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    Now the pheasants are out in the fields, had a drive round my favourite "ratting" areas. Lots of new rat holes, loads of grain around the feeders. Looks like it's going to be a good winter for the R10 fac.
  2. craig1982


    With the fields combined and ploughed, and the nights drawing in. Is anybody starting to see rats around barns and sheds yet ? I've had a look round but not seeing much activity yet. Might get more activity next week when a couple of frosts are forecast
  3. I have several permissions basically bordering each other approx. 2500 acres. One of the permissions has a small pheasant shoot with reared birds. This has never been a problem until last year when a new young "Game Keeper" arrived. I realise that he has his job to do but you would think he was in charge of a country estate rather than a local farm shoot. Several weeks ago after combining, one field was covered in Crows. Saw the farm manager as he was ploughing the stubble, I asked about shooting the crows...No problem was the reply. Later in the week I set up a hide, shot one cartridge, minutes later "Game Keeper" arrived and abruptly told me not shoot as it would disturb his birds 1/4 mile away. Does anybody else suffer at the hands of these jobs worth's
  4. I have had some very good days decoying Corvids, for me they decoy better than Pigeons. I agree with most of points above. I usually start with 6-7 decoys spread randomly around the field. A couple of "lookers" on fence posts or visible in bushes help. The hide needs to keep you very well concealed and if possible try to build it with a roof, as birds coming from behind will see you and fly off. If shot birds drop chest up or with wings spread wide. Go out an pick them up. as they spook other birds, Also if you wing one or one drops say 100 yards away go and pick them up as these also spook other birds. Bright windy days are always better than wet days.
  5. Took it out for two hours this afternoon, just got back in 26 cartridges 14 Pigeons. Shoots very well. nice and tight, ejects well. Wood very good, blacking perfect as it should be, looks like it has never been out in the field. First impressions all positive. Some gun for £455, Will try and get out on some new drilling on Friday as the Crows are out in force.
  6. Well I jumped in this morning and bought an ATA SP Bronze. The gun in one year old, does not look like it has fired a cartridge. Still in it's makers box £455. Will take it out to one of my permissions later today and put a few cartridges through it. Many thanks for all of the views, at the end of the day I could not get a decent Beretta for that money.
  7. Pest shooting Corvids, Feral and Wood Pigeons. A few rabbits etc, about 100 rounds a month. At the present I shoot an old Ugartechea sbs and occasionally a Beretta 303. Just looking for a reliable O/U. Do not want a 40 year old Beretta that shot to bits, That's why I asked about an ATA or similar. The gun is a working gun, not a show gun. It must be reliable....How about a slightly used Biakal ?????
  8. Looking for a o/u 12 bore. £600 to spend. New ATA ? New Coffs Which second hand
  9. I have a Weihrauch 99s .22, bought it new a couple of years ago. I never got round to putting a scope on it. Could you recommend me a decent scope on a limited budget ?
  10. I have a nice mk2. Very accurate and gives a good 28 fpe of power. I only use it for rats around farm buildings. Usually resting on my Land Rover Defender cab window. I had a Rapid 12 and the Super Ten. Both very good FAC rifles, The Super Ten is a heavy beast but much cheaper then a Rapid. I would take £275 for it as I very rarely us it comes with two in cert buddy bottles.
  11. Had a good day today, mix bag of Crows and Jackdaws 90 in total, 432
  12. It's been a bit lean this back end. Had a couple of good night last week bagged 65 in a pig yard. The rat's were living in between bails if hay. 73
  13. As said earlier hit the rat with a correctly places .177 pellet it's lights out, shot over 60 last week. most hit with head shots at 25 feet.
  14. 5 with the shot gun 2 with the HW100 1 by the Parson Russel 1636
  15. HK100 X 12 Parson Russel x 1 Shotgun x 2 Various area's of the farm 1496
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