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    Engine carbon clean

    Ah that's it.. I just looked it up. Still selling it I see. I Have a car with a 1zz toyota engine in and it drinks oil like George Best and Oliver Reed on a bender. Apparently it's normal according to the car forums and they are oil sensitive.. Slick 50 might help.
  2. Paul1440

    Engine carbon clean

    What happened to the oil that was advertised with something like Teflon added that meant the engine would run without oil if it leaked out,?
  3. Paul1440

    A little birdie told me

    Putin.. team orders. Now there's a thing.
  4. Paul1440

    Ben Fogle - Another Anti

    Same here. Didn't squirm like some of the snowflakes stuck on that island with him when getting his lunch. Possibly spent far too long with da media types. Perhaps his next adventure should be to escape the TV Metro country set who believe that the world of Peter Rabbit is real.
  5. Paul1440


    It's the modern social media way I'm afraid.. and not just on conservation. No one is allowed to say anything that goes against emotional reasoning without the risk of recieving abuse. Check mumsnet out.. it's scary..
  6. There's a video on youtube of a woman shooting an egg at 300yards with a 22lr. It took several goes to hit it but the misses weren't more than a foot away. British Archers were shooting arrows that far 400 years ago. I wonder if it's because it's a smoothbore gun. By the time it gets very far it is tumbling. Years ago there was a guy who brought an ex army 7.62 SLR to the range and couldn't hit the butts at 500 yards, never mind the target. Something didn't seem right as every few shots you could hear a fizzing sound as the bullet flew. On inspection it turned out the rifling had been worn so badly it was only just about visible.
  7. Paul1440

    Beretta al 391 12 gauge

    Yes. Just turn the shims round.
  8. Paul1440

    Alan Myers

    Overton Gun club.. Where is it? I knew of a club of the same name near Morecambe but I believe it closed years ago.
  9. Paul1440

    Prime Minister - Is it time to go?

    Despite all the bleatings of all other groupes claiming discrimination and how hard done to they say they are, suicide rates suggest this is correct.
  10. Paul1440

    Camera experts

    It certaimly does. There's no Geese or Ducks.
  11. Paul1440

    Australia's Herald Sun Cartoon Controversy

    Precious.. exactly. Just reading up on Male outburst. The only occation I can see where the player called the upmire corrupt was dealt with in a similar way and resulted in a 2 major championship ban. $17,000 fine should have been $170,000
  12. Paul1440

    Australia's Herald Sun Cartoon Controversy

    Stupid and spoiled She still got $1.4m for half a days work. All bling and no class. What got me was the venom in what she was saying. Yes others have had rants but in the your having a laugh , your kidding me and your stupid way. But not liar and thief. Using a child like she did to justify her innocence (which even her coach admitted that he was giving instruction form the stands) was unbelievable. Somebody close to her needs to grow a pair and although it might mean them falling off her gravey train and tell her some home truths.
  13. Paul1440

    Camera experts

    Started with a Zenith EM which had hhe olympic motive on the prizm cap. Still have it as well as an Olympus OM10, Canon 50e film camera. Stuck with canon when changing to digital DSLR as the EM lenses I had fitted. Recently picked up a Canon 40d body for £70 as a second ca.era for those trips out where it's likely to get knocked about a bit. Good camera and takes great pics. If I wanted another good value camera I'd be looking at a secondhand 30d, 40d,50d or 60d, depending on condition Nd price when I look.
  14. Paul1440

    What do you say?

    Humans are designed to eat meat as it's the best way and least contrived way of getting what you need to sustain a balanced diet. Therefore It's just like any farming. Plus it's more rewarding than going to the Supermarket. Also hhere's lots of enviromental positives from land management and sustainability of wildlifd populations. And just fof David A. there's less plastic wrapping which saves oceans.
  15. Paul1440

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Just for devilment. It will be intereting to see how Boris will approach his divorce. What's the odds he'll just be able to walk away.