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  1. jasper682

    ear muffs

    Passive moulded plugs from plugzz. Super comfortable ,stop the noise, great service. Jasper.
  2. jasper682

    Another DT11 , just couldn’t resist .

    Yep I know your right. But it's gorgeous.....
  3. jasper682

    Another DT11 , just couldn’t resist .

    Nice. I have a sporter myself . Getting on super well with it Best topline gun out there. Really having trouble resisting a DT11L at my local RFD at the mo.
  4. jasper682

    Wanted left handed semi automatic

    Brierley guns have a benelli M2 comfortec. Jasper.
  5. jasper682

    First trap gun for the wife ?

    ^^^ this but get an adjustable comb. Girls need em. Jasper.
  6. jasper682

    First CPSA Competition

    Granted. But I for one am getting fed up of following wurzel and his 10 mates around a shoot when I paid for a Cpsa members only shoot. I guess as a ground you'll have to chose which set of customers brings you the most money. Although I suppose the Cpsa could remove your registered status for rule breeches. Jasper.
  7. jasper682

    First CPSA Competition

    You can be classified on the day using your score from secret stands. But at this point I wouldn't worry. Shoot a couple before the end of April and you'll have a class to go forward with from June . Or shoot 3 reg and apply for a temporary class. But don't get tangled up in it all. Just shoot and enjoy. Jasper.
  8. jasper682

    New gun for daughter

    As above. Get her to a coach. I know a very good lady coach . ( ex England ) who has access to .410. 28 bore 20 bore and 20 bore auto. Plus the usual 12 bores. Very good with kids / ladies. Midlands . Pm me for details . Jasper.
  9. jasper682

    Tesla Owner

    So how far can you go on one charge.??😁
  10. jasper682

    Greenstuff Pads

    Go for the HH . More bite.
  11. jasper682

    Thinking selling up

    Check out oasis lodges near ledbury. The couple there did exactly what you want . They have 3 holiday let's and one for themselves . And a natural swimming pool.
  12. jasper682

    Anti Fog spray/wipe

    Sun dog. In a little lipstick type thing. Works on our Oakley's. Jasper.
  13. jasper682

    My Little Badger

  14. jasper682

    My Little Badger

  15. jasper682

    My Little Badger

    May I ask where you got this from. May be after a 9 mm.