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  1. 1 Gallon of water, when frozen, expands. It still weighs the same so the ice is less dense than the unfrozen water, therefore it floats. The amount of an iceberg (the whole of the "floating" Arctic) above the waterline is exactly the amount of this expansion. When it melts, it shrinks into a space the exact size of the displaced water (the bit of the iceberg below the waterline) so there is no rise in the water level at all. You may have heard of the Ice Age, back then Canada was basically under Kilometers of ice (yes, that thick) it melted (along with the glaciers in all the other parts of the world), sea level rose. We are STILL coming out of the Ice Age thank goodness, the seas continue to rise as the Glaciers melt (but it is nothing to do with us, or oil or gas etc etc). Glaciers were retreating long before we burned things in earnest: Sea level rise is a long steady process: Glaciers come and go. It might interest you that the Romans had much smaller glaciers: http://notrickszone.com/2014/10/30/more-glacier-studies-confirm-roman-and-medieval-warm-periods-were-just-as-warm-as-today/ RS
  2. 16Gb!, that is only 4 dvds worrth of data, just burn a few copies, they cost pennies and will likely out-last you by many years. You could even burm to blue ray, they take 25Gb each and cost maybe £1 a piece. Every 10 years or so you can sit down with your pile and move them to the latest and greatest system. RS
  3. My wife has this most every time a new laptop is required. Is the non-Hotmail address for a Domain (the bit after the @ symbol in an email address) that you own and have hosted by someone? eg yourname@yourcompany.co.uk (yourcompany.co.uk is the domain) Whereever you have your domain hosted would seem be the issue. A simple thing is to try and "WebMail" your domain. You can do this from ANY PC, ANYWHERE (maybe not China). Type into the address bar in your web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome etc etc) WebMail.yourdomain you should be prompted for your username and password. If this works fine for those times when you are having an issue, it is more likely your OutLook set up or your PC that is the issue. There is normally a support package attached to the mail hosting, so you can contact them. Apologies if none of this helps, but you never know, RS PS Others may want to try the webmail command for their hosted service, I have found it very useful in times of need and no personal hardware with me (even my company has this for my company email system).
  4. The pollution level in comparison to what? Beijing? Calcutta? 10 years ago, 150 years ago? All UK air is clean as a whistle even the city centers, the air is "less clean" than the South Downs or Highlands perhaps, but it is still damn clean. Emissions have dropped by 97% for some pollutants and over 60% for most since 1970: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/778483/Emissions_of_air_pollutants_1990_2017.pdf Don't believe all the Hype currently abounding over 40,000 deaths a year from "Bad air" in the UK. Do some maths. if it was only 40,000 in 1970 as well (despite the hugely higher levels) you are talking 50 years x 40,000 = 2 million people dying from air pollution (but more like 3 or 4 million due to increased levels). Maybe the coroners of the UK would have noticed, you think? RS
  5. Put the amount you want to save in a tin. When you have enough (about£120-130 currently) go buy a 1/2 sovereign. It is actual money and free of any taxes at all, RS
  6. My daughter's first car was an 800cc, 3 cylinder Daewoo Matiz, £700. Lasted until she decided that the screeching sound could not become overcome by the stereo. Oil would have sufficed, but Birkbrow got there first, Keep it cheap, keep the insurance below the cost of the car, RS
  7. Rather embarrassingly I have to say I shoot right handed, but load with my left. Apologies to 4eyes, RS
  8. Looking for at least 20 cartridge holder. Right handed Not looking to spend a fortune, just need to see if I can do it or whether I should go to mag feed. Belt needed too (46"+ waist) if not just a simple case of looping though my existing cartridge belt. Thank you, RS
  9. Don't think you can do that unless she has one for another country too. I believe that it is illegal under international law to leave a citizen "Stateless" by revoking a passport. I do not want her return either. It will cost us regardless of what happens when she gets here. I suspect it is already costing us for the Civil Servants looking into the case, RS
  10. You tthink a company that burned through $3 billion in 2018 (and has made a loss for the last 4 years) is a model you want to follow?: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/17/netflix-says-its-cash-burn-will-peak-this-year-then-go-down.html I have no love for the BBC, but thinking that Netflix is a good example for a company is ridiculous. Like many huge Tech companies (Tesla, Amazon), Netflix is a loss making behemoth. Just because their name is up in lights does not mean they are a good company, RS
  11. This one belongs right up there with: " We can't possibly allow an election to change anything" - W. Schauble on the Greeks voting against the EU. and: "When it becomes serious, you have to lie." J-C Junker, who is also responsible for: “We all know what to do, we just don't know how to get re-elected after we've done it,” RS
  12. Additionally, Councils seem to keep buying them, spending millions on a venture they have no experience of. They should let them go, eventually the property will be at a viable price and they will be bought up and either reinstated or repurposed, Councils need to keep out of the commercial sector. RS
  13. Get yourself a "power bank" if the phone radio is good enough. My lad has away matches for Rugby and uses one on the long coach tips there and back. We bought him one for xmas keeps about 4 or 5 phone charges on it, depending on your phone/use of course. You can use them with most any rechargable device, RS
  14. How about onions? We can grow onions can't we? If we don't need 50,000 trucks crossing the channel, that's a Win-Win is it not? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-46987471 RS
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