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  1. ?Sounds good John il be there about 10:30
  2. Not been at the clays for a while, looking forward to seeing yous all there
  3. Hi guys,looking for a bit advice on my proof marks I've searched on here but all the info is a bit confusing, my gun is dated 2016 and 3" chambered and stamped with C.I.P over an S it's also stamped with C.I.P over the fluer de lues mark there's no pressure ratings stamped on the barrels. My question is does the c.i.p over the s stand for the superior proofing needed for using magnum carts and the fluer de lues stand for use with high performance steel carts. Cheers Alec.
  4. Always fancied a shot at North Ayrshire shooting ground,any idea on a date yet? Alec...
  5. Took 16 weeks start to finish with mine, got my visit 3 week after posting application. Alec...
  6. Fancy a coffee in Dobbie's sometime? You can put your big fish in the goldfish pond - he'll be absolutely fine. Not so sure about the goldfish though Yeah sure mate 👍 won't be bringing the big fish along tho. Cheers Alec....
  7. Hi Mike, what area of Fife are you from?.
  8. Cool will see yous at cluny although don't know anyone who's going so don't know who to look out for. Cheers Alec
  9. Is there room for one more to tag along
  10. my date suggestions... 18th of March or 1St of April, if yous decide on the 25th it's no probs I'll catch yous at the next one
  11. 18th would be better for me as I could definitely make that one,wouldn't make the 25th it's my sisters wedding day
  12. I'm a member at Braidwood so usually there twice a month, would be up for joining yous. Cheers Alec
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