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    lamping fowling vermin working dogs

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  1. mickanles

    Dog run panels

    Thanks for your offer but really looking for panels with bars rather than mesh Regards Mike
  2. mickanles

    Dog run panels

    Yes My current run was built using the same panels, been up for around 8 years but now rusty & starting to deteriorate. will have to bite the bullet & work out what I need & price up some proper galvanised panels.
  3. mickanles

    Dog run panels

    looking for some galvanised panels to make up a new dog run , Any recommendations welcomed
  4. mickanles

    Cold Air - Hot Breath

    What a cracking picture
  5. mickanles

    Ridge line monsoon elite 11

    Yes please p m sent
  6. mickanles

    Pink decoys

    Looking for up to 50 any would be appreciated
  7. mickanles

    Pink decoys

    On the look out for some silosock pink decoys if anyone has any for sale Thanks for your time
  8. mickanles

    Wicked week...

    Cracking perch that,what s beauty. well done
  9. mickanles

    Eley VIP 28 bore 24g 6s Cheap!!!!!

    Hi Matt would like these please Regards Mike
  10. mickanles

    Lincoln chokes

    Thanks for your reply will have a look
  11. mickanles

    Lincoln chokes

    Looking for chokes for my Lincoln 12 wildfowler Any one have any or recommend a supplier, Thanks for your time
  12. mickanles

    Pinkfoot goose and crow callers for sale

    Message sent regarding decoys
  13. mickanles

    fac air rifle

    Got a mk 1 rapid .22 scope ,moderator & magazine £300
  14. mickanles


    Having recently lost my springer on the look out for another dog, labrador or spaniel , don’t really want to go the puppy route, part trained or may be even rehoming one , Thanks for your time Mike
  15. mickanles


    Hi would like to like to buy land rover book please pm sent