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  1. Shot a few FOB in 410 and yes, they do the job.
  2. Super picture. I was shooting up near York last Saturday and the lady there had two and it was a joy to see them picking up as well as any other. I think she said she was a judge or used to be on trials for this breed.
  3. add another 19 from the estate........... I'm planning on a visit on next Monday watch this space...... 2376 would 4000 be too much to expect by 1st Jan ? Keep whacking and stackin'
  4. Now in all honesty who in their right mind is going to answer that question other than a resounding NO!!
  5. Hah!!!! Forgot mention the gravy in my stew included half a bottle of port.
  6. Put two containers in the freezer for another day. That sort of stew can only be done in quantity or it all goes dry and any excess freezes well Nothing beats frsh roe liver thinly sliced with bacon and sausage and eggs and hash browns for a hearty breakfast.
  7. Just purchased a lamb from my neighbour and that included the liver and heart and kidney. My wife nipped into Aldi and got a nice piece of steak , cut it all up , added, chopped carrots, parsnips, celery and slices of potatoe with plenty of Tony C's seasoning. Slow cooked for about five hours. Delicious.
  8. ...and another from our wood and another seen. They keep coming. 2354
  9. Just had my reminder, quote 10 weeks for turn around... why???? I down loaded the forms 12 sheets. They have my full details why cannot the system just be updated. I could just reply and sign to say nothing has changed or add a gun as required. Job done. What a waste of time and money and then they give total maniacs their guns back....you could not make it up.
  10. Don't need one , got a warm wife. No.. No...we have tried electric blankets and now have a selection of thermal covers, from spring, summer through autumn to serious winter. Just add as necessary AND if necesary they can be thrown off if things get too warm. Certainly the electric underblanket can be too hot for me.
  11. As above if it fits shoot it if in doubt cut it open. Not the end of the world. Unless it goes BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Two more this morning off the Golf Course .... getting in short supply on that flip top. 2353
  13. Due to an unexpected dropout by one of the guns of our team to shoot a day at Biggin Grange near Ashbourne this coming Friday for a 100 mbird day with no overage charge a space has come availble for one gun. All refreshments provided for the day and a friendly team to enjoy the day with £450 PM me if interested. Walker570
  14. Nicely done. I have my Airmax scope set up that at 40yrds I use the first dot below the cross hair and then the first dot up for 10 yarders and by judging intermediate I can place them in between as required. Iforgot a couple of weeks ago and had one sitting perfect at about 12yrds put the cross hair on in haste and it went down then got up and shook it's head violently before jumping of the bird table and scampering off at speed. I have since checked every one shot there to see if it had a crossways parting
  15. I made my own with a scissor car jack. Couple of quid from local car wreckers. Mine is welded to a metal plate with and adjustable rest for the stock. Works extremely well off a bench/table or even the Land Rover bonnet. I will take a photo tomorrow.
  16. I was up at Slittingfleet yesterday and one of the best drives was from a patch of canary grass. Managed correctly it can work.
  17. No , they want you to buy the shells from them obviously. I can understand them being a bit iffy about reloads because some people are not as fastidious and carefull ....does that mean the same. If I finish a shell and it doesn't look right then it goes in the reject box and will be take apart and reusable bits will be put into the production line.
  18. One more in our own wood and one seen scarpering away. 2344
  19. Drove back from York this afternoon and pulled into a Shell Station on the A1 and topped up my tank with E5. No shortage there
  20. I am going to add these although not shot personally. They where take from the same estate I shoot squirrels on and shot by the keepers son in the last two weeks. Fifty seven to add............ yep that is a big 57 to add. The keeper tells me the place is awash with them and these where only taken from one block of woodland. 2343
  21. We have two Clearview stoves a large model and a smaller one. Brilliant pieces of kit. I think the large model is one of the very first that Clearview made a we purchased it at the West Mids Game fair back in 1990. The only maintenace needed was the renewal of the door seals which was a simple job after about twenty years. They where the first to produce the airflow type of stove and the competition quickly followed the trend.
  22. Yup, I always try to go and thank the beaters/pickers up before I tip the Keeper.
  23. Yep Bantams back then. Learned to ride a motor bike and passed my tests on a Noddy then within 4 months I was sitting astride a Triumph 650 blue lights two tones all singing and dancing thenks to the superb rider traing course at Staffordshire Police Traing College. Saved my life so many times.
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