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  1. Wow, 7 suggestions already. Is that recommended or just your own experience? That is probably my yearly mileage so no beef with that Honda CRV had never even crossed my mind (see a load of RAV 4's), not seen any in my searches, reliable like most Hondas I guess. Yeti - all the ones on AutoTrader are 150,000 miles plus in my price bracket, but I will keep in in mind whilst looking. There are a couple of Dusters kicking around my PSG club, should ask their opinion too. Thanks, RS
  2. I looked in motoring and it was mostly problems, not wanted, and the Wanted section of Trading Post looks to be for guns/accessories. If I am wrong please move the post. After much deliberation (and waiting for a house sale) I have decide to get a little 4x4 for my days along farm tracks and trails, not a motorbike. The wife is happy to sit beside me on shoot trips, but not behind me. So what is a reasonable, small, 4x4? I am not looking to spend a fortune, and for me that is not more than £3,000. Never paid much more than that for family cars, so not about to start now. This means I am looking at early 2000's or late 1990s in all honesty, I know that. But should I look at a Shogun Pinin, 3 door or a Jimmy? X-trail or Trooper? Not going to stretch to an L200, but they are probably too big anyway. Maybe at this price I should just look for best condition/lowest mileage and something that can take e10 petrol or else diesel. I do want the bells and whistles as I like air-con and gadgets, but really need it to do 100 mile on road and then 2-3 miles along tracks and back, not off-road stuff, just tracks around fields. Any particular favourites, let me know, anything constructive to think about, drop a line. Thank you, RS
  3. I looked everywhere for a pic of the sides, can you send me a link? RS
  4. Yep, we can video call and send pics, but asking her to look around the edge for the sliding button has failed. It is hard enough getting her to undestand which screen to look at (computer or phone). If I could establish the existence or not of the button it would be a start, RS
  5. Tried that, no dice. I think it works only if the switch is on (I hope) otherwise it means the card is playing up/bust. That means an ethernet connection only. So I will need a WiFi extender that has an ethernet port socket as the laptop lives upstairs in the study. Thank you, RS
  6. Any one have one of the above? My aunt, who lves along way away has lost her WiFi connetion. I do her IT stuff using TeamViewer, but without a connection it won't happen. Wifi works as I can WhatsApp her and I think that during her dusting she has moved a slider on the side of the LapTop that turns her WiFi on and off. Despite best efforts she can find no slider and I just want to be sure there is or is not one. Sending her an ethernet cable to try plugging in to the router so I can get on and see. Neighbours no use either. Just trying here because ther is nealy always some one with an answer here, Cheers, RS
  7. These things are not good, well, for the individual, yes, but really they just raise house prices even faster. Today there are loads of Taxpayer funded "helping hands" for 1st time buyers, but what this does is it increases the pool of people able to buy a house, ie creates more Demand in a world of finite supply. The only solution to the housing problem is more houses being built. Maybe a Pandemic that lives up to the hype and killed off a few millions would do the trick or maybe stop with the 100,000 immigrants each year. Although then we would need to get back to having kids again to keep the population going, RS
  8. My own parents. Mum is cared for at home, Dad has had bladder cancer, still dotes on Mum, both in own home but 4 x dialy care. So it is even worse if you include all the other stuff. Some very lucky people will grow old and die quietly in ther sleep, but the NHS does its best to stop that happening, RS
  9. Why? It is free on the NHS. Maybe nightclubs should have a passport system only allowing in guys that have had the snip, then the girls know it is a free for all with no risks! Seems to be what they want, RS
