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  1. Speedy or not it gives me loads more info, cheers for the links. RS
  2. Sorry for late reply, parent problems God Bless them. Looks like I should have no problems then, just need to work on the Frenchies, Cheers, BtJ, RS
  3. Anyone here live in France? If I have land in France and have French authority to shoot over it, can I use that land/authority to justify a gun purchase in the UK to be used solely on that land in France? I do not have French residency so cannot keep guns there for extended periods. Thank you, RS
  4. I'm not upset, just saying that maybe the reason that prices are so high is the Banks givng out mortgages too easily. What dramatic change has there been to peoples outgoings to justify the new multipliers? Seems to me youngsters have even more bills (mobiles, Internet etc etc, new cars being de rigeur these days) than we did, so I might even venture that multiples should be lower, not higher. Maybe not if the Banks had been as sensible as their previous incarnations. RS
  5. Why should they be able too? I am not yet an old ****, but in the days of proper finance your Bank, all of them, would give 2.5 x Joint salary (3.0 at a stretch on "affordability")so your couple, under "sensible" rules could get £150,000. Now a days I see you can get 5.0 times multiples, lunacy, sheer lunacy, RS
  6. No No no No!. My half sister and her hubby used to run a B&B in Portsmouth, all went well for many years then things seemed to be dropping off. She found out it was because of people using Booking.com and not their own website or direct contact. They registered with Booking.com whose terms varied between 30 and 40% !!! They take the money, so they control your finances. Withing 3 years sis had to sell up and move on. Booking.com are bad, but Groupon are far worse with 60 and 70% discount "Demanded" before you could use them. I used to work for a guy running Kite surfing out of Beadnell on the North East Coast and he simply could not use them as their "Offers" basically meant he took no money at all and Groupon kept whatever the punter paid. All theses aggregators, Booking.com, Lastminute.com, Groupon etc etc are basically making their money by destroying businesses. We avoid them at all cost, they destroy livelihoods, RS
  7. It was a dinner, were there no items of cutlery around, maybe of the stabby persuasion? If I was Mr Hammond I would now be slow roasting the head of UK security over an open pit fire, live on TV. Half a dozen terrorists, dressed in scarlet are within meters of the 2nd highest politician in the UK, how the hell did that happpen? Do female terrorists get a free pass and entry to high level dinners? No mention of security at all, by any commentator I have heard or read, RS
  8. They are NOT funding the NHS, or the roads or any other service, they pay no NI or Tax, how are they different from the unemployed? They Chose this way, they Chose to freeload off the taxpayer. It may seem an admirable even enviable life, but they will still come looking for help when things go wrong, they will still look for a pension and health care etc etc Rs
  9. a bit like these don't you think? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-48621886 RS
  10. "The list of candidates is akin to a shower of poo." Sums it up. "tossers the lot of them", adds a little more OOOmph. "please tell me where all the statesmen /women have gone" My best answer to this? JRM. Minister for the 17th Century, Jacob Reese Mogg. 20 Min sessions worth a listen to, just to understand the gentleman: https://www.conservativehome.com/feed/podcast OK, I am not religious and he is very much a Catholic, but. as he says, that is his business, the business of an MP is to do the best for the country. The Politicians of the UK have lost their way. They are, almost to a man/woman, untrustworthy idiots, despite their seeming education. I want some one who is educated AND polite, thoughtful, honest, principled. Even if I disagree with them at times. The next PM is getting a Poisoned chalice, I was almost thinking that no one serious would put themselves forward for the job, turns out I was right. The last two to survive the rounds of voting will be BJ (always makes me smirk that) and Hunt (IMHO), I dislike both, But BJ 😉 slightly less so. So in summary, BJ 😉 gets the PM jobs, Brexit happens 31st October. Then something happens and we get a GE. Nobody wins outright, The Brexit Party splits voters, leaders for both major parties change and with a biit of luck, some one sensible steps forward and wins the day with a comfortable majority. RS
  11. I would need a second BBQ as I just have the half barrel type, no lid. I've smoked fish plenty, but never got round to the big stuff. OH might complain if i trashed a tenners worth of lamb or beef. Could start with chicken I guess. Need a starter chimney too, looks like my Grans coal scuttle with holes in, RS
  12. For slow, you need a lot of charcoal to last a couple of hours, a lot of charcoal is going to be High heat. You can't add charcoal either as that would mean smoke and flames, not embers. Unless you are using a gas BBQ? With Summer on our doorstep, perhaps some here can educate me on a "Slow and Low" methodology. Thanks for sharing, RS
  13. You do that on a BBQ??? RS
  14. No, I think you'll find you are a cleaning executive. RS
  15. In case anyone was piqued, here is the best I have been able to find: S.L.A. Marshall has been criticized for his methods by some modern historians. In light of this, I think this concept of the 47 immortals may have been a literary device (not saying it's an out-and-out fabrication) used to engage the reader and better describe the events of that day. If you consider legendary Japanese film director, Akira Kurosawa, many of his films served as inspiration for American films (Seven Samurai & The Magnificent Seven) and vice versa. Let me say, I'm not a military historian, but I have studied the history of Japan quite a bit. I suspect, and it's just speculation, that Marshall may have done something similar in "adapting" the Japanese legend of the "Forty-Seven Ronin" to the Omaha beach landing. There are many parallels there, e.g. men fighting for a noble cause against overwhelming odds; Ronin were "masterless samurai" and those who made the beach outlived their commanders (i.e. masterless) both groups willing to die for their commanders' honor If you want the whole story, here it is: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-06/churchill-ike-epic-human-tragedy-first-wave-omaha Really puts our miniscule spats into some sort of perspective. To think that politicians would EVER want to go to war again just seems madness, RS
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