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  1. They also had some stupid keyless entry and starting thing which is so easy to bypass, it's laughable. So that maybe a reason for the tracker. Still doesn't stop em nicking it though. Jasper
  2. Childswickham is good now. Sean and Em lovely folk. Hwsg defo a bit clicky still. Longridge has back on Sundays now too. Cpsa registered.
  3. South Worcester at Upton upon Severn should be right up your alley. Nice friendly local place. Good targets. A slight step up from throckmorton. But the same type of place with nothing too daunting. Check out their website. Search swsg. There's also a couple of good clubs out redditch way. Three lakes is one. Forhill just north of redditch is good too. Try also Cotswold shooting at childswickham . Not far from evesham . They open 1st Saturday of the month . Fibre only. Also give hailes fruit farm a try. Near toddington(?) Not sure of their days/ hours. Hereford and Worcester shooting ground at redditch is ok. . Adventure sports at wedgenock ( Warwick) is good too. All these are good nice friendly places . Probably all a step up from throckmorton . But not registered level . So possibly a good stepping stone. All have website or FB presence so you should be able to check them out , see if they're what your looking for. Any more info give us a shout. Jasper.
  4. Sorry yep both sold . Posted out yesterday. Jasper
  5. Revision. PayPal preferred. Price now £25. To cover PayPal fees. Thanks Jasper.
  6. Revision. PayPal preferred. Price now £70 to cover PayPal fees. Thanks Jasper
  7. Sold pending usual. Pm sent. Thanks Jasper.
  8. have two of these . brand new . £8 each .posted uk. paypal friends preferred. jasper
  9. Brand new croots 100 cap cartridge bag . embossed 3ock (no idea before you ask). £60 posted uk. paypal friends preferred.
  10. used . good condition. paypal friends preferred. £20 posted uk jasper
  11. Used, good condition . £20 posted uk. paypal preferred. jasper
  12. May I be so bold as to recommend Squeaky Lee's.co.uk. they have everything for car detailing. They have a ceramic sio2 shine sealant which is excellent. British made and the owner is a shooter also. Delivered to your door. Jasper.
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