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  1. One of the fire brigade bigwigs was interviewed on the Today programme this morning and he was very critical - and rightly so - of two people who had ignored advice and gone up on to the moor yesterday evening to look for injured wildlife. If anything had happened to them they would doubtless expect emergency service personnel to put their own lives at risk to get them to safety.
  2. Anyone know how to ensure only UK sellers come up when I am searching for items on Ebay? I've got my preferences set for UK sellers only but I am still mostly getting cheap Chinese rubbish. At the top of each item it states 'Item Location' as somewhere in the UK, sometimes spelt correctly, sometimes not (Lundon, Summerset, Lester), but when I scroll down to the bottom of the add there is the sellers address in China. It's very annoying. Any help, advice, sympathy etc. gratefully received. Thanks.
  3. I believe the problem is that any water would have to be suspended under a Chinook in some kind of container and it would have to approach very slowly, maybe even just hover, for any degree of accuracy in dropping the water. As they have 2 enormous sets of rotors the downdraught could well do more damage in fanning the flames. May be we should just swallow our pride and fork out for a French CL215 amphibian to come and do a bit of water bombing - there are plenty of reservoirs up there. Just back from work and it's not too bad at the moment, but when I left this morning the smell of
  4. Anyone know if any Japanese were brought to justice after the war? Top Nazi's were brought to book at Nuremberg, but what about the brutal Japanese for what they did?
  5. Definitely Tyne Cot and Menin Gate, also the In Flander's Fields museum. Also the Hill 62 Sanctuary Wood museum is a small museum with some amazing artefacts and also original trenches that have been cleared and through which it is possible to walk. Also got a small cafe - Mrs. CTP and myself were the only people there at the time and for some reason the owner sat watching us with apparent suspicion as if she'd seen our pictures on a wanted poster. Hill 62 and Tyne Cot are such peaceful places, and it's difficult to believe that a century ago were witnessing one of the blackest episodes in
  6. Hi all... I'm starting to look for a new car and my needs are for something with good boot space for my shooting stuff etc. We're not bothered about rear passenger leg room as the kids are driving now and we rarely have passengers. My wife however, wants something in red. I'm a bit dubious about this as I have seen plenty of formerly red cars around which are now going much lighter, if not a strange shade of reddish pink. About 15 years ago I remember talking to a chap who worked for an automotive paint manufacturer and he said (if I recall correctly) it was something to do with red p
  7. Couldn't agree more, especially after having been to the area a few years back. We found Palestinian people to be open and friendly, but Israeli people rude and arrogant, only wanting to speak to you if they thought they could flog you something. We've GOT to get away from the ''Israel can do no wrong'' sort of mentality.
  8. How to take a 90 degree turn with a rather long lorry..... www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIFcGM5z6TM
  9. My daughter had a similar necklace pendant CONFISCATED while going through the country's most expensive cattle market, aka Manchester Airport. She had to hand it over and they just chucked it in the bin - couldn't care less. She was so upset as it was given to her by her then boyfriend.
  10. Read a book once which was Hawking's ideas ''in simple terms for the lay person''. Still could understand it.
  11. Fact?? The foreign aid budget is 0.3% of GDP, so in other words we keep 99.7 % of the wealth.
  12. We were thinking of getting one at the suggestion of the supplier. What they DIDN'T tell us however was that there wasn't actually enough room for it in our little cupboard in the hall. We got an independent bloke in who reckoned it would cost £400-£500, to move things around or take stuff out that wasn't needed anymore (the house was built in the 30's), and that would cancel out any savings.
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