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  1. Some good advice there. If you see a tractor/combine driver standing watching a mechanic try to repair it and the field is only half finished, then not a good time to go knocking on the farmers door. Yes, it is a good idea to learn the difference between a sheep and a cow and learn a little about how a farm works. A comment like, "Some nice lambs you've got there, they do look well" even if they don't will loosen the conversation. I'm not so sure about the cards, may work maybe not. Yes have some printed or print your own on your computer to give a farmer a) if he says yes, so he has a contact number/mobile b) if there is a definite NO, then pointless. Ask around and find the game keepers names etc ., and offer to beat, pick up etc., and be there when he is putting his birds in, or a tree has just dropped across his release pen. It does help if you show willing to put a bit of help/work in return for your shooting. If you have a trade, then this can also be a useful lever. Shooting for a bit of plumbing/brick work, whatever. Knowing farmers as I do, I think cold calling is most unlikely to result in a good outcome. Your just another pain in the neck he has had to deal with that day. I think you would put in a lot of mileage to get one yes. I had one this week, just walked in the yard and asked if he could shoot his air rifle in my wood. No introduction, name or anything. He was dressed in full camo, more metal in his face than in my scrap metal pile. Didn't stand a chance.
  2. I have always been convinced that we only use about 50% of the brain power we have. I think we have all had that feeling someone is looking at us,to turn and meet eye to eye, explain that. Just consider how much information your brain stores and never gets overloaded. You, like me might have difficulty in finding it but it is still there. At 76yrs I can still remember occurences when I was about 4yrs of age and sometimes cannot pull up someones name I met ten minutes ago :-( Your profession also helps in making judgements on people. Both my wife and I were serving police officers and we are pretty good at judging character ... not just criminal... but overall character and I think a teacher would have a similar aptitude to children. BUT, heh!! we get it very wrong on occasion and are pleasantly and sometimes unpleasantly surprised.
  3. Sad news indeed, but I bet that's the way he would want to go. My condolences to his family.
  4. Haaah!! Thanks for explanation. I bet they are a nice little cartridge, lets face it 30 -35yrs ago Impax was the go to cartridge for driven gameand I bet that shell is very close in performance. Now a days unless your shooting the equivalent of a punt gun for driven game, your considered out of it. That is why more and more of us choose to shoot 410s and 28bores.
  5. Can we expect lots of hand carved pigeon decoys now ?/ My first pigeon decoy was carved and painted by my grandfather, from a billet of ash. Back in the early 50s cartridges were not so readily available so every one had to count. Our hides cut into the hedge and made with natural materials, would be set alongside a known sitty tree and the hide would have a small window about a foot square in the roof. The single decoy was set out from the tree and then wait for one to land in the tree, shoot that one and wait for the next. Half a dozen was a good morning and a meal. Too slow again or I would have purchased those. Nice set.
  6. We used to use the 'drive without due and attention' quite a bit back in the 60s 70s etc., is it still on the statute, I don't know. rarely anyone out there to check on these things these days. I drove over 200 miles a week or so ago and never saw a single police car. We used to put two traffic cars, two instant response cars and at least three local Mike cars out every shift on our Division and prided ourselves in arriving at a call in a puff of smoke, ready to feel collars. A neighbour recently told a police officer he had good information as to who was thieving in our area and the reply "Can't do anything unless we catch them at it." My team would have had a plain clothes unit out on watch until we did just that. Frightened of their own shadows today or being reported to their superiors for some off the cuff remark.
  7. Shot one last week just in Yorkshire which was doing his territory check, but no sign of actual love making yet. Hope to get out a couple of days this and next week weather permitting.
  8. Renewed my acquaintance with air rifles recently after 50yrs and bought a TX200 on recommendation on here. Brilliant rifle. Purchased it second hand from Solware and was sold 500 JSB Match EXACT Diablo .177 pellets to go with it. Accuracy on paper was superb and now after 40 odd maggies, a big old carrion crow, all but one body shot, I can only say they do the job expected. Made in the Czech Republic. They have much softer skirts than the pellets I used 50yrs ago but accuracy does not seem to be a problem.
  9. You really will not know until you try it. Barrels are female, they like some things and dislike others but with no reasoning. Get up to 1-14 and you may struggle to stabilize the heavier ones but I would lay odds the barrel will shoot them OK. By the way I have shot that model rifle and itwas a tack driver, great calibre as well and will still do the job. What are you looking at 60gr, if so the V Max is a good bullet and I have shot a lot of roe with the 60gr Nosler Partition if you can still get them in the UK.
  10. Finally #135 from my wood, fell for the peanuts and was bouncing about in a catch cage this morning. I had a poor quality 410 reload(bad crimp) with that new non toxic stuff in it. Dead squirrel at 20yrds no problem :-) The one we saw a week or so ago was a very young one and I think my pal the Buzzard tidied that one up. I leave the dead ones for him anyway with an occasional rabbit. 638
  11. It really is a joke. It is now so discredited. Honours and Knighthoods were given for laying your life on the line not sucking up to the powers that be at the time. Hope the Queen has a shaky hand on the day and slips a bit :-)
  12. The act was originally to do with badger baiting but was hijacked by the tree huggers. That has resulted in untold damage to the environment. When did you last see a hedgehog ? They are the scourge of the grey partridge and any other ground nesting bird. I shoot over a relatively badger free area and we still have a healthy wild population of grey partridge. For how long I don't know. The act should be repealed and replaced by a properly worded law to cover badger baiting. The badger should be returned to the vermin list along with foxes. It survived before without any trouble as foxes do and numbers would be controlled by the same humane system as foxes are, shooting. I rarely saw a deer with TB before the early 80s, then in the 90s it started to appear and is now rife, particularly in the southwest, Gloucestershire etc. Even here in the Midlands dairy farmers are starting to ask that all deer be shot in order to prevent transmission. The tree huggers have a lot to answer for.
