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  1. Range Rover

    No need to get your knickers in a twist.
  2. Range Rover

    Ha, How ironic, Coming from from a wannabe cheshire housewife i'lI bet.
  3. Range Rover

    Is that why people that have them don't like to pull over on ghe grass verge on narrow roads and sit there until someone in a 2 seater sports car decides life is too short for thr pillock in the RR to do anything and tries to negotiate a ditch on their side. The number of times it happens on the way to or leaving some shooting grounds is staggering. Range rovers must be very fragile.
  4. I agree. Stick to what the proof house tells you and everything should be ok. The problem is that people (some) think they know better than the Experts and shove anything in expecting a good outcome.
  5. 2 of the Wildfowlers in the north who have shot stefl through their autos have had damage due to steel. 1 has has to scrap theirs as the action developed stress fracture. The other has damagdd choke (this one I've seen) the barrel has expanded although not by very much and it's hard to spot. However the choke tube won't fit into the barrel on my gun which is the same. These were older 3" non steel proof guns using HP loads. Perhaps using the standatd steel would have been ok but there's a warning in there somewhere.
  6. Possibly for a millisecond or so!!
  7. r.i.p

    Absolutely. From an age where sport was done for enjoyment and achievements were put into perspective of doing proper jobs. I believe he saw himself as a Doctor first and sportsman second. Banister and Braithwaite, Hendry, Peters were more inspirational for the average Joe than any of the manufactured look good in lycra clad do anyhing to win professionals of the national lottery era.
  8. Car allowance and hmrc

    The way it works at our place is that if part of your remuneration you either have a company car or take the allowance you only get the 18p as you are effectively only paying for fuel as a the allowance already covers other running costs. If there's no company car or allowance in your package you get 45p as this allows for wear and tear and the other running costs such as insurance.
  9. six nations

    England were absolute rubbish. They were complacent and looked too dim witted to challenge. Advice for the England coach.. Just standing there looking like your chewing a wasp and going to destroy someone who says something you don't like doesn't make you team better.
  10. Taking Firearms to Germany.

    If It's a shotgun. Apply for a European Firearms Pass. It's free. Tell the Channel tunnel /ferry company you have it in the car. Or book it on a flight (at a charge) and go. It's not a problem. God knows what will happen and what sort of you know what ache it be once we're not in the EU, so make the most of it now.
  11. steel shot

    The BASC website explains it all very clearly. Just search steel shot in the search bar. Perhaps the Mods should put a perm link to the page.
  12. Chris Packham (again)

    Not saying that some of the things he says or stands for grate with a lot of us on here and has set himself some high animal welfare standards and doesn't understand grouse shooting etc. Which he voices an opinion. But worth noting a couple of things which don't single him out as an extremist. Packham is not a Vegan or even a Vegetarian. Taken from a Vege website. They're not happy either. Packham says: “To me, it has to have a psychopathic element, if you’re taking pleasure from killing things, just for that pleasure. If you’re going to eat it, if you’re culling an animal that is otherwise damaging the environment because it’s too abundant, I have no problem with killing animals.” Packham’s belief that it’s OK to kill animals to eat puts him entirely at odds with the vast majority of the so-called ‘animal rights movement’. He “only minds some forms of shooting: driven grouse shooting; woodcocks, which are on a very fast decline; hen harriers, which are a protected species”. He thinks that it’s perfectly acceptable to kill an animal so long as it’s not a protected species, if the animal’s corpse is eaten, and to ‘control’ a supposedly over-populated species.
  13. 20 Bore Choke Question

    Yes your correct 010 not 005 in a 12. I actually edited my original post by mistake from 010 as I read the choke tables and got my facts mixed up. (Was late and I'm full of a heavy cold)
  14. 20 Bore Choke Question

    No. They should be the same. A choke marked as 1/4 in a 12 should in theory be the same as one marked 1/4 in a 20. That doesn't tell the whole story though. 1n a 12, 1/4 would measure at 5 thou constriction but in a 20 bore 5 thou would be tighter than 1/4. So in a 20bore a choke marked as 1/4 would have less constriction. Check out the choke charts on the Teague website.
  15. Watch repair heads up