Black Forest. We don't know the full one and outs of this. It may be that he's just pulled out of Boxing day as it would be too easy for the press to spin into something into a major story. They've done similar in the past. If he is as keen on the sport as reported and she does put her foot down. His brain will return to It's usual place it and it become a problem. No one can change a lifelong interest no matter how much they think love will temper it.
  13. A step too far

    Oh dear.. He only needs to look at his Fathers past to see how this is going to go.
  14. The Last Jedi

    Saw it on Saturday.. Best one yet. Can't wait for the next one.
  15. Over choked?

    Leave it as it is.