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  1. It just happens when you add the lemon peel/ alcohol to the sugar water and boom. Come back to it in a few months and it starts to clear. It's usually long gone before that happens. Best when recently made and served ice cold. Jasper.
  2. And here's the lemon Turkish delight ready for delivery.
  3. Yep coke is the best. Gammon in the slow cooker. Cover in coke. The tip is full fat coke. None of this diet or zero rubbish. Leave it there all day. You can finish with a honey glaze in the oven, but not essential. Lovely. Jasper
  4. Hi Folks. Just finished bottling of the Christmas booze gifts. With thanks to pigeon watch for inspiration. Ginger Brandy. Cherry Vodka. Limoncello. Turkish delight will be made on Sunday😁 Show us yours. Jasper.
  5. Thanks David. Ordered badge via website today. Thanks for your assistance. Jasper.
  6. Hi folks Looking for a bit of help. Usually purchase a wht badge from the above , either at one of the fairs or from the website. Obviously no fairs this year so off I pop to the website to get one , but the website is down and has been for over a week. so any ideas how I can get said badge or why their website is not working. Regards Jasper
  7. EDF tariff from carbon neutral sources?? Jasper.
  8. EDF doing chargers at Β£450. And have special EV tariff. Jasper.
  9. Well probably. Cut it with sugar water, for the limoncello. Cider, apple juice and cinnamon sticks and brown sugar for the shine. πŸ‘ Bring it down to around 35% Jasper.
  10. Julian Morris did have one pre lockdown. I'm afraid I don't have contact details for him but you can track him down on Facebook. Not sure of barrel length tho. But it was a very nice example. Maybe also still advertised at South Worcester shooting ground if that helps. Jasper.
  11. No. And do they still " tune " the chassis with a sledge hammer.??
  12. Wasn't there a recipe on here for cherry vodka?? Jasper. Edit. It's in the ginger brandy thread.
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