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  1. Hi i cant open the pictures 

  2. Are they still available 

  3. Can i take the die please can i pay you through paypal

  4. Hi do you come yarmouth or norwich way soon so i could meet and collect cheers kev 

    1. deadliestdecoy


      Don't really get that way m8 sorry, but thanks 

    2. Nicosettle


      Ok no worries im near cromer so couple hour run but im always around norwich and yarmouth thanks for replying 

    3. deadliestdecoy


      OK thanks m8 

  5. Nicosettle


    Harklia or le chameau Gaiters
  6. Do the abl work as good as they say it do like moving the poa at range and what the best ir work with it what do you mean work ok in dry air thanks for info fellows
  7. Hi wonder if any one using a atn 4k with abl range finder on as im looking to buy one and like some feed back on it please if any one can help
  8. Just bought a beretta xplor would like the gun slip to go with it if any one got one to sell
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