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  1. They just need to ask. It is a legal requirement that a tenant knows their landlord. Shared drains are owned by the Utilities, but if they come out and the blockage is due to misuse, I think they can bill you, RS
  2. Catan - empire building card and board game. RS
  3. It's called the Politics of Envy. No one is allowed more than the other, that is not "fair". Even if they worked damned hard for it. It is absolutely astonishing, and shows where the country is at at the moment, that they can publish this and NOT turn off every Labour voter, instantly nor be lambasted by every media institute there is. We are sleepwalking into Socialism, real, hard, Venezuelan style Socialism. People seem to have forgotten, or never learned about, the 100 million or so dead that Socialism gave us in the 20th century. Russia Stalin and Lenin, Cambodia's Pol Pot etc etc without count. If you want some easy watching on YT, look up Jordan Peterson and see what he thinks of Socialism, RS
  4. The LibDems seem to have sunk themselves before electioneering even starts with the "Cancel Brexit" line. They come slightly higher on polls the the Sheriff of Notingham's "Cancel Christmas!" RS
  5. Cut it off and use something you know. Looks like a 12/24V connector, what is it off? You can search for the term "keyed power supply connector" as it is designed to only fit one way. Use the Voltage rage to narrow your search, RS
  6. My 75 year old aunt uses this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-Galaxy-SIM-Free-Smartphone-Version-Black/dp/B07FJ36KLG after her tiny S3 mini finally died after 6 years. Easy transfer of contacts and pics, recognisable Samsung Apps. Does everything your good lady will require ( circa £170 depending where you look) It is one of the larger models and my aunt now uses it for browsing and email without having to turn the Laptop on, RS
  7. Hang on a second. Do you mean you are doing this in real time? You are using the trail cam to see what is in a certain area and then take some action on that information? If that is the case, a tail camera is the wrong thing. You would be looking at something like (warning, jargon) a power over Ethernet IP camera. Basically a security camera that plugs into your device and has all the cameras needs provided by a single cable. Maybe even a WiFi camera would have a greater range than peering at a 2.4" screen, RS
  8. Set up camera, leave usb cable in, trigger camera, connect to camera, look at captured images, move camera, repeat until happy. I found that waving plants/branches/facing the sun all gave unwanted triggers, filling up the card in a day or two. RS
  9. New to trail cams myself and have a similar issue: It would be nice to leave the camera in situ as it is damn fiddly strapping it to a tree/post/bush each time and getting the same "Picture Frame". I am looking at using and old (very) smartphone to download the pics each week without moving the camera. A laptop/notebook/ipad type thingy will do to, but I have the old phone (3 actually), and if it works you are welcome to one. There is also the fact that the batteries are inserted from below so I almost certainly going to have to move the unit to renew these. I realise that having things on the bottom makes waterproofing easier, but it is a damned inconvenient design for users. Maybe better (more expensive) units have Bluetooth/WiFi to get at the pictures, but as the usb port in the only option, I guess it is all we can do. On my units you can plug into the usb port without opening any hatches, a simple rubber cap covers the usb port. I will hurry my phone tests and if successful, you can give it a go with yours. If you have a friend with a smart phone, maybe they could try plugging into the camera and pulling the pics off. You will need (sorry, jargon) a micro usb to micro usb, male-male cable (or equivalent) to do this, Just a thought, RS
  10. RockySpears


    As if the ripest of the ripe weren't sharp enough. That must have been some tipple! RS
  11. RockySpears


    " You don’t need to wait for the frost " Well who knew, I have always waited until late October at least. Recently noticed them looking very ripe, but thought I should wait a few more weeks. Big, purple and black varieties near me here in Stockton on Tees. Never sure whether the black glossy ones are just the purple ones with the bloom rubbed off. Figgy, down past The Tavern, Station Road, the fields behind the newish houses. I have around 20 Kg of brambles (from all over) in the freezer waiting for the wine bucket and honey for the metheglin. Also crab apples, sloes and hazelnuts galore. Elderberries ready too. Some of the hazelnuts are so large I wonder if they are not Cobb nuts. Must resolve that one ( if any one has a foolproof way of differentiating the two I would appreciate it). Apples are my next target as I have a cider making licence and a friend has a descent scratter and hydraulic press. We got about 2,000 liters last year. It is messy, hard, work but I like flat, sharp cider, so no problem. I always mean to bottle and sell it to local "Artisnal" pubs, but end up drinking most myself. Even if you don't pick the fruit, the fields are still full of wild flowers and bees and butterflies, RS
  12. RockySpears

    Speckled wood.

    Wow, what a coincidence. Wife and I out on Saturday last and these were all over the path. I was trying to count the spots before they flew off, failed each time. Now i no what they are, Cheers, RS
  13. If you bought gold: 10 minutes ago you would now have £10,046 10 hrs ago you would now have £10,098 10 days ago you would now have £10,458 10 months ago you would now have £13,475 10 years ago you would now have £25,106 RS
  14. Open a bullionvault account (10 mins), but £10,000 of gold. Walk away. You can get the money out any time you like, even in bits if you want. No lock-ins etc etc RS
  15. Sure you're not looking at "The guide to becoming a young mother"? RS
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