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  1. Ok, the guy in the video looks like me, but now proove it IS me (are there not something like 7 people in the world with similar feature to me?). CCTV cannot be used to gain a conviction, it can ONLY be used as supporting evidence. If CCTV were any use there ought to be hardly any crime at all anywhere, or at least vastly fewer crimes surely? RS
  2. " At the moment you are not. But what if comrade Jezzer gets in? What if he decides that gun owners should be more closley monitored, after all surely it is a good thing to know where all gun owners are is it not? If we track all gun owners, we will eventually catch them out, people make mistakes, and can take the gun off them legally. Any one espousing the "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" notion is woefully uninformed. In order to prevent domestic abuse, all homes will have cameras installed in all rooms and can be monitored 24x7 over your broadband. It WILL work, it WILL reduce abuse, most assuredly, but do you want it in your home, you have nothing to hide do you? If you don't allow this, maybe you are an abuser or conduct other, illicit practices in your home, you should definitely not be allowed your guns. If your face is captured and seems to relate to a crime, you get arrested (you lose your guns immediately do you not?). A crime was commited and your "alibi" is that you were out in the marshes, alone with the dog at 4.00 in the morning. Now prove it was not you, remember, we have your face, RS
  3. I have carried an almost identical collection in a carrier bag before, off to fix something or other at my parents, a door lock/latch: I need the scissors to open the damn plastic of a new lock, the screwdrivers for obvious reasons, the file because the old screw holes are never in the right place and the cattchment needs "adjusting". Pliers are a must for any job and snipe nosed ones more so when you drop the screw behind the cooker. The point is, as said above, putting these on display and expecting a pat on the back is not helping the Police cause. I am all for the Police, have called them a number of times myself, always been helpful, even when my 6 year old son nearly shot his grandad because some idiot thought making a 22 rimfire shooting "pistol" look like a silver, plastic cowboy toy gun. Bad people do bad things and they will use anything they can find or have to hand to do them. Take off your belt and it is a dammed good whip, are big buckles banned? Roll up a newspaper, it might as well be a runcheon. There is no end it seems to the silliness on display here, so given the lack of any context, what do you want me to say? "Well done Officer". Good job." RS
  4. OMG! look at all those pointy - stabby things. Well done to our great police service men and women, RS
  5. Not really. It depends how your email program connects to the mail server at BT. To get technical, if you connect using a protocol called IMAP it will download and keep your emails (they should still be on BT too, my dads worked ok like that. There is a free mail service anyone can use to get their email anywhere at any time but I can't for the life of me think what its called. All you need is the name of your mail server and your username and password. Some clever spark here should know it. I will try and find it at home tonight. If you have old MS Office discs you can still use Outlook, wife uses Outlook 2007 works fine on Win 10, RS
  6. Try this for a Lefty definition of itself. Wait for the part about the death and destruction Socialism has caused over the last 100 years, https://www.bbc.com/ideas/videos/a-brief-history-of-socialism/p074yyff RS
  7. It is, and nearly all of the time is NOT "cutting" the grass, it is emptying the grass box and turning around at the edge. You can use the calc below to tell the kid it is only 20mins though and you'll give them a fiver. With a 48 incher it is just 5mins With a 20" diameter cut (0.5m) this will cut about 1.5m2 per meter walked Waking at 1.5m per sec. ( ~3mph) it takes just over 1000 seconds to do 1600m2. That is just less than 20 mins. RS
  8. Nah! " take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. " RS
  9. As for min. wage/Universal Basic Income there are some pretty good arguments as to why it may, infact, be inevitable. Jordan Peterson (look him up if you need to) has an argument that goes like this: The Defence Services, army, navy, RAF etc etc are always on the lookout for recruits. They will take most any person they can get and train them up. They are very good at training people and are very motivated to get new servicemen and women. Even the military have an IQ minimum for entry, it is set around 83. Below this level, the services vast experience has shown them that people are un-trainable. The number in society with an IQ under this level is very well known from The Bell Curve (look it up if you need to). 10% of society are below 83 IQ. If the army etc cannot train these people, who can? What can they do? My wife called me in to see the telly a couple of weeks back. Some bald, tubby chef was saying how amazing this machine was; what did it do? It planted lettuce, it weeded the rows, it picked the lettuce, it cleaned it and wrapped it in cellophane, ready for the supermarket. If we do not need people to plant and pick lettuce, what can we train them to do? Code? 10% of our population is too stupid to be worth employing (why min. wage is a nonsense, some jobs just are not worth £10 per hour) !! The implications are astonishiing, Universal Baasic Income may well be inevitable, RS It makes our Law. It takes our cash. It controls our immigration. It Lords it over every minutiae of our lives. It is Government with knobs on. That's what it is, RS
  10. The Brexit Party will not participate in a GE, it is purely a tool to annoy the EU by cluttering up their nice cosy EU Parliament with people who oppose the EU. RS
  11. The piece's identification fo the new "duality" in everything is most thought provoking. There are now only two side to any disussion, "You are either with us, or against us". From the GLs to no shooting birds, Leave or Remain, Climat Change or Denial, Trump or Never Trump, etc etc We have lost the art of discussion in every aspect of our lives, all over the World. We self-censure ourselves so that we don't say anything that could be construed as "Hate Speech". At work, I know what I can and can't say on any given topic. This total lack of talking without shouting by all concerned is bad for us all, in every aspect of our lives. The end result of all this is not going to be good, not for any of us, RS
  12. It still says " where reasonable steps to prevent predation by lawful methods have been and continue to be taken. " I thought this was going to be the sticky bit? How can you show you have taken such steps? Is it you or the farmer that must show such steps have been taken? They even list "non-lethal methods" one of which is " •Shooting to scare is a highly effective method, especially when combined with other techniques. No licence is required for non-lethal shooting to scare birds. " So how do you show you have walked around "Not Shooting AT the crows" and it did not work? Looks like a bit of a legal nightmare if Packham types want to take you to court to test it, RS
  13. Use copy and paste of the url https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/carrion-crows-licence-to-kill-or-take-them-gl26 to get to the web site, not sure why it goes to the top of the page, RS
  14. Feel-good happy Hatsan stories, low priced guns with seemingly not bad performance. Thanks for all the input, RS
  15. Thanks all for your input, I guess it seems I could take any of the three roots, Hatsan, Stoeger or repurpose my old Winchester Ranger (maybe inspect the barrels every now and then when using steel). If I choose wrongly you'll hear no more about it, if I get it right I shall tell you all how brilliant I am, Cheers, RS
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