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  1. I live in a relatively modern house which has thermal blocks, I tried using rawl bolts all they did was crumble the wall, no real bite, ended up with 12mm + holes which my only option was to chemically fix studs which to be fair is the strongest way, Could of used plastic plugs with coach bolts maybe but I've had them turn in the wall before whilst doing them up, but as said if anyone wanted to remove it from the wall not much u could do, plus who wants to carry a safe when u could just use a cordless grinder and cut your way in and take the guns......
  2. Make sure to put a spot of grease on the bolt slides I had a few failure to ejects on my 303 and even what u could call a stove pipe, bit of grease speed the bolt up works like a dream, good guns 😀
  3. I had a battery push button combination safe and after watching a u tube video found I could open it quite easily with no tools at all when I tried it, I wouldn't go for a key safe idea at least unless it's hidden Well, it's not realistic to carry them at all times best place to keep keys is somewhere where nobody would ever think of looking, I'm very security conscious so much so I once cooked a bunch of keys along with my dinner 😂 long story
  4. I did a refurb on my 303 my nut also had a slot across it too never even bothered trying to find a socket as I knew I wouldn't find one with such a thin wall I knocked up a blade on a t bar worked a treat, though I'm not sure maybe this was something mine has had done before I owned it, still have the tool too
  5. I have a lanber and it's strange that none have the model stated,im no expert but u can tell you the 12-70 stands for 12 guage- 70mm chamber, mines 76 which equates to 3", you can find on Facebook type in lanber and there's a fan page scroll down and u will find a graph thing which states what models have what, decided mine was a 2097 by several reasons, im no expert but still worth a look
  6. If its a modern house with thermal block walls it can be a pain to get a good bite expecially with rawl bolts and as they expand they crumble the wall, I used resin anchors, it's easy to do and tbh if u move they take no more hiding than a drilled and plugged wall, probably have to just cut them back into plaster and fill them mine are at least 6 inches into the wall and completely bonded, and them nuts are very tight too, I look at it if I can't pull them out with a spanner individually the cabinet isn't moving, the duds are also good if u have a good size cabinet I put hooks on the top 2 to
  7. Everybody seems to be different, interesting post as I found learning to shoot with both eyes open made me hit many more targets, being right eye dominant and right handed obviously works for me, and very natural now too
  8. Quick update the tru oil dries so much better in normal house conditions, touch dry in an hour almost, so with having alot of faffing about im now on final stages over the weekend and it's looking great, give it next week to cure and dull the shine a little with the sheen and conditioner and hopefully reassembling next weekend ☺
  9. Sounds a bargain mate, I bought a bsa superten a a while back on gunstar that was from Scotland before the s#$# got real over the licensing but it was in the pipeline, spoke to him was a nice chap so sent the money via bank transfer which looking back was a little mad, turned up and true to his word it was immaculate, said it had only ever had 2/3 mags through in his garden, including pump I was happy as Larry with it,still am, wouldnt go back to a springer, the follow up shot with the cycle of a bolt whilst ratting in the dark is just too good to have
  10. Seems to be alot of uncertainty about all this airgun licensing in Scotland, seems a little half baked, I bet there's some good guns getting handed in for destruction too it's such a shame, im sure it will come to us in time though not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing
  11. Yes the instructions says a week before the sheen and conditioner to take some shine off if u wish so I guess it needs to fully dry before fitting back onto the gun, ill update my findings in a day or 2, bring home leave it a day make sure what's on properly dry wool it down and apply a coat and see what happens, good to get opinions from people who have had previous experience with it
  12. Thanks mate,I'll abandon the current plan being it home 000 wool it down and do it in room temperature, hopefully I'll get a different result☺
  13. Bloody annoying really I've done a small repair spent hours cleaning stock and chequering, hours sanding, walnut stain, thought the tricky bits were done, im very particular when I do a job like this it's very annoying 😠
  14. That's very strange then, think I need bring it home currently it's in a concealed room with a heater maybe it's too humid the only thing I can think of, how many coats have u guys had before this lustrous sheen they talk about in the instructions? All im getting I'd streaky sheen lines which to me doesn't seem dry
  15. Walnut stock, completely stripped to the wood, sanded ect, even sat it outside a couple hrs in sunshine today and no improvement, it just doesn't seem to want to dry properly, will check tomorrow but I know it's will have some streaky shiny buts not properly dry
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