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    Try calling local gunshops and see if they have anything in their "bits" bin. You can get lucky. I did with an old Breda. Much cheaper than buying new. Mcavoys at Standish sell second hand chokes and they are listed on their website.
  2. Paul1440

    Another Handgun shooting in London

    Fake news. Impossible to have happened as they are banned.
  3. Paul1440

    BREXIT - merged threads

    At least one vote for Boris then. 👍
  4. Paul1440

    Hosepipe ban

    The irony is that In 3 weeks we'll probably be 3 feet under water.. A saod I believe that water from the lake district is used in Manchester. If you interested in engineering look up the Thrilmere aquaduct.
  5. I just want to keep my EU firearms pass so I can ontinue to shoot comps in other EU countries.especially Italy. It's a total P.I.T.A to go elswhere.
  6. Paul1440

    Cheap shooting glasses

    Sounds like a bargain. Do they comply with EN166 impact resistance?
  7. Paul1440

    £180 for a recoil pad fitted?

    RRRRRippedoff.com Sounds like they don't want the work. Bit like the Builder I know who if busy and asked to quote for something small that he doesn't really need or want to be botherd with, like putting up a small bit of fencing quotes way over the odds. Sometimes people bite and he's quids in.
  8. Paul1440

    Brexit airbus now BMW

    Being in the EU is proven. Remember the 1970s. Strikes. Power cuts. 3 day eorking week. 98% tax etc. Predictions are what Brexiteers gave us of a vision promised land. (and £350m) But like it or not that what was decided has been. We have now shot our bolt and need to get on with it and make sure we don't get screwed. Otherwise I really am not looking forward to a career change from technolgy to Crop picking.. but hey ho.
  9. Paul1440

    Range Rover

    No need to get your knickers in a twist.
  10. Paul1440

    Range Rover

    Ha, How ironic, Coming from from a wannabe cheshire housewife i'lI bet.
  11. Paul1440

    Range Rover

    Is that why people that have them don't like to pull over on ghe grass verge on narrow roads and sit there until someone in a 2 seater sports car decides life is too short for thr pillock in the RR to do anything and tries to negotiate a ditch on their side. The number of times it happens on the way to or leaving some shooting grounds is staggering. Range rovers must be very fragile.
  12. I agree. Stick to what the proof house tells you and everything should be ok. The problem is that people (some) think they know better than the Experts and shove anything in expecting a good outcome.
  13. 2 of the Wildfowlers in the north who have shot stefl through their autos have had damage due to steel. 1 has has to scrap theirs as the action developed stress fracture. The other has damagdd choke (this one I've seen) the barrel has expanded although not by very much and it's hard to spot. However the choke tube won't fit into the barrel on my gun which is the same. These were older 3" non steel proof guns using HP loads. Perhaps using the standatd steel would have been ok but there's a warning in there somewhere.
  14. Possibly for a millisecond or so!!
  15. Paul1440


    Absolutely. From an age where sport was done for enjoyment and achievements were put into perspective of doing proper jobs. I believe he saw himself as a Doctor first and sportsman second. Banister and Braithwaite, Hendry, Peters were more inspirational for the average Joe than any of the manufactured look good in lycra clad do anyhing to win professionals of the national lottery era.