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  1. "In the UK, Deutsche Bank calculates the tax would generate a pot of £6.9bn a year, which could pay out grants of £2,000 a year to low-income workers and those under threat of redundancy" So nothing about giving it to workers in the Office? Which makes the headline a nonsense. The £6 a week can be claimed by any one working from home, not just Covid related. What if you like working in the office and it is 5 mins walk away, should you get a payrise for a personal preference? Not really thought this one through DB, but then, Banks never think about the consequence of thei
  2. I I think the car/van/knives guys are a bit more random and reacting to specific events, like the beheadings in France. The gun-toters are the more sophisticated (if that is the right term) terrorists, maybe a modicum of planning. It may be that there are a number of them sitting on a small arsenal and it comes out when things seem opportune. These are not "normal" people. These are not those looking for a brighter future, these are fantasists/Jihadists just biding their time. I watched a Lex Fridman/Dan Carlin podcast yesterday that touched on the subject: "I
  3. As for th mushrooms, I don't think they can do that. Foraging is a right, even on others property I'm pretty sure. As long as it is not for commercial gain, you are fine. RS
  4. Terrorism in Austria, Guns, bombs and looks to be 7 Dead. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/reported-terror-attack-underway-vienna-synogogue RS
  5. Does this do Cycling, Swimming and Sleep? Cheers, RS
  6. @ 2 inches high, the 12g would make mush of it. Mind you, so would a big stick 😉 RS
  7. There are apps, but they seem poor. Tried them on some simple ones and they don't get it. Sometimes the match is really preposterous. The "best" lets you show the mushroom on the screen and it captures an image almost instantly, but then gives little in the way of ways to verify its answer, such as gill attachment, flesh colour/consistency etc. If there was something useful, I don't mind paying, but most are free so not sure that they are taking my data or some such. I'd rather pay than be spied on or traded, RS
  8. Cheers for that. Not seen that sort of thing, king of got lost in looking for books/Apps, RS
  9. As an FAC holder, one thing I really need if to know which ones NOT to touch! RS
  10. If you only learned to identify half a dozen or so that would be a great thing, Chantarelles, Ceps and Field mushrooms are great and once you are confident with those, you can learn more. Don't touch things that are not Ceps, Chantarelles and Field mushrooms. They are delicious, RS
  11. Finding more time to look into various hobbies/interests and started looking at Mycology. Can any one recommend a book or App that is not just a load of pictures or a Google image search? I have tree and plant id books that do a sort of 20 questions to guide you to an id e.g. Is the leaf single or palmate? are the veins alternate or coincident? So far everything I get book-wise means you have to look at every page to see if it looks like the one in hand. Cheers, RS
  12. Nothing like advertising when you are in and not, what your routine is etc etc. Bad as Alexa etc. https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/police-are-requesting-data-peoples-smart-speakers-alarming-rate Ring and Nest type installations will record every "trigger" and keep it until needed to screw you over. RS the paranoid.
  13. How dare you! The next thig is you will be telling me I need a licence or something, like a dog in years gone by, just to whoop it up with ma ho. BLM don't ya know, RS and that is my job why? RS
  14. The tree tops die, but the roots live on and produce a bush, then a small tree, then the disease gets them. One day a random mutation will mean we get them back, may take a few millenia, but we will, RS
  15. This is pretty close, just a pennant, not a Flag though: Royal Yacht Squadron Burgee https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Yacht_Squadron Unless of course it is a pennant? RS
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