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  1. Thanks all, bottle obtained just hours before the wake. Sorry for the late reply , but it looks like mum is giving up rather rapidly, the lady has nothing left it seems, despite all our efforts, RS Edit to add picture.
  2. The amazon seller is "Signature Bars" Leicester, no answer on phone. My brother is is Market Deeping tonight on his way here, maybe, if they have it in stock, I can divert them. I wish Mum had mentioned this a week ago!!, RS
  3. I'm in Middlesbrough. Dad's funeral Friday 11.00am. Looking for a bottle of Dimple, not the £100 stuff, just a £40-50 one, Amazon Prime not available. Anyone here help? Thank you, RS
  4. Is it legal to throw chemicals onto somebody else's land? I know you mean well, and I understand the need, but maybe a better talk with the farmer is more appropriate before taking action that may get you in trouble, RS
  5. Thanks to all for this, especially Jim Neal for a comprehensive round up. Who would have thought there was so much to skirting boards? I shall be caulking away too, any gaps left uncovered, thank you PW, RS
  6. Our old house had a gap under all the skirting, but my wife did complain that the edges of carpets became permanently stained regardless of hoovering or cleaning. The carpets came up easy enough and the gap did not extend above the carpet very much and was tight in places. The gap was also great for cable routing for stereos etc. OK it looks like it is to the floor we go, the wife will be pleased. Cheers all, RS
  7. OK, sounds like a silly question, but the carpet fitter says leave a gap and he tucks the carpet under the board, over the grip rod, joiner say it is always set on the floorboards and scribed to the floor to keep the top level. Any one any opinion? Having the whole house retimbered (doors, architrave, skirtin), Thank you, RS
  8. My dad, unbeknownst to me, has got himself hearing aids. They have cost a fortune from a private company and he is shy of saying just how much. The initial problem is that they use a smartphone app and my dad is not that good with that sort of thing. Maybe I get him a tablet so everything is bigger, but it seems to me he is going to abandon these soon as there is just no reliability unless he plays with the phone almost constantly. Secondly they are tiny, which may be discreet, but even I have trouble adjusting the volume on such tiny buttons. They are rechargeable, and he has let them run down numerous times, even not taking them out at night instead of putting them in their charging box. This makes them useless next day for a while. I really think a set of wired headphones with AA batteries and a waistband box for control would be much more suitable. But everything seems to be micro and smartphone operated these days. Just be careful, whatever you decide. RS
  9. Especially if the strangers are not quite what you expect: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/30-ukrainian-refugees-are-actually-other-countries RS
  10. The foil is curled because it comes tightly wound up for shipping. I have reverse curled it but it still will not lay flat. I have used a heat gun on it, but if I use a torch on it I am likely to end up with oxidisation marks on the sheet face. I have gotten a selection of glues now so will try some tests to see which works best. Will attempt some pictures when done, Thanks, RS
  11. Would that set all the way under the strip? Does it work its way into the glue? RS
  12. I have heard about that Sticks Like **** so it might be a solution. Bet your steel stayed flat though, RS
  13. Sadly no two pieces are the same shape/size. And I still have the sticking problem, RS
  14. Getting away with anything is serious in my opinion. Learned a fair bit about litigation payoffs from Alex Belfield or the Prince Andrew stuff. It seems that if you are offered what a court thinks is sufficient money by your opponent then you have to take it and any case you might want to bring against them does not happen. It seems that it is quite legal to literally "buy your way out", So much for Justice, RS
  15. I am trying to stick thin (0.1mm sheet) strips of copper to mdf. I am using it to edge some splash back in the kitchen that has copper as a theme; lights, sockets, taps etc etc. Some of the strips are vertical so I can't weight them down and the Gorilla glue I have tried cannot hold the copper's desire to curl. I have smoothed the strips as best I can, but cannot get perfectly flat pieces. Is there something I can get that has a better initial "grab", I need a little wriggle room when placing the strips in place to try and get the edges matching up, but after 20-30 seconds it can set. Any glue experts here? (not the sniffing kind) Thank you, RS
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