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  1. Thank you very much👍🏼 I’m glad you enjoyed it👍🏼
  2. It’s a bad habit I have from when I didn’t have the stock changed/fitted, still trying to get used to not pushing my head down. However, you have to put your head down to the gun somewhat, because if you bring the gun up to the shoulder and keep your head up, your head is to high. I just done this test in my living room, and found that if I do not put the head down to the stock it ends up being Just above my jaw bone and my head is to high above the rib. You have to put your head down slightly. I agree not as much as I did in the video, I am still getting rid of my bad habits. Thanks for the comments, it has been a really interesting, educational and enjoyable conversation.
  3. I understand what you mean, I shoot from a hide quite abit and wildfowl a lot during the season, sometimes end up shooting laying down!😂 Some people have to drop there head to the gun if they have a longer neck (me), if shooting a trap gun or a gun with a Monte Carlo stock this wouldn’t be the case as you shoot with head somewhat up, some people put there head down more than others. Thanks very much I will try and make more👍🏼
  4. I will try and have a look into it, I will also try to slow my talking down when making my next video (I tend to talk quite fast).
  5. I’m very sorry it does not have subtitles I’m new to the YouTube scene and still getting used to what to do. I originally thought the viewer was able to turn the subtitles on themselves.
  6. Thank you very much, I’m glad that you found it informative. 👍🏼
  7. Agreed, the better the gun fits the more consistent you become.
  8. Exactly, there is a lot more involved than just picking up a gun and seeing if it fits than just checking if “three fingers” fit between the comb and the nose. That’s why the “three finger” theory is not accurate. Thanks for the comments, it’s great to have a discussion about all of this .
  9. No not offended at all, what information was not accurate ?
  10. I’m glad you found it interesting, you are right a lot of people tend to overlook gun fit and make themselves fit the gun instead of the other way around (like me for quite a long time). Thank you for the comment.
  11. Thank you for commenting and giving me some tips, it’s great to get some feedback. 👍🏼
  12. Ben Husthwaite is a shooting coach, I’m not, he fits people’s guns, I’m giving tips on how you can adjust them at home. This is aimed at the beginner.
  13. Agreed, there are many misconceptions around gunfit. 👍🏼
  14. Thanks, I do try to make it educational.👍🏼
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