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  1. May be a silly question, but are you using a shotgun or air rifle? If the pigeons are inside or even on the outside, I can't imagine a shotgun, even a 410 to be suitable. Just curious as, in the past, I have cleared buildings by hand, blocking up windows etc etc and catching them with nets and box traps. My children often recount it as one of their childhood memories. Thank you, RS
  2. Was this not a Terrorist act by a peaceful Arab? https://www.zerohedge.com/political/6-killed-including-1-cop-boulder-grocery-store-shooting-suspect-custody "When guns are Outlawed, only the Outlaws have guns. Legislation is only relevant to those who would obey the law and make no impact on lawlessness with guns. Take the UK for example; Why outlaw a sawn-off shotgun? If I want to rob a bank and a sawn-off helps me, then how does a law against that stop me doing it? I am robbing a bank, I am already am preparing to break the law! If a sawn-off makes me more likely to b
  3. We had High Street Banks, High Street stores to shop in, music stores to buy records and 4 channels on the telly. Now, we have the World in our pocket and all feel so much happier. Apps brought us together in one, big, loving, Brotherhood of Mankind, RS
  4. Exactly this, wife's phone stopped email with this message, then a health app for her exercise wrist band. Wow. Time for updates. RS
  5. I think Pay Pal is the only protected one (unless they take CC, but unlikely in a private sale), I have used it for purchases from Spain before, had substandard goods and Pay Pay gave me a full refund (after evidence to and fro). On an added note, due to Brexit, you may find that customs hold your item until you pay a tariff. This can be anything, even more than 100% the sale price, Yours, RS
  6. Giving Bank details does not mean anything at all. I give mine out all the time and people pay direct to my bank. I pay all my tradesmen this way, I pay family members like this, hundreds of people have my bank details, why do people think this is dangerous? Now, if you give credit card details, PINs and Passwords, that is different, but your bank account cannot be touched just because someone has the Account number and sort code. These days in fact you even have to have the account holders name exactly right just to pay money to someone. RS
  7. Right sort of bike, just add knobbly tyres and we're off. Sadly, however, my Supernova 11 +1 pump is never going to fit in that slip/case. Looks like the Kolpin suggestion earlier is my best bet. I have email the company asking about bike mounts, not ATV's Cheers, RS
  8. I'll have a dig around for that, thank you. I have seen the ATV versions, but would ideally like something made for the bike. Google turns up a lot of US centric stuff, really not much for the UK. I'll look at the Kolpin boot too, looks hopeful, Thank you, RS
  9. OK, Looking to retire the car. Back to motorbike (no need to ferry kids around anymore). Looking at an "Adventure Bike", (second hand less than £5,000) to go down tracks and off road for the PSG, clays etc etc, don't want to waste money on a 4x4, nor do I have the money. However, can I heck find a way to affix a shotgun to a bike. The US has them, but many are home made Is there any UK supplier of ways to attach a shotgun (not breakdown) 45 - 50" long, to a motorbike? Yours, RS
  10. It does seem odd that a site that presumably gets income from advertising, is allowing an advert designed to take away their income. Yours, RS
  11. Inflation is a straight forward Tax on money (cash), you start the year with £100 buying power, and end it with only ££98 (@ 2%). There is nothing "Reasonable" about inflation. Most here will have lived though the 70's and 80's. If you started in 1970 with £100 then, to buy the same goods in 1990 you would need £661. You think that "Reasonable"? Yours, RS
  12. I have a few Tracker mortgages, BoE rate +0.5%. So if rate get to -0.5%, I pay nothing, after that, they pay me to borrow their money. I even checked the small print and can't find a get out clause for them. I do believe som Danish mortgages are in fact, already charging negative rates. As for the original post, the quote does not breakdown the costing at all and I would say 90% of the price will be labour as not much new pipework is required. 2 blokes for a day would seem about right. Are we really looking at £400 per man labour costs? That would beat anything I ever got by a nice
  13. Look, I am not saying the price is wrong, I am asking. I used to do all my own stuff, but now am happy and able to let others do it. It is a straight forward move, the pipes are all easily accessible in the new position. Other than the actual gas installation, I would do it myself, but am happy not to. I just query a £900 price tag. Getting more than 1 quote is proving hard, every one seems busy, and I am glad for them. Just asking here for an honest opinion, not trashing tradesmen at all, Cheers, RS
  14. I want my boiler moved from the loft to the kitchen directly below. The pipe work comes up from the kitchen and is no more than 2 feet from the new boiler location, going under floorboards, outside wall with a straight flue. just been quoted £896 +VAT, really? Had quotes for a new roof/fascias/guttering etc etc ranging from £8,000 to £18,000 with numbers inbetween! Builders all seem busy as hell too, some saying they cannot do work until July. I am glad that mostly self employed are working, been there, done that, but is everyone booked up for months? Any one know a Plumber i
  15. If PW and Amazon are all you do, ditch the Broadband, get a tablet and SIM card with 2Gb data package, or a large, 3 - 4 year old phone and SIM. Giif Gaff have: 500 MB data, Unlimited minutes, Unlimited texts, for £6.00 per month 2 Gb for £8.00 RS
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