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  1. I am a landlord of four Victorian mid terraces ooooop north. It doesn't worry me, in the decade since I bought the first I have only once had to evict a tenant and I could have done it without section 21. I had reasonable grounds so had no problem, nor would I in the future even if section 21 is banned. I used to do maintenance for other landlords and I can assure you there are almost as many bad landlords as there are bad tenants. The majority are still decent on both sides, you just never hear about them.
  2. Count me in as I have just bought a Ugartachea in fairly tidy condition. Got a tree rat and a magpie with first three shots with it so happy that I chose the right one off the rack.
  3. Very interesting, I believe you can get them as a 9mm shotgun too.
  4. I passed a field of Spring barley on the side of the A75 in Dumfries and Galoway this week while delivering a waggon load of hay that was now almost certainly a write off. That sort of total loss takes some standing.
  5. Must be a good year for cowslips, I've never seen as many here ether (County Durham) in 35 years. Have even seen a few in hedge backs of arable fields as well as usual place in pastures. Even found one growing on the lawn last weekend!
  6. I assume you mean F E Wilkinson's? As that is only gun/country shop I know of in Barnard Castle. That will be a shame as I have fond memories of my father buying me .410 cartridges from there after dropping fat lambs off at market when I was a lad. Might have a look up over weekend, can always buy a few boxes shells and wish him well if nothing else takes my fancy.
  7. Thanks all, I did wonder if making a gun fold would make it so unbalanced it was unpleasant to shoot but appears from your comments that once loaded they are just like any other, and just as effective if the person using it is up to the job.
  8. Anyone used / own a folding shotgun, particularly in 12 guage as I am wondering if it would be worth picking one up to carry in pick-up or tractor cab for impromptu pest control around lamb feeders on the farm.
  9. Thanks fortune looks like I have some practising to do.
  10. A 10 gauge single? Can't imagine how sore your shoulder must have been the next day.
  11. Some friends and myself have bought a secondhand Bowman trap between us and î can confirm that shooting 25 clays with a 12bore single leads to a bruised shoulder.
  12. Wow, bit surprised with the response on this topic. Didn't think there would be that many singles still in use. I like using them as they are light enough for me to carry for hours all round our small farm and the neighbouring woods and still be fresh enough to carry my kill or hopefully kills home with me. I do very much treasure this old gun of my fathers even though it is tatty and has a value measured in pence, it's as hard as nails and a credit to it as manufacturer. Father still has his fathers per war BSA SBS which he says will pass to me after he is gone to look after.
  13. Very true, perhaps I made my friends out to be worse than they are in my original post. They have been very supportive of me getting into shooting, the laughing was due to me still using my fathers old gun a year after I got my ticket, along with comments about farmers and Yorkshire folk all being "frugal". A friend's father has lent me an AYA Cosmos which I really like and is much more refined than the Baikal, although it wouldn't stand up to fourty + years of farm pest control as well as the Baikal has. Friends have let my try their under overs, SBS and autos and I liked most of them, just haven't bought my own yet......perhaps I am frugal after all!
  14. Ha, pairs would be a challenge, although some times singles are still a challenge for me I only ask as I have a fair few friends who have shot for years like their fathers before them and when I started out shooting a number of them said things like "I have an old single.....hasn't been used for years, I'll bring it with us next time we shoot if you'd like as you seem to like singles". So I just go me wondering how many a still out there unused and unloved.
  15. Hi, I am new to shooting and currently I am using my fathers old Baikal IJ18 that he bought new in the '70's as my funds are limited. Does anyone one else still use a single, even if just for a bit of fun or am I the only one still using one as shooting friends just laugh?
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