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  1. Yep, probably everyone is buying the more so called modern rifles. Happens in all situations where items are upgraded etc etc. The human race is gullible enough to fall into the trap.....however if some didn't there would be a lot of folk out of work. My wife was complaining of all the womens clothes brochures coming through the door and I said, do you know how many people are employed printing those etc. I'm just an old fogey and proud of it. 31 yr old Landie, 20 year old Jaguar, 77year old !!!! Tractor and a wife I have had for 58 years and they all work perfectly My AA S200 is a Mk2 purchased second hand and will still print touching groups and have no intention of selling it.
  2. IF it where roe liver then even better. Yes, good preparation of liver is important , a couple of good soaks in some water and a good squeeze to get as much blood out a possible. To answer your question Simon, yes my type of fodder but there again there isn't much I will not eat at a push, brought up in the War years when you where glad you had something on the table. Roast leg of lamb today with a crumble to follow made from our own Worcester Permain apples and a couple of Russets added along with a sprinkle of walnuts, clotted cream to help it slide down.
  3. Shouldn't that read fool supplies ?????
  4. nk or a pump there is a gauge and you just fill to the recomended levelI just top up each time I go out with both of mine and not run out yet. Spend the money on pellets and enjoy. This system has again deleted the first part of my mesage. It started, " I don't see the problem on a ta.... Happening too often.
  5. We have some late swallows around here as well. They had been in the area all summer so where not travelling. Is it getting late for them to set off?
  6. No chicken coup. Built on a pallet with pallet wood timber somebodies kitchen doors as the window flaps and some steel profile sheet which was on the scrap heap at the farm and as said the stairs from TT just cut down to fit. Now has shooting table and the seat part of an exec ofice chair. To small in there for the back section so put a back rest on the rear wall. Already accounted for two tree rats three magpies and four carrion crows. Biggest problem is staying awake
  7. Not to my knowledge....it does completely wipe text which i have written/writing but that might be my computer.
  8. Had a few 38 Special and 357 Magnum rounds bounce back from a purpose built indoor range .... double rubber hanging sheets, sloping armour plate into 18 inches of water but still the very occasional one would come back and if shooting 1 second exposures at 7yrds they did sting. Good reason to wear eye protection .
  9. Whatever it is as always going to be fun seeing what you come up with. Can't wait.
  10. Now that is different. Very nice. Back to the Motto instead of whoo hoo I could have alterted it to BOO BOO Spent a fair bit of time in the southern States of the USA, mainly Texas and they use a lot of this type of wood to make all sorts, furniture lamp shades you name they do it and it almost always in the raw so to speak, hence my comment re sanding it.
  11. I am certainly not showing my wife this. Hope you find some good working homes for them. Vizslas are very different from other breeds and potential owners need to know that. I have had five over the years and they never tell you a lie in the field.
  12. Later on that is true Dave. I prefer to shoot straight through with maybe a couple of 15 min pauses for refreshment. This particular day it was obvious from the very first drive they would be struggling to make the bag and that was not my opinion. I had a friend with me who is an occasional game shooter but is fully aware of what goes on and he commented after the first two drives that birds where a bit scarce. BUT that was not my concern , it was that guns would probably not be on pegs until 5pm so the drive would probably not finish until after 5.30pm so even now end of Sept into October I personally believe that is far too late.
  13. Personally I think you spoiled it when you sanded it but I appreciaste your desire. I would have just stabilised it and then used it and cut a house sign into it or better still a mottoe to live by....
  14. Two more this morning in our wood....somebody must be catching city tree rats and dropping them down our lane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never had so many ever and they keep coming. 2241
  15. I have a gauge on the bullpup but not on the AA S200 so as above I try to keep an idea of shots but if I know I am likely to get a few I just nip in the workshop and put it on the bottle and top it up to it's recommended rate (190). I would rather spend that money on pellets to be honest.
  16. Yep I second that and as Ditchie says reliability is the key. I am fortunate here that I have a chap who turns out for me almost at the drop of a hat although it is normally organised around the weather, he can prune roses with the best and also laybricks as good as a pro. Worth his weight in gold and recently declined a raise.
  17. Yesterday up at Wappenshall they where obviously struggling for the bag and at 4..30pm set off to have another drive. We declined to take part as I consider 3.30pm on any day the last drive should start. That gives the birds a good time to settle down to roost before dark, as mich for partridges who need to all get back to coveys to cooch up for the night. If time is of the essence then don't hang around at refreshment times. Your thoughts....
  18. Yes, you used to be able to buy neoprene covers which stretched over. Have not seen them for a while.
  19. As always good advice from the above. I have a dog rose stick somewhere from 40 years ago. Just a simple stalking stick nothing fancy. If I remember back then, I cut it and strapped it to a straight piece of pine board and left it to dry out. Then just put a bit of antler on the top. Nothing fancy. It was uust a stalking stick to rest the rifle on..... must have a scratch around see if I still have it.
  20. Just one more from my own wood this morning. I did hit a second I am sure but could not find the body...very thick brambles in neighbours hedge. Saw a third which would not stand still. That puts me at 40 of ten acres in 29 days. 2234
  21. All local pumps are now £30 maximum and business was maybe just a bit busier but no lines of customers. At least I have sufficient in the tank to get me to my driven partrige day tomorrow and back home. I spoke with Folkestone Enginnering this morning to order some wads and he said his village garage had a tanker in yesterday and some stupid idiot put it on Facebook and within the hour the village was at a standstill and mothers couldn't get to the school to collect their kids. He agreed with me the 'media' are mainly responsible.
  22. That is true but it is still low in my estimation, in particular the serious big truck guys. The skill and responsibility deserves better. Eighteen ...nineteen an hour would not be out of the way. Just look at what Lineker is drawing in comparison or any of the kickers of bags of wind. What would an extra £80s a day be in comparison with the value of the load delivered ? Many profesional pensions come to more. It needs an enquiry similar to the Edmund Davies enquiry in to police pay back in the late 60s/early 70s . My joining wage in 1962 doubled what I was getting at the time but in the next 8 years that was eroded and Edmund Davies was called in to look at it. He agree a considerable rise and there is no doubt made the rest of my service more comfortable.
  23. IF your gun is reasonably well fitted then instict will kick in. After that it is practise pratise practise. Woodcock flits across a ride, do you have time to line the barrels up etc etc or is it a split second instictive shot and how often in that case does the bird explode in the centre of the pattern. The same with that short distance bolting rabbit when ferreting. No time to engage brain, which will always get you in trouble...pure instnct, something that technology struggles to equate with.
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