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    Shooting though don't get a oppertunity to do as much as I would like.

    Anyone from this area who would like a shooting companion please get in touch

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  1. Mine runs out 27/04/2020 renewal application sent in 14 weeks ago on 18th Jan. am still waiting, unable to contact via email so Monday I will be on the phone if it doesn't arrive in the morning post to demand a section 7. Stunner
  2. stunner

    lee sizer

    I am trying casting my own .38 bullets and require a lee .358 sizer if there is one that a member no longer needs and could let me have before I buy new Stunner
  3. We are two guns who live 5 miles from Wells and would like to help with the problem birds pm me if we can help. Stunner
  4. Hi Puggers Can you please supply the first two characters of the serial number as I am interested in buying it from you. Regards Stunner
  5. Hi Keith I have some 303 brass you can have at postage cost about 50, if you want them pm me your address and I will send them. Stunner
  6. I have a ruger 10/22 beech stock that I removed to replace with a Boyds thumbhole if this is any good to you it is yours for £40 posted it is from a semi auto and has a few marks but perfectly useable stunner
  7. Hi Steve I purchased a pair of Warne medium hight mounts for my Ruger from Sportsman Gun Centre in Exeter not cheap and a pain to fit but does the job. Regards from another Steve
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