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  1. How dare you! The next thig is you will be telling me I need a licence or something, like a dog in years gone by, just to whoop it up with ma ho. BLM don't ya know, RS and that is my job why? RS
  2. The tree tops die, but the roots live on and produce a bush, then a small tree, then the disease gets them. One day a random mutation will mean we get them back, may take a few millenia, but we will, RS
  3. This is pretty close, just a pennant, not a Flag though: Royal Yacht Squadron Burgee https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Yacht_Squadron Unless of course it is a pennant? RS
  4. There is an increased use of Food Banks, because there is an increase in the number of Food Banks. If I could get free food, I would, who wouldn't? To those on lower/no wages I'm sure it is very nice for someone to hand them a couple of carrier bags of cornflakes and corned beef at no cost to them, that does not mean they actually need it! RS
  5. I have never seen Glycerine as a sloe gin ingredient. I use a teaspoon in 5L demijohns for my wine, but my sloe gin is just sloes, sugar and gin. On a blind test no one can tell mine from a Sipsmith's, Gordon's or whatever. I use the gin from Aldi, nothing fancy. After straining I refill with Pale Cream sherry and leave it alone for months. After the pale cream I am going to give the chocolate liqueur a go. Cheers, RS
  6. Don't forget the MiL, might accidentally "loose" both. Shame, RS
  7. Wife and mother in Law have Pro Band 3's, also by Huawei. They both like them. They are water proof and can measure pool lengths and even which stroke you are doing. They have the newer GPS system for running/walking/climbing, show your texts and call alerts (if you want). Monitor sleep pattern, heartbeat and steps + more. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Huawei-Fitness-Wristband-Activity-Tracker-Black/dp/B07H4X3CWD/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=pro+band+3&qid=1580806420&sr=8-3 RS
  8. Any one have a hardback, preferably early print of this? The Leaping Hare by George Ewart Evans Looking for a copy for my daughter, she doesn't get many of the Pratchett references. This book would enlighten her. Thank you, RS PS Yes I know ebay and Abe books, but if any one has a dust gathering copy ...
  9. I'll take that BF, my son lives in Billingham, RS
  10. Moving House. Lucky enough to have new one before selling old so would like to get FEO approval before actually moving (the fact that this means I have more space for new guns has nothing to do with it!). Looking for 5-7 cabinet with storage (or a separate storage locker for ammunition). Preferably single key operation. 15-20 miles of Stockton-on-Tees would help too. So long as the thing locks, I can sort out appearances with a wire brush, steel wool and a tin of Hammerite. If I can keep it under £100, I stand a better chance of being "allowed" it, Cheers, RS
  11. RockySpears


    The Greeks, italians, Portuguese and Spanish are NEVER going to bite the hand that feeds them. RS
  12. RockySpears


    About sums it up. I'll go for a big Tory win and Corbyn resigns next day. Momentum and all the other Marxists are thrown out and Kier Starmer becomes next leader. Any sort of Tory win see Corbyn out I think. Lib-Dems are sunk this time round due to their utter contempt for Democratic vote of the referendum. Scotland can do whatever it likes, no one cares (but I do like the Scots and Scotland). Wales goes Tory. NI irrelevant despite all the Border stuff. RS
  13. But I can always use the "Elon" defence; "It was only a joke", RS
  14. Have you not come up against the Banksters? I wanted to take out some cash to buy gold sovereigns., girl on the phone would not let me set up the transaction unless I gave her the reason for the withdrawl. You cannot even go into a Bank and just get £3-4,000, they simply don't have much cash in their vaults and you have to make arrangements. I do this every now and then and always say it is for Hookers and Blow on a trip to Amsterdam. The wife thinks this will get me in deep do-do one day, but I do like the stunned silence on the phone when that is the reason I give, RS
  15. Of course you could just press F5 along the top of your keyboard, or Ctrl + F5 to really kick it (for Windows anyway, works in any windows program). Or close the browser and restart it, Yours, RS
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