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  1. I'll take that BF, my son lives in Billingham, RS
  2. Moving House. Lucky enough to have new one before selling old so would like to get FEO approval before actually moving (the fact that this means I have more space for new guns has nothing to do with it!). Looking for 5-7 cabinet with storage (or a separate storage locker for ammunition). Preferably single key operation. 15-20 miles of Stockton-on-Tees would help too. So long as the thing locks, I can sort out appearances with a wire brush, steel wool and a tin of Hammerite. If I can keep it under £100, I stand a better chance of being "allowed" it, Cheers, RS
  3. RockySpears


    The Greeks, italians, Portuguese and Spanish are NEVER going to bite the hand that feeds them. RS
  4. RockySpears


    About sums it up. I'll go for a big Tory win and Corbyn resigns next day. Momentum and all the other Marxists are thrown out and Kier Starmer becomes next leader. Any sort of Tory win see Corbyn out I think. Lib-Dems are sunk this time round due to their utter contempt for Democratic vote of the referendum. Scotland can do whatever it likes, no one cares (but I do like the Scots and Scotland). Wales goes Tory. NI irrelevant despite all the Border stuff. RS
  5. But I can always use the "Elon" defence; "It was only a joke", RS
  6. Have you not come up against the Banksters? I wanted to take out some cash to buy gold sovereigns., girl on the phone would not let me set up the transaction unless I gave her the reason for the withdrawl. You cannot even go into a Bank and just get £3-4,000, they simply don't have much cash in their vaults and you have to make arrangements. I do this every now and then and always say it is for Hookers and Blow on a trip to Amsterdam. The wife thinks this will get me in deep do-do one day, but I do like the stunned silence on the phone when that is the reason I give, RS
  7. Of course you could just press F5 along the top of your keyboard, or Ctrl + F5 to really kick it (for Windows anyway, works in any windows program). Or close the browser and restart it, Yours, RS
  8. RockySpears

    Dead fox

    I am led to believe that some members of this planets humanity can actually enter another's land without passing any windows or opening any gates, RS
  9. Fishlake was once a Port, with shipbuilding etc etc. and much of that part of the UK is BELOW the local river levels, even in dry times! " FLEEING the pagan Vikings monks from Lindisfarne or Holy Island travelled with their relics and other valuables down the east coast of Northern England, along the Humber and up the river Don to spend a night en route at Fishlake. They disembarked with the body of Saint Cuthbert at what we still call the Landing and spent the night on the site of the present parish church of Saint Cuthbert….. Towards the end of the mediaeval period the village became an inland, and even a ship-building, port. Names of some of the buildings along the river still bear witness to that era ( such as the Old Anchor Inn and the Custom House)….. " https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2019/11/14/eu-rules-expose-britains-flood-defences/ RS
  10. Not all are copper, some are aluminium alloy due to the copper shortage way back when. I had NowTV installed just last week, even had a new drop wire installed from the telegraph pole as we were not connected, no charge. I got the £25 deal for BB and calls. Tested the speed at over 100Mb up and 20Mb down. The router only has 2 ports so need to add a switch to get all my hardwired points operational, Wi-Fi seems fine, but prefer a hard connection for gaming and streaming. I was with Virgin, previously NTL, previously Comcast, so been on cable for 25+ years. They upped my bill from £48 to £62, just like that, no benefit or anything. I just phoned them up and cancelled I was that cheesed off. Not regretting it yet, but you never can tell, RS
  11. That's OK if you have 5, 10 or maybe 15 people; now do it for 134 people ! The whole point of Algebra is scale/repetition RS
  12. I've gotten myself down to XL at last, this will do nicely if still available, Thank you, RS
  13. Information is cheap and easy to come by these days, you mean. Shame so many ignore the plethora of informational sources we have at our disposal, RS
  14. But you see, that's just it, we did. We got spices from India and sugar from the Caribbean. We got Gold from South Africa and Cocoa from South America. 500 years ago were doing pretty much the same, and 2,000 years ago the Romans really had it sorted. I think the World "seems" small these days and I should get my coffin from A to B without too much hassle, but maybe things are too easy, we do not seem to make much real profit these days and so things sometimes feel like they are expensive. Look at our Cathedrals, does anyone think we could afford to build such things these days? Look at our high streets, steel and glass hideousness, a few remaining Bank frontages to show us just what we could afford, once. Any one think we could build a rail network from scratch? We can't even seem to get a decent line from A to B without it cost £70,000,000,000 and take a decade. We really do not value what we have these days and we had better learn too, because I can't help but feel it may all be about to take a turn for the worse. Right, back to ebay, RS
  15. RockySpears

    Turnscrews - ?

    CaptC, If you are looking for something to match the case, perhaps a pic or two would not be amiss. The way things go on here it could be that you have half a dozen offers within a fortnight, and some idea of the wood colour/patina/grain might help. Turnscrew - does what is says on the tin, but new to me, Thank you, RS
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