  10. On the news was a bloke crying because he had to sell his parents house to pay for their care. Dad is deceased and Mum has dementia and in a home. Why not sell the house? They saved their money and it will now fund their care, why not? Oh, maybe he was crying because he was not getting his inheritance? The fact is almost nobody can afford to pay for their care. You may have contributed Tax and NI for 50 years or more, but that is still not enough. "The average weekly cost of living in a residential care home is £704, while the average weekly cost of a nursing home is £888 across the UK. The monthly average cost of residential care is £2816 and receiving nursing care in a care home costs on average £3552." Source: https://www.carehome.co.uk/advice/care-home-fees-and-costs-how-much-do-you-pay Over a lifetime, an average household will pay £107,045 of Employee’s National Insurance Contributions." Source: https://www.taxpayersalliance.com/average_household_will_pay_826_030_in_taxes_over_a_lifetime So a whole household only pays enough NI to pay for a care home for about 3.1 years for a single individual. That without putting anything into the NHS or any of the other myriad things NI pays for! The rest is general taxation. People who make the claim "I've paid in all my life and deserve my care to be paid for", no, no you don't, unless your earnings have been way up with the 1% of earners in the UK. Company NI contributions and Corporate taxes pay for most everything. Yes there are the doleys who just make it all look so unfair, well if that makes you unhappy, get into politics and change it. Put the single mums on the streets, let the children of doleys go hungry. The World is not a fair place. Yours, RS
  11. Hope that is not me. I am certain climate changes, Ice Ages much? I am qualified, in lots of thing, including being a Pilot of light aircraft and a with degree in Applied Physics, so I don't mind reading difficult stuff and at the very least getting the jist of it and can spot inconsistencies, cherry picking etc etc. Yes we are. In fact, it is cause for concern that the now developed "West" is having a crisis of low fertility with the Netherlands having a fertility rate of only 1.6 ( https://gefira.org/en/2018/10/04/thou-shalt-not-talk-about-the-disappearance-of-the-dutch-population/ ). I realise this sounds good. But where is the Dutch Government going to get taxes from to pay state pensions and care for the elderley who will soon outnumber the workers? In fact, fertility reduction happens EVERYWHERE there is cheap, stable energy and good education. Women want more than just motherhood and a stable economy gives them liberty to get that. By denying Africa and other developing areas access to the cheap power (the IMF prohibit lending for Fossil fueled power, just so we keep them in poverty) they need, then the best solution for an individual is a large family. I think it is actually 43! https://time.com/6090732/china-coal-power-plants-emissions/ and Time magazine is as Climate Alarmist as they get!! The IPCC report has not yet been issued. What I think you mean is the new SPM, this is the Summary for Policymakers, the result of negotiations between governments. In other words it is a political statement, not a scientific document. The actual Report won’t be published until much later, probably long after COP26. The Afghan and Iraqi wars had "comprehensive International support", do you think they were good ideas too? So, there you go, at no point do I call you names and I post data/articles from Climate Alarmist Agencies that suport the view that there is no "Climate Emergency". You're welcome, RS
  12. Yep, so here is what the Met. Office has to say about temperatures over the last 400 years (yes, there are records that old, but they are generally kept hidden as they do not fit the narrative): and sea level rise, well lets look at that data too: Sea levels falling during the Little Ice Age, then rising again at a pretty constant rate since 1850 as the LIA ended. Little to no change of rate of increase at all except, you can see how the rate slowed in the 60s and 70's, when, many here will remember, the World was getting colder and fears of a a new Ice Age were upon us: Cheers, RS
  13. Their funding. Never ask a man to disagree with the people that pay his wages. Attenborough is full captured by the environmental movement and simply puts his name to others work these days, look at the lies he tell over the walrus deaths. https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2020/11/19/new-footage-reveals-netflix-faked-walrus-climate-deaths/ and Polar bears: https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2020/09/15/attenboroughs-new-attempt-to-scare-people-about-polar-bear-extinction-and-walrus-deaths/ Yours, RS
  14. This should read: " Marxists seek to overthrow Democracy". For those that do nothave the skills/learning to understand the issues, look here: https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/ or here: https://wattsupwiththat.com/ but don't give this place a second thought: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science_and_environment Yours, RS
  15. Can we not have the actual pictures rather than a screenshot of a phone? I can't even see the spaniel, Cheers, RS
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