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  1. I just decided to leave 30 mins early pick it up from home on the way. Seemed the easier of the two as leaving it in the car all day is a bit of a risk. I live in a small village in Devon.
  2. I gave this a go at the weekend. Bronze brush with bore cleaner down both the barrels and then we tissue paper. Gun oil on ejectors and any bit of metal that connects or moves. Brushed away any noticeable marks. Removed chokes, oiled then replaced. Sprayed some oil on a cloth and rubbed the outside of the barrels. I also didnt realise how much black stuff will fly out of the end of the barrel, I now have a lovely pattern on my kitchen wall. Tip for beginners, point barrels at the floor or a towel before using the bronze brush. Girlfriend was not happy.
  3. That video was really helpful thanks.
  4. What is the stuff I put on the outside of barrels?
  5. Can you use wood polish like you would use on furniture for the stock or does it have to be something special?
  6. Hi Everyone, Got my first shotgun O/U and I was wondering what are the items I will need to clean it? I have a bore snake, but ive been reading I need to spray oil or something down the barrels and buy some other stuff to rub all over the barrels. Bit confused, I just want the stock to keep looking new and shiny and the barrels to be clean and anything that locks together or moves to be lubricated. How often should I be cleaning it? Kind regards, Luke Johnson
  7. I think whats more worrying is the inconsistent advice on something that's pretty important since if anything goes wrong then you will lose your certificate. Additionally what originally was a post asking for advice I find myself being patronised for my lack of knowledge from certain other posters. If you have all the knowledge yourselves then why don't you get off your high horses and help newcomers to the sport instead of patronising them, its that kind of hostility that would put others off even trying to get involved in what is a great sport. Thanks to the poster who said its easy
  8. Ive already spoken to my bosses and they are alright with it. Would only be once a week for club nights. I just wanted to see of others do something similar. Im pretty new to the sport and not fully confident id be able to put the gun back together again if I broke it down. I was going to wait a couple of months before attempting anything like that.
  9. I just wanted to get your opinion on whether its wise to leave my shotgun in my car whilst im at work so I can then go straight to the range when I finish as it will save time as I wouldnt have to go home first. The car is parked just outside and I can check on it all the time. Are there any rules about this? The car has an alarm and will be locked with the gun out of sight under a blanket or something. Thanks for your advice.
  10. what does an 'also ran' mean?
  11. I haven't really been looking at any model in particular. Will be used for clays.
  12. Hi Everyone, Are Zoli shotguns any good? Just got my SGC through and my local dealer stocks Zoli primarily. Id not heard of them before so was just wondering what you all thought. Thanks,
  13. Hi everyone, Ive just found out from my local firearms department that there is going to be a 12 week wait until I hear anything from them regarding the grant of a SGC. While I wait for this what are my options for continuing to improve my shooting? I can continue to have private lessons and I can book some 50 clay sessions which are normally with stag parties. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Kind regards, Jrollsons
  14. I suspect the CG summit may be slightly out of my price range.
  15. Ive just been in touch with my local gun shop in Kingsteignton Devon and they would arrange some test shoots on a Thursday evening which is great. I hope that they arent just salesman though and give me advice on fit etc. Which models do you think I should ask to try out. Silver pigeon 1, Browning 525/725, Miroku MK38/MK70. Anything else you can think of? Really appreciate all the advice given, thanks again.
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