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  1. I quite fancy one, but prices for a 19/20 reg is about £24 grand which must be way over their original list price. I think the original list price was circa £18 grand. Looks like a lot of people are trying to cash in on there lack of availability.
  2. I bought a ATA bronze last year. Mint second hand gun, paid £450. Cannot fault it. Point it, pull the trigger. Bingo. Not sure what a £750 used Berratta does any better ?
  3. Has anybody got one or driven one. Not too bothered with their motorway manners or fast dual carriageways. It would be a second car for shooting and country road driving . I would want to take down farm tracks and across the occasional field. What are they like for rusting and corrosion. Got my Defender on the bay at the moment and a 2019 / 2020 is a possible replacement.
  4. Went to to land rover specialist today. Had a chat about the new Jimny. He said if you go for a newish Jimny Get it undersealed ASAP as there is no paint on the under side. He had Dinotroled 3 new Jimny's because of the issue. ??
  5. I don't use the vehicle for motorway or main roads, I don't shift hay bales etc Just the pigeon gear, the dog at times and nigh time ratting. It's a big step from a Defender to a Jimny but there is a very good argument for the Jimny.
  6. At the moment I drive a 2014 Defender pick up. Goes anywhere but is starting to rot in areas where the mud stick. This is the 5th defender I have owned and the the worst for corrosion. would like a SWB Shogun but they are like hens teeth.
  7. I'm in the market for a 4x4 shooting vehicle. Would prefer not to purchase a pick up. Are jeep Wranglers any good.
  8. Where about are you located ?

    1. Peter Darrant

      Peter Darrant



      Also have a gun and cabinet for sale if interested

    2. craig1982


      Thanks for the reply. but sadly I'm North of York. Sure it will all sell fast.

  9. Can anybody recommend a good pigeon magnet. Other than dead birds, what are the best decoys to use on the magnet ?
  10. The only down side is the farmers use loads of poison which keeps the numbers down. I'm lucky as my permissions have pigs. Pigs = rats,
  11. Evening ratting season begins, Looked round my usual spots, not many signs of activity at the moment. There a loads of pheasant feeders and round straw bales around the farm, they are usually magnets for the rats.
  12. Looking to get a new shooting wagon. There are several SWB Barbarians for sale but the road tax is shown to be be circa £565 per year. Is this correct. My defender is about £260. Has anybody got a Barbarian what are they like ?
  13. I have had Defenders for years my 2014 reg is starting to show it's age. What is the best alternative. I do not want a pick up. Really struggling to thing of a future vehicle with the presence of a defender.
  14. It's not just Pigeons. During winter months I love to go round the farm shooting rats. Last year we had a lot of rats on a big muck heap near pheasant feeders. I could go out on a night and shot 25 - 30 rats. Yesterday I was talking to the game keeper he said he shot 300 - 400 rats a night on it. What a load of BS
  15. Sorry forgot the 1 woodie and 10 rats, to be honest I got through about 250 cartridges so missed another 100. There are 100's of corvid's around the pigs and loads of rats near the feed bins.
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