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  1. hello all can anyone give me any pointers regarding digging a flight pond, ie regulations,etc. the land is a low lying marsh/reed bed so would fill naturaly once dug thankyou mickanles
  2. hello mate of mine has had loads of trouble with mink killing his callducks, he had a floating raft trap set for ages but no luck, i saw a thread somewhere once to use a medium size cage trap and sheet the outside in black plastic leaving the open plus opposite end clear, since setting hes managed 3 mink plus the odd rat
  3. well done, see youre pic on club site. north/suffolk
  4. mickanles

    veg oil

    thanks will have a look at links
  5. mickanles

    veg oil

    hello all anyone running their motors on veg oil, or mixed with diesel. thinking about giving it a go in the old hilux. thanks for your time
  6. mickanles

    Cheap semi auto

    nothing wrong with an escort
  7. thanks for your replys, will get on google and look into cheers all
  8. wanted reloading press for 12 bore 3 and 3.5 inch steel thanks for youre time
  9. can anyone help please, i am after 2 locater collers for my old deben boxes, thankyou for youre time
  10. hello what barrel length and price please
  11. wanted goose decoys, anything considered
  12. thats very nice of you , would love to go. many thanks mike
  13. hello is it 3 or 3.5 inch wood or black ?
  14. mickanles

    Car trouble

    hello i had the same problem with my vectra diesel, just wound over and over. ended up changing the injecter leak off pipes and plastic connecters was told this is common fault worked a treat. not to bad to do either
  15. hello been using remington v max 17 gr through my cz and cant fault them
  16. i use a cz heavy 16 barrel with a sak moderater, together wit 3-9x50 dowling and rowe scope, great out to 120 yards, but then would benifit from more magnification, may change scope in near future
  17. Cant see any pictures sorry problems uploading pics, first go and all that, will have another go
  18. went out after tea to try and get a couple of rabbits on some rough ground, ended up with 9, 6 for the table the other 3 for ferrets as the hmr knocked them about to much ,
  19. .17hmr and .22 keep 600 of each and purchase 500 of each at a time
  20. hello to all, first time ive been on, would anyone be able to help me get hold of a 10 shot mag for cz brno .22 bolt action many thanks mike
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