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  1. RockySpears

    Amazon Echo? Is it safe?

    ... because that is the only task it has. It does nothing but listen, constantly *. Streaming is probably No. 1 request so it does it quickly. * People keep telling me they can turn it off with an "Alexa Off" or whatever so it does not listen all the time. "Great" I say, "How does it know when to come on?". "Easy" they say, "I just say 'Alexa On'." "Oh", I say, "How did it know you said that, if it was not listening all the time?" People really are obtuse, RS
  2. RockySpears

    plastic polution rant

    Don't forget your fuel bill at home, Gas and electricity. There is a large portion of that that goes to building bird choppers and field shaders. RS
  3. RockySpears

    plastic polution rant

    It is all done for your benefit. As long as shoppers select the cheaper product the move to cheaper packaging will carry on, RS
  4. RockySpears

    fine for too much ammo

    To be honest, as it was a simple search I was surprised at what little turned up. Just a little shocked to see the harshness of the punishment, a fine I would expect, but to take away his FAC completely seemed excessive. " but merseyside along with some other forces have stated they intend to do unanounced spot checks on firearms holders " Where has this been published? Any one had such an unexpected announcement? Pretty sure they need good reason to enter your house, a warrant with reasons. RS
  5. RockySpears

    fine for too much ammo

    Wow, looks like that guy got off lightly: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-23008330 RS
  6. RockySpears

    fine for too much ammo

    How did they find out? RS
  7. RockySpears

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I have a feeling a Hard Brexit has always been on the table, maybe even the intention. No way the EU was going to let us go easy, it might encourage others. The current proposal , for me, fell flat on its face with the intention that we need the EU's permission/approval to end the backstop. The difference between N. Ireland and the rest of the UK for customs was always going to be a non-starter too. So, given that just those two items were in the proposal means, to my mind, that someone, somewhere, wanted the proposal rejected, and given the apparent lack of time to renegotiate, a Hard Brexit would ensue. Just my 2d worth, RS
  8. RockySpears

    Is Hydro-Electricity good?

    No you are not. You need to build the water wheel the generator the substation the mill pond and flood control. You get nothing with low rainfall nor high rainfall, you need a river too. You could consider wind and solar as "free" but the costs to capture "free" energy are simply not yet economical. This one is not just tidal though, it sits at the mouth of the river Rance and even then it only has a capacity factor of 28%. It is a dam on the coast in effect. Even then it was 20 years to repay the build costs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rance_Tidal_Power_Station RS
  9. RockySpears

    Is Hydro-Electricity good?

    This is really just another attempt by the West to keep the Developing World just that, Developing, never Developed. We have made good use of hydro, we really ought to let others do so too and additionally we could maybe lend a hand to reduce undesirable impacts. Tidal is an expensive joke, take a look at Swansea Lagoon. £1 billion for as much power as I can produce on a rowing machine (or close to 😉). RS
  10. RockySpears

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    The whole Care Homes bit here kind of screams out for a nice way to quietly end you time here. My choice of when and everything in order, goodbyes and thanks all done. Peaceful and free of pain and dreaded confusion, RS
  11. RockySpears

    Any thing to do/see in Durham

    The weather may dictate, but a morning walk round the Cathedral, a riverside walk and a pint at Elvet bridge for lunch. Bradford Stalker gun shop (DH2 1BB) just 12 miles north, on your way to Beamish or Tanfield Steam railway. RS
  12. RockySpears

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    Simplistic maybe, but not wrong. Inflation is NOT growth, it is the destruction of wealth. Growth is the increase in the production of wealth . "Inflationary Growth" is an Oxymoron! Under what economy does destroying the purchasing power of your "money" mean growth? Ahhh. Mr J M Keynes, RS
  13. RockySpears

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    Like I said, you mean you are in favour of having 2 - 5% of your money simply "lost" each year? I said nothing about deflation either. With a 3.5% (like maybe the last 10 years) inflation your £100 has only the buying power £ 70 after 10 years. Your wages took a real terms loss of 30% !!! You think inflation is good? RS
  14. RockySpears

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    Are you for real??? So you think it is a good idea that the £100 you had last year is now only £98? Really? This is what really gets me, the Bank of England has a target, an aim, its main task is to destroy your cash by 2% every year!! You want them to steal 2% of your money every year? Ask the people of Venezuela what level of inflation is good. People are mad, they really are, RS
  15. RockySpears

    Pump Club

    Yeah, go on, make me feel even better Scully. Scrum bag, funny that it costs the same for +4 or +9, obviously the tube costs nothing at all, the price is all for the nut, clamp and threading the tube,. RS