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  1. jasper682


    Evo's were good but way overpriced now. Try some jockers if you can get em.
  2. jasper682

    Black Beretta clay cartridge/range bag

  3. A little tongue in cheek. But yes there are people out there that 1.Think wounding an 80 yard pheasant is in someway good. 2.Cant hit a barn door on 35 yard clays. 3.Post it all over Facebook. Then you see there average on average clays. Is less than 60%. Sorry guys . If you can shoot , you can shoot regardless of the quarry. Jasper.
  4. My favourite is the one about killing 80 yard pheasants stone dead. All the time .With 24grm of 7's and skeet chokes. Then you look up their cpsa sporting average, and if "d" class existed they'd be in it. 30 or 32 grm 6,s
  5. jasper682

    Black Beretta clay cartridge/range bag

    Got one from Brierley guns about 6 weeks ago. Jasper.
  6. jasper682

    Moulded ear plugs

    We got plugzz passive. They're great. Great service too. Jasper.
  7. jasper682

    Mosquito Repellent.

    Another vote for avon.sss.
  8. jasper682

    Older model Beretta's,

    My gold e with adjustable had lovely dark wood. As did the wife's . Keep looking. Jasper
  9. jasper682

    ear muffs

    Passive moulded plugs from plugzz. Super comfortable ,stop the noise, great service. Jasper.
  10. jasper682

    Another DT11 , just couldn’t resist .

    Yep I know your right. But it's gorgeous.....
  11. jasper682

    Another DT11 , just couldn’t resist .

    Nice. I have a sporter myself . Getting on super well with it Best topline gun out there. Really having trouble resisting a DT11L at my local RFD at the mo.
  12. jasper682

    Wanted left handed semi automatic

    Brierley guns have a benelli M2 comfortec. Jasper.
  13. jasper682

    First trap gun for the wife ?

    ^^^ this but get an adjustable comb. Girls need em. Jasper.
  14. jasper682

    First CPSA Competition

    Granted. But I for one am getting fed up of following wurzel and his 10 mates around a shoot when I paid for a Cpsa members only shoot. I guess as a ground you'll have to chose which set of customers brings you the most money. Although I suppose the Cpsa could remove your registered status for rule breeches. Jasper.