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  1. BASC do offer insurance and it is still the best insurance package. https://basc.org.uk/join-basc/basc-members-insurance/
  2. How would they select who to send them too ? What would priorities one club over another ? .. Equally the shoot could buy a couple of slabs and put that in their management plan as part of their conservation work ....
  3. A great shot, I can also respect and appreciate how difficult a shot this can be.
  4. Interesting post, all i can add is that where i used to work, a guy before being our finance director worked as part of a chain of international insurance companies. His words still ring true, "if you want to make money open an insurance company, you sell a piece of paper, then when a claim is made you look for every way to avoid paying it, then you charge them more for the same piece of paper the following year" That about sums it up for me, it seems they will look for every reason not to pay out.
  5. Hi Scully, Shooting was not on the list of exempt sports, I would agree that as an organised event it could still go ahead however this means we are interpreting the legislation. Shooting is now listed, and when you click the link on the covid government website it takes you straight to the BASC covid guidance. This is due to the work of BASC. it is surely no coincidence that the guidance directed to by the government is BASCs website. Whilst we could argue that it was exempt (to which I would agree) it was not on the list, this just gives us as shooters belt and braces
  6. BASC still provide the best insurance cover, 10 mil Public Liability 10 Mil Product liability 10 employer liability 250k personal accident cover Automatic humane dispatch cover They will still fight your case on firearms issues (and the firearms team and QC are the best you can get) On top of all they they fight for shooting and educate others. Yes they have made mistakes and done things wrong... however I do feel over the last few months their approach has improved only today they have got shooting specified on the list of except sports form
  7. Nice to see you back with the dogs, looking forwards to more videos ! Thats some spot !
  8. Ok, would love to see that if you still have it, Thanks
  9. Hi Tim. Your brothers gun is most likely a sporter if it came with extended chokes. Your gun with 28" Barrels will not feel the same with the super extended chokes as Teague chokes are so thin and light. visually it will look a little longer but will not feel the same. Yes extended chokes do protect the end of the gun and provide ease if you wanted to change chokes between stands... a full set of 5 extended chokes will set you back around £300 ... and you will not shoot any better than you do now. If the 30" browning feels better maybe you should consider a trade in and
  10. Great stuff, really enjoyed the first one. please to see some wildfowling on this also 👍
  11. For Sale, Nice Landrover TD5 ES - 52 plate (face lift model) Auto - 118K Miles - some service history - will come with 12 months MOT 5 all terrain theres in great condition. Parrot blue tooth hands free. all the usual goodies with the ES model I spent £900 on it having a service and various bits just before getting a company vehicle. Few odd marks as to be expected Reason for sale not being used due to company car. £3595 ono Any questions please ask. Bw Terry
  12. No, not a cop out at all my point is that do these manufacturers not pay to be a member of the GTA so they can be represented? if they did not feel they were represented with their best interests at heart surly they wouldn't be a member ? if you belong to an organisation they will not consult you on every decision they make,. that kind of thinking stops anything happening My point tis that GTA must have thought it was sensible and as i understand it share information with the cartridge manufacturers, ( who on another point i don't think should be consulted they are just a supp
  13. Another great response well done the GWCT, thank you for sharing can you let me know how you received this? I am a member fo the GWCT also. now where is the NGO and the CA, SACS & the SGA all organisations should be responding to these.
  14. The Sun is known for its poor coverage of any subject. its is a paper that is considered laughable by the majority i would say. I agree that where ever inaccuracies about shooting are published the shooting organisations should challenge this and if able get a factual statement published. I am please that BASC have done this.... i don't see any of the other organisations doing it though ...
  15. i thought you knew the answer... given your comment on my post? and you have responded with more questions. so you do not know. if you are a member of an organisation like the gun trade then yes they represent you. if you are not a member of basc then the issue around the lead transition will still effect your as it is a voluntary transition from all major shooting organisations, clearly they could all see the writing on the wall .. and yes that will effect us all if you are a member or not... its interesting how quick they all have them 😱 Eley gamebo
  16. is it? i thought they represented them?
  17. Not to mention that very same manufacturer released the announcement a week early .... how can you do that if you are not aware? I understand the GTA wee also involved in the transition ? they represent all cartridge manufacturers do they not ? BASC have not always got it right. But to be honest i think they are definitely head and shoulders above the rest in promoting and protecting shooting.
  18. Well said, I know many people who actually pay for pigeon shooting. I also know others who could not afford that.
  19. Commendable, thank you for the hard work put in over the year, I hope the weather clears and you are able to get the rest of your season in.
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