  13. One big dog fox which came creeping down the field next to the slurry pit whilst I sat waiting for maggies, swopped rifles quickly, fortunately had the 17 Rem as well as the TX200 :-) 369
  14. 4 more magpies off the slurry pit and a bonus carrion crow, 5 to add (had a fox as well which came creeping down the field, booked it in) pays to have two rifles with you :-) 2703
  15. Beat me to it Westley ... wear some protection for face and head. Saw someone almost loose two fingers trying to be clever and catch a clay once. Kept his hands in his pockets after that I can tell you !!
  16. No sign in the Midlands yet. I have a small wood and it is stacked full of young ash. One or two of the older ones shed a branch occasionally but this has been happening as long as I can remember and natural. I have one witch elm tree growing in the wood, it started as a seedling and I have been keeping an eye on it. Now 25ft high with a spread of 50ft and healthy. Elms also host many insects so their loss effected them to. All of the witch elms in my roadside hedge are dead. I'm just hoping the seedling is far enough away not to get the beetle. Sad to hear about the ash along the east coast. Due to imports of young ash trees for planting. Why do we need to import trees ? Ash grow like weeds in my wood.
  17. Nasty boogers. I saw a big male kick the doo dah out of a pick up truck in a game reserve in Texas one day. We were doing best part of 30 mph try to get away from it and it was trotting alongside as if enjoying the competition.
  18. Of course life out hunting the bush is a lot easier these days, with these fancy location thingies. When I was there in 1991 there was an annual loss to the population in hunters getting lost and dying in the bush. Alan my guide took me hunting sika and it was so thick he had to walk behind me. We hunted for about three hours and then he said, "OK Mt UK Hunter, which way back to the truck?" I did not know which country I was in could not see the sky to get some idea of where the sun was and gave in. He parted the large leaves alongside where we stood and there was the truck about 10yrds away !!!! He knew that ground like the back of his hand having been a Government Hunter, dropped off by helicopter to cull deer. He only had to bring back an ear I believe to prove he had shot them and took sufficient tucker out to survive for three or four days. As you say, a different world. on edit .... are they still 'sowing' poisoned carrots from the air to kill the rabbits? When I was there I saw truck loads being delivered up into the hills. We stopped on the side of the road and Alan banged his car door and the hillside about 100yrds away just moved. There must have been a couple of hundred rabbits on that bank. shot my tahr and chammy at 6500ft up in the McCauley Basin, thirteen hours on the mountain and I could hardly walk for two days afterwards. Would not have missed it for the world.
  19. I've known a badger bite a wire through at 3000 when it obviously bit him. Footprints and scuffle marks at scene told the story. A fox ain't so brave in my view. In dry weather I went round the wire with a watering can at night and made the ground real receptive :-) Obviously the sharper the better.
  20. The same applies to other issues. Hammer the law abiding. Air rage/drunks etc on aircraft in the news recently and now they are going to stop me having a glass of wine or a beer with a meal while waiting for my flight. Close all bars etc etc., instead of banning the offenders from flying for ten years and fining them £1000 or two years in nick, no ifs no buts. BUt, it's much easier to frame some overall law and say look how we have done well. The pistol ban after Dunblane, similar. The Scottish Police fowled up, failed and one senior officer issued the license after his investigating officers had recommended withdrawing the FAC. " I know this man better than most " I believe where his words and promptly retired. Must take another tablet :-(
  21. Anybody shot the Viri FOB 410s. Listed as 20gram loads. Look interesting. I normally shoot Fiocchi and have recently triedRC but after quite a few cases disintegrated up the barrel, have been a bit cautious in shooting them, plus the company failed to return my friendly e mail, makes me look for alternatives.
  22. In 1959 my uncle who had emigrated a number of years before revisited the UK and told me stories. I was 19 at the time and restless as all 19 year olds are. He said to come over to NZ and he would guarantee me a job. I looked at my mothers face, I was the only son and I just could not do it. BUT, I declared to myself that as soon as I could I would visit NZ. In 1990 I retired and on that day I walked down Solihull High Street and entered a travel agent and booked flights. I contacted a fishing/hunting guide Alan Simmonds in Turangi and said I wanted a guide full time for three weeks, I wanted to fish and hunt and in particular to hunt the Tahr, the proper way, no helicopters etc. I will not bore you with the details but will just suggest, if you have the time and the means then go. It is the most fantastic country and the people are brilliant. Shot tahr, chamois, black swans, paradise ducks, caught huge rainbows and had a ball. If I was 50yrs younger I would be out there now.
  23. Jrollsons that gun case is 48 x 10 x 2 inches ... maybe too long ??
  24. I have to ask.... 28grams of 7 1/2s ? ??? How in heavens name did they manage that !! Not doubting but would like to know as I have difficulty squeezing 20grams in ...even 19grms.
  25. Jrollsons, you don't give your loacation. I'm smack in the middle of the country and have a steel military style gun case, I believe was used whenshipping FAL rifles overseas, which can be locked and you could secure that inside your car with a security cable. It would take someone some timeto access it. If you are a reasonable distance to collect, you can have it free gratis. I'll measure it up for you tomorrow, no use if it is too long to go in the car :-)
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