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  1. I hope it goes well for the both of you
  2. I apologise I did partially misunderstand you. My reference was predominantly regarding dog on dog. Pulling the rear legs, (walking backwards dragging the dog until it lets go) is much lower risk and really effective. It does assume that one dog doesn't want to be there. If its two hard, driven dogs it'll need one person for each dog or one dog secured but again it really will work The technique you describe was once, many years back, used by military handlers and it definitely does work but I've only seen it prescribed with the lead already attached to the collar. In one incident I
  3. @B725 Really sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she recovers quickly with no last effects @12gauge82 I'm sorry but I have to very strongly disagree with you. Over the years I've been witness to and on the receiving end of dog fights, bites & attacks and I can tell you that what you describe probably wont work and in fact it runs a very high chance of resulting in you getting badly bitten. When a driven dog fights it looses all perspective of every thing except its taget. If its owner were to grab it by the collar he or she would likely be bitten, I've seen it happen f
  4. Just wanted to say "thanks" this worked really well for me
  5. Ooops

    Brace of .25's

    Chaz I got a tank adapter that lowers the bottle, works a treat, although it adds appx an inch to the LOP You'll have loads of fun with it, easy to work on and they shoot brilliantly The originals from way back got a lot of bad press but that's a thing of the past. Known issues "if you have them" are easily fixed and there's a ton of info and parts available if that takes your fancy
  6. Walshie, what are your plans for her? Is she going to be a working dog?
  7. Am I right in thinking that you dilute the cider vinegar with warm water? If so what ratio of water to vinegar would you recommend
  8. awesome job Joe, it cleaned up really well ..... but what's really caught my eye is your jig Have you posted any thing on making it that you could point me at?
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