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  1. A marriage made in heaven...just the job for you.
  2. Not many places my shorthair would not go to please me but having hunted over wirehairs as well I can see your thoughts, both are superb dogs.
  3. I'm over in Lincolnshire this week trying to stop the invasion of those critters from Norfolk. There was a suggestion that someone was catching them up live and dropping them over th border No suggestion of money changing hands which of course would be in dollars
  4. It is now far too late to shut the stable door. I am more than glad I am this end of my life and I feel for those British youngsters under twenty. By the time they reach my age this country will be an absolute cesspit.
  5. Cracking litter. Some very lucky customers. I've only knowledge of the short hairs and they are different as are most HPRs. Yup they can cover the ground but rarily tell you a lie.
  6. I would say you would be better to buy a 410. Plenty of single shots on the market for little money. The problem with an auto as I see it would be the ejector system which would need somewhere to go alongside the adapter and then it would probably pull the adapter out basically it ain't going to work. The additional problem is it will throw shot everywhere. A simple single shot 410 will have the choke to match the cartridge. A far better idea.
  7. Looks a very interesting machine BUT the French manufacture will certainly put me off. Great shame because a lot of common sense has be used in it's developement.
  8. Now that is real neat. I can have a nap and know I will not miss a chance. Brilliant.
  9. Now I remember my grandfather having a similar problem and he had an operation to remove an obstruction or obstructions .... I cannot remember the name but pollip seems to come to mind. You have seen a specialist I suppose so that may not be the problem. Maybe a few bob spent on a private examination by another specialist might reveal the problem . Not likely to cost the earth just for a consultyation and by the sounds of it worth a try and may give you peace of mind.
  10. NOT in your local garage. I know sometimes with new cars they insist they are taken to THEIR establisment to be serviced but I believe this is not lawful. I personally would never take my car to a Car Sales garage for any work. I have all of my work done by a family village garage and have for as long as I can remember. Yes it is a scam.
  11. NOW a nice pair of well polished leather ones would certainly get folks talking. Have not sen those worn for maybe 55 -60yrs when they were part of the motor cyclist uniform in the force. Two of my uncles used to turn up to our shoots in breeches and brown leather gaiters which you could see your face in BUT that was back when it was grey partridge only and the sight of a Frenchman provoked some seriously nasty language . Today I would also go for the Barbour wax cotton as you can give them a coat of preservative each season. I have a pair I hate to think how long I have had them. They still do the job.
  12. I try very hard not to eat in any fast food outlets. I don't believe I have ever been in a McDonalds and always found an alternative. I make my own burgers and had a young chap and his lady come for a barbie this summer and he devoured three in quick succession saying he had never tasted better. 50% sirloin beef 50% muntie backstrap course ground one apple chopped smoked bacon ground on the course setting with the beef and venison and seasoning salt and Tony C's Cajun mix. Adding the apple keeps the burgers really moist. I use a burger press and fill and compress to about an inch and a quarter thick. Seared on the hottest part of the grill both sides then ease them back and cook till just pale pink.
  13. Your not talking from personal knowledge there are you OM
  14. 100% .... they can't possibley blame it on Brexit so the next up is Climate Change. The world is being polluted by human beings, it is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to admit or do anyhting about. Need another world war although another Covid germ might help.
  15. Exactly...well said. Tell me why the spongers should egt it and not everyone.
  16. Reel and line....if so what size?
  17. He's only a youngster. I kept that photo put on here a couple of years ago and presnt a copy to any fluffy lover to peruse. They are omnivors and will eat anyhting that pleases them. keep whacking and stacking. The songbird population with thank you for your efforts.
  18. We are all tax payers and personally have been for just over 60 years. I have a tub of 7s on order and a tub of SP3...should just about cover it
  19. Exactly the politicians have blood on there hands and it will not get any better . They keep letting them in.
  20. Rag rugs....Peg Rugs we called them. Large hessian sack...the old 2 1/4 cwt railway sacks where best, then my grandmother would cut up all old worn out clothing that could not be darned or patched into 1 inch strips about 7 inches long and these would be fed through the sacking in a loop and pulled tight, row after row. They would be a nightmare for your new G Tech floor sucker today. Take them outside and give them a good beating was the ploy.
  21. Agrivat .....just keep whacking and stacking. Certaily a feeder, particularly the flip top type I use will pull them to where you can get at them. If on a farm you can set up a semi permanent hide so you can just walk in quietly and let them come to you. You don't indicate your location and if you did then any group members on here could send you a pm.
  22. Just another day in my year to me. Used to always work it and boxing day when in the job. Time and a half. Whats not to like. Our freezer is always full of good stuff and the season has only just started. Most of you would blanch at walking 30yrds down the garden and then using cut up news paper hanging on a string. People are getting pathetic. Heaven help if something really serious happened.
  23. Obviously there may be a charge for the meter but it is down to how long you expect to stay at that property. The outlay will soon be absorbed.
  24. Had a water meter fitted for over 30 yrs and our last bill was £50.06p We don't waste it but have a large garden which gets watered when required and we wash cars now and then ....... the Landy probably once a year. Way to go.
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