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  1. sorry I haven't been on pigeonfwatch for a year or so I just clicked on that post and as you can tell I feel strongly about mongrels cheers len
  2. if you buy another dog of the same breed it will be easier to train because you should remember the mistakes you mad wit the last one and don't buy a mongrel breeders have spent years perfecting a particular line let's like putting lime in larger its wrong the Germans took years perfecting larger just so someone can ruining it
  3. we use venison mince for spag. bol or lasania can't spell and meat balls my Mrs makes large ones she then freezes half or one of ours neighbours will get the other half she also does mixed game diced for caserols or stew cheers len
  4. no I want a 2`2 revolver I already have a 38 \ 357 but it is very noisy but thanks for the reply,cheers len
  5. Hi all, Looking for a .22lr humane dispatch revolver or 2 shot, if anybody knows of one that would be great. Cheers len.
  6. get on to basc and ask them to send you the law on dispatching injured or trapped animals you will find you can basically use what is handy including a knife cheers len
  7. good answer basc is the best way forward and if you are a younger person under seventeen they have young shots days that includes pigeon ore duck flights with a mentor they have lady days on all those choices i missed game shooting go fore it cheers len
  8. i have fed every day since the last shoot day i have about forty canada geese and probably between thirty and sixty malard i had a walkers dog kill a lot 0f our nesting gees and mallard but the mallard are nesting again last year i used about fifteen tone of wheet and barley plus a lot of spuds sqashed with the car also a pair of swans have nested but thi persons dog chased them off there nest and wrecked the nest cheers len
  9. b bring back publick hangings and see howmany people come to watch and cheer
  10. no such thing as a free lunch but make the effort and you get the best of everything cheer len
  11. get the walkin traps rabbit ones will do the job cheers len
  12. im so lucky in essex its free for green waste and food wast go in the same bin plus all dear skins guts and bones no dog feaces and i give the boys a crate of stella christmas and six bottles every five or six weeks there are a team of three to each wagon that is houshold glass and green they all get the same treetment and i get an excelent service and i never get missedit dosent take a lot to say thankyou and put a smile on the bin mens faces rememberthey are out in all weather and doing a not so good job cheers len ps im and never have been a bin colector
  13. i bet i could cure a lot of crime if they shoplift cut off one forfinger if they rob houses three fingers as first ofenders if they re offendone hand offif they go to bigger crime off with one foot ifthey rape or harm a police officer then no mercy the most painfull death in publick and on all tv ch anels so every one can see all the gory bitscrime would cut down over night and a lot of migrants would not want to come here for easy pickingsrant over cheers len
  14. im 71and still doing all the things that a man should do and when a jealous husband does the deed or i go of natural causes there is no insurance i dont owne a house or a flat so there is nothing will i lay somwhere stinking or will i get a paupers hole in the ground either way i dont care i have paid my way to all the greedy tax men councls for a long time when the time comes i will get a bit back cheers len 😁😁😁😁
  15. hi, Can you confirm if this is still for sale? Cheers Len.
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