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  1. You might just drill them first as I think driving a nail through will split them. You might actually be able to put a retaining bar in the trap and slide the drilled conkers on save knocking a nail in every time. I'm full of stupid ideas like that BUT about 1% of them actually work.
  2. Mums the word OK I was recommended these FX 8.44grains round nose and quite a long skirt absolutely no frills but shoot penny size groups at 25yrds off my tripod. One head shot today the pellet had exited the skull and strewn the contents on the outside. Assume they are made for FX airguns but they do the job in my Boxer. Not bad really third time lucky on finding what it enjoyed. I'm slowly working around this Boxer, ok it is basically unbalanced and heavy...not a problem on the tripod in fact the weight is an advantage. The cocking mechanism isn't the best design but you just need to be precise in the action of recocking again not a problem on the tripod. I eventually found a scope which made getting a good sight picture reasonably possible and again not a problem on the tripod because it just sits there waiting at the right angle and position, so just a matter of sliding up to it. I now have my one man popup almost spot on and with the slightly lower and wider seat the tripod sits close in and requires very little movement on my part to get a sight picture and ease a shot off. My AA S200 is still my favorite for all other shooting but the length made it awkward in a pop up wherehas the Boxer barrel hardly shows outside the hide and if I need to replensih the magazine that is on the opposite side to the S200 and easier to get at plus magnetic so drops in without having to line anyhting up. I am confident a lot more tree rats are gowing to feel it's wrath.
  3. You never watched Might Mouse either then. He would carry the tree off as well No, joking apart that is a good didea because it means they have to stay and have a chew.
  4. Hah!! Silly me, forgot you had a traps set. Still think chopped conkers would work though. Your obviously too young to have watched Might Mouse
  5. OK update on the Boxer purchase. Changed the pellet and the problem solved plus this pellet does the job. Five tree rats this morning not going home tonight. I have now got used....almost.... to the strange bullpup design, but it does sit neatly on my tripod in my pop up blind and is discreet in a bag when I need to move. Will not be selling it soon.
  6. Well I have seen them carrying them off so assume they intend eating them and if we go for a steak they don't bring the cow do they. I thought chop them up into smaller pieces because then they have to sit still and eat/nibble at it whilst the lump of lead is on the way. My mix for my flip tops is 25kg whole maize, a small bucket full of mixed bird food(small seed and sunflowers) mainly just for the birds and a small bucket full of peanuts. I pour a half of a bottle of the cheapest cooking oil I can find on this and mix it. As said I have a cement mixer which makes it easy and I then throw in two cups of GameKeep mixture which will stick to the oiled seeds. Of course you can size this down to your own requirements. I do have a few conkers around and will add a few chopped up to the mix and see the result. The whole conkers they can grab and do a runner. At the moment I am running seven flip tops and seven live catch cages so you can appreciate I need the quantity.
  7. 100% how it should be done. I have seen so much unnecessary junk sold to attach to shotgun barrels with the promise it will make you a better shooter. No kidding I shot on a days pheasant with a very nice young chap and he had been conned into installing the kitchen sink on his barrels...no kidding it looked like it included one of those red dot rifle units. Get your gun properly fitted to you by someone who knows what they are doing which isn't easy I know. Then shoot as above with both eyes open and look at the bird you will instinctively lead that bird. I honestly never really notice the barrels or the bead but I suppose in my sub conscious I do have it in my periferal vision. I say again point your finger, do you have sights on it???
  8. Would it work even better if you chopped them up ? Now you have set me thinking.
  9. Five this morning on my original flip top at the golf course first at 07.30 last at 0800 then it went quiet. Saw three others in that period but not sitting still. Scarpered when they saw their mate expire. 2226
  10. Frightening thing is Starmer used to be head of the CPS
  11. I am now very much right eye dominant but 35 40 years ago I believe I was about even stevens mainly because of traing shooting around barriers, left shoulder right shoulder, however from the very firdt shotgun I fired round about 10 years of age I was taught to shoot both eyes open, so to this day I do that with all shooting shotgun or rifle, scope or no scope. As Stonepark says you can train your eyes to do either. I would advise shooting both eyes open with a shotgun and LOOK AT THE BIRD don't aim up the barrel if the gun fits you properly then you will connect..... point at something...you don't aim up your finger, do you? Also practise as always makes perfect so don't give up.
  12. I differ with you on tree rats, they are very tough little boogers and as I have said many times, glad they don't grow as big as labradors. I have used both styles and old enough to have seen a number of the now illegal traps used as well, as well as witnessing rats being snared. Very occasionally/rarely have I had vermin caught inappropriately both the Fenns and Body Trap styles do a good job. Instant death is a very rare phenomena.
  13. Another in the wood this morning and one seen lurking later on. So another to add and just one more to top 40 just this month out of 10 acres of woodland and orchard, (Sept 2020 I had 14) ooooops add the lurking one found in a live catch cage 2218
  14. I have the cheapest mod on my AA200 and it is super quiet. I hot a tree rat this morning and my wife was in a blind nearby (25yrds) she said she just heard a PLOP which was the pellet hitting the chest of the tree rat. Like a lot of clothing you often just pay for the name emblazoned on it.
  15. Very welcome this morning as well but looking at the forecast for the next two weeks as always it never knows when to stop. Visions of tractors bogged in fields and fields of maize impossible to harvest come the year end.
  16. This isn't a devious plan to make us all go electric is it ?
  17. Saw one carrying a hard green wild apple a few days ago. Must have mistaken it for a walnut. Two seen today taking an interest in the peanut feeders in the live catch cages, so things maybe a changing.
  18. Failure to instil obedience from day one I'm afraid.
  19. I will deliver a scoop of Game Keep to your local contact sometime this week. Give it a try. It is that time of year they are all over the place, food sex causing them to be unreliable. Coule of weeks and things could change.
  20. They are too busy eating and storing natural food. I have 9 flip tops out at present and only a couple are showing activity. Even the Golf Course is a bit short on takers. I mix all of my seed in a cement mixer and add a couple of scoops of GamKeep additive but aniseed should do the trick when they get back to NEEDING food. I have one bird feeding table with live catch cage at the far end of our wood and there are no nut trees at that end and I have seen activity on there. I ised to use kibbled maize but changed to whole maize. I found that a piece of whole maize kept them still longer as they nibbled with kibbled they tended to keep dipping their heads up and down picking up the small bits.
  21. Yes, I shoot full and full on decoyed birds and later on driven pheasant / partridge. I'm on a partridge day next week, over the hedges traditional and will be shooting half and half on fast 20 to 30 yards birds. Five years now exclusively on the 410, over a hundred driven days and never felt undergunned. Great little cartridge.
  22. I have an AA S200 Mk2 and it is easy on the arm. I also have just acquired a Boxer Bullpip and that is heavy and unbalanced and fortunately has a sling. BUT it does the job I wanted it for. I would shop around and find an AA S200. Mine is super accurate with the Webley Mosquitos I use. 10 shot mag is easily refilled. One minus is it has no safety catch but that means you have to be super safe in handling it. I now have a bottle for re filling and I get plenty of shots per fill.
  23. How many of you lot have been through fuel rationing ? Last one was early 90's back into the 70's another if memory serves and of course WW2 and the aftermath into the 50s. Seems we survived
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