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  1. I only ever shoot on my own, as I do not trust others being around me. But I know what you mean. I think barrel down on a shoulder, and not over your head on a shoulder.
  2. I was always led to believe that the police could monitor how many cartidges you buying per year. Assuming you were more safe with the amount of shots you were putting through.
  3. Why pointing down loaded or unloaded, when the barrel can get plugged with mud. I am a short sort of guy, and have had that occur Upwards you could shoot your brains out, or downwards shoot your feet off. Its just some thing I have been dwelling on. seen lots of people and photos of people doing it both ways.
  4. What is the correct way of carrying a slinged semi auto rifle and/or shotgun. The gun has a sling, but in carrying it does the barrel point up or down ? Assuming its loaded and safety on. Its something I have been thinking about. Or would you empty the cartridges, before carrying?.
  5. Yes thats right, no open ticket. Only the land that has been inspected with original FAC. I suppose that is the next step for the future,
  6. Just for info, I sent the variation in. But stupidly I sent a copy of my FAC and not the original. I had a phone call, from a very nice guy at Malvern PS, who accepted my stupidity. He sent me the new FAC cert as long as I trustingly sent my old one back. Whilst on the phone he filled it in for me as a "12b multi shot shotgun". Got it all back within 2 weeks, no problems.
  7. What is the correct size of the actual rail mount on the rifle. Is it weaver or Picatinny and whats the size? Cheers
  8. That's what I was looking for, to put down on the variation "multi shot shotgun" Do you need to put a shotgun moderator down, or is that deemed to be part of the SG licence. So I can go along with buying Stingers, I think I was sold a pup on that one. Maybe purely from the noise side. I do like 16 bore, as i regularly use an 'old' single barrel hammer action, with no safety catch. Probably because it did not cost me much, and I do not mind it getting damaged.
  9. FAC variation - advise plz on correct method of filling forms in. OK I am bit of a newbie, but I am looking at expanding my collection. Only to find on my FAC licence it says I can have only one. Is this correct ?, or am I reading it wrong. Or do I have to apply for a variation to add another 0.22RF. Also what would be the correct way of adding a semi auto shotgun with more than 2+1 to the variation. Do I say "Semi Auto Shotgun more than 2+1 cartridges" Just to cover me for a 5 or 10 shot, dependant on prices at the time. As I am not sure if I need a 12bore or 16bore, do I put
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