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  1. We have only had rain on one or two occasions in eight weeks in North Yorkshire. My local farmer I spending a fortune on having a drill rig drilling a bore hole in an attempt so secure a good supply of irrigation water. It has cost approx. £100,000 and he is till not sure it's going to work.
  2. Went out last Saturday to one of my better sites but most of the young ones have flown the nest, got a couple but most of the nests were empty.
  3. One of my recently acquired permissions has just drilled about 150 acres of maize, This the first time I have experienced maize being drilled. Does it attract corvids or pigeons ? and if so how soon after drilling ?
  4. Went out to the pig farm today, loads for crows and jackdaws all over the sow pens. Shot a 55 mixed bag. One crow dropped into an electric fenced sow pen about 300 yards away. I was amazed how many crows were attracted to the dead crow and how agitated they became. Really good day for corvids today, very bright with a light breeze, should of have had 120.
  5. I applied as soon as they sent the renewal letter about 2 months ago. Decided to do it early due to the covid 19 situation. Well pleased with their service.
  6. My certificate runs out in June. So I used the online service from North Yorkshire Police, very please how easy the whole operation was, the only odd thing was attempting to do a signature using a mouse. New certificate arrived yesterday.
  7. I have just sold mine. as I have let my Fire arm licence due to under use. My opinions of the R10. Good points. 1. Very well made and very accurate. A good balanced rifle. As good as the Theoben versions. Less expensive as some of the completion. much safer than a rimfire in and around farm buildings Not so good points. 1. Not sure about the quoted shot count. As with all FAC air rifles, difficult to sell due to limited market. I sold mine at a very good price to the buyer. If you are going to use it often a 12ltr 300 bar bottle is a big help.as they do eat a fair amount of air.
  8. We will have to go out to buy essential items like milk and bread in the next day or two. We will do everything in power not to get infected as you suggest. You must be the life and sole of any party you miserable person. May I ask how you managing to stay in, are you using the assistance of other people or did you stock pile prior to locking down ?
  9. This thread reminds me of the Monty Python sketch about the "Argument" no it doesn't, yes it does. I want a debate. No you don't, Yes I do.
  10. This is the most sensible post on this thread so far.
  11. Went out to one of my permissions today, during my drive up a bridle path saw 3 cars parked up, obviously out for walks in the woods ! Got to the farm which is part arable, part open sow units totally open to the elements. The newly drilled fields were devoid of any birds. The sow units were black with crows and jackdaws. Set up a few decoys near the sow units. Shot a 50 mixed bag of crows and jackdaws. Closest contact with another person was 2 lads in a tractor about 50 yards away. Packed all the gear back into the Defender, sanitized my hands with gel then drove 15 mins home. As I'm the only shooter on my permissions I feel as safe as one can in these horrible times.
  12. North Yorkshires Police advice. Police are reminding firearms certificate holders about the importance of following national coronavirus regulations.Yesterday morning, North Yorkshire Police revoked the shotgun certificates of two men who were found to be shooting on land near Ripon on Sunday. The men were shooting on land where they did not have permission, and in breach of current coronavirus guidance.Inspector Andrew Palmer, Head of Firearms Licensing at North Yorkshire Police, said:“I would like to reiterate the advice I have given certificate holders, which is if shooting is part of your work or employment, or it has been specifically requested by a landowner to protect their crops or livestock, then it is permitted.“However, any other shooting that is not part of a business is not essential, and should not be carried out at this time.“We will continue to review any breach on a case-by-case basis – so with that in mind, please follow the advice which is to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. As I have a essential workers letter from main permission and have been requested to carry out crop protection I feel fully authorised to go out and carry out crop protection. This will be done in a safe manner and using common sense in these difficult times.
  13. This type of thread reminds me of a game of tennis the subject been the ball. Two players batting the ball to and fro with no winner or looser. At the end of the day it could go on for days as there is no grey area. You shoot or you don't. End of it.
  14. Just come back from one of my local permissions, approx 5 mins drive, loads of feral pigeons and corvids. They eat and ***** all over the cattle food. The cattle sheds were totally devoid of any other person, never saw a sole. When you compare this activity compared to 3000 persons walking through London parks yesterday do I feel that I acted irresponsible. No I do not.
  15. Scully totally agree. I live in a very rural area. We do not have a shop or a bus service. Our only pub shut down two weeks ago. Life goes on with farmers very busy, local couples out for a daily walk keeping well away from each other. Today the village was very quiet very few non locals to be seen. If one of my permissions need some shooting done I would not hesitate to assist as they are all in near walking distance.
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