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  1. I have the Bronze sporter. Bought it mint secondhand for £450 it does what it needs to do with no fuss. Shot 60 crows last week in a 4 hour session. Not sure how a more expensive gun could have done any better.
  2. As the weather has warmed up a fair bit. I put some decoys, net and poles in a ruck sack and walked up to some maise stubble 10 minutes from our house, Had a nice 4 hours in a mild wind. Got 60 crows and 1 pigeon. This time last week I would have frozen to death, spring is on it's way. Great to be out again.
  3. My Gen4 Jimny is brilliant, all my shooting gear goes in the back, will go everywhere my Defender did.
  4. Thanks all for the replies. It's to fit on my HW100 .177. Will a Photon focus down to 30 yds ?
  5. Looking to get a night vision scope for ratting, do not one of the screen type versions, What is the cost of a low end IR scope. 30 yard range ?
  6. Thanks for the reply. Wish I still had it but as with life things move on. Having just turned 67 years old just don't have it me to do another one, Everybody says they are just big Marcano sets, which they are. Mechanically simple to work on. The big down side now is the availability of quality body panels. Aluminum, Steel and salt water certainly causes major corrosion in hidden area's
  7. See below a before and after a Series 11A. Which I did a full nut and bolt rebuild including full respray and Galv chassis. Loads of other new parts Did the job in 2014/15 bought for about £3.5 K sold £10 K. Since 2016 the prices have gone ballistic. Today I recon the finished Series 11A would fetch £20k
  8. £ 4.5K does not equate to any Land Rover model especially Defender, Series 11 or 111. I've had them all and are great fun if you like working on vehicles. You could not live with a Series 11 if any town driving is involved. They are slow very thirsty and a starting price for a decent MOT'd example would the wrong side of £10K. Series 111 slightly more drivable bur again heavy on fuel. Max speed 55 mph. Price for decent MOt'd example £7 k Defenders good on and off road. Spare parts prices have gone through the roof especially genuine body parts. £6 k for a genuine Defender 90 hard top roof !!!!. As said above a Jap pick up would be my choice.
  9. I have driven Defenders for over 20 years, Never got stuck and never towed anybody out. It will be the same as the Jimny. I'm more than experience as to judge were to and were not to go. No need for any Defender owners to worry about pulling me out.
  10. Well my Defender has gone. A Jimny has arrived. It's just a 3/4 size Defender. Will do everything the Defender would do. 65 mph on a dual carriage, up to 40 mpg. £150 tax. OK it will not tow a 2 ton trailer, but I never did.
  11. I quite fancy one, but prices for a 19/20 reg is about £24 grand which must be way over their original list price. I think the original list price was circa £18 grand. Looks like a lot of people are trying to cash in on there lack of availability.
  12. I bought a ATA bronze last year. Mint second hand gun, paid £450. Cannot fault it. Point it, pull the trigger. Bingo. Not sure what a £750 used Berratta does any better ?
  13. Has anybody got one or driven one. Not too bothered with their motorway manners or fast dual carriageways. It would be a second car for shooting and country road driving . I would want to take down farm tracks and across the occasional field. What are they like for rusting and corrosion. Got my Defender on the bay at the moment and a 2019 / 2020 is a possible replacement.
  14. Went to to land rover specialist today. Had a chat about the new Jimny. He said if you go for a newish Jimny Get it undersealed ASAP as there is no paint on the under side. He had Dinotroled 3 new Jimny's because of the issue. ??
  15. I don't use the vehicle for motorway or main roads, I don't shift hay bales etc Just the pigeon gear, the dog at times and nigh time ratting. It's a big step from a Defender to a Jimny but there is a very good argument for the Jimny.
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