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  1. Three canvas and leather cases . Brady O/U as new Jeffries stamped 44 inch good quality case SBS Pointer case 46 inches SBS Sell as one lot £80 plus post .
  2. Good quality side by side canvas case trimmed in leather . All stitching good ,no rips or tears ,suit 27 inch gun £30 posted
  3. Arielvb

    Gun slip

    Have a Brady scoped rifle case 8 1/2 inches deep in scope area ,total closed length is 44 inches . Very good canvas and leather case ,stitching all good ,quality case . Let me know if you want a photograph . Gary
  4. Thanks for that ,but had to be a De Lux . Gary
  5. AYA Best Quality boxlock wanted ,prefer early one with 27 inch barrels ,must be standard stock ,not extended
  6. Now sold , thank you . Gary
  7. Hi Rob ,my email is garydavies51@me.com Gary
  8. Robsmyth ,do you still want the scope ? Gary
  9. £35 posted any good to you Ariel ?

    Regards, Rob.

    1. Arielvb


      Yes ,I can do that .

      Cheque or Bank Transfer ?



    2. Arielvb


      Hi Rob don’t know wether you got my message or not ?

      But yes can do £35 .



    3. Arielvb


      Hi Rob ,posted this morning .



  10. Diana vintage air gun scope ,stamped Diana 3X , with mounts and very good original finish . Needs good clean £40 plus postage
  11. Brady take down slip for 28 inch ,over and under . Very original , possibly unused from new .All stitching is mint as are the straps . £45 plus postage
  12. Leg of mutton case for side by side up to 30 inches . All stitching and straps on very good used condition ,has a very well looked after patina ,always fed with leather food . Has it’s correct shape ,ie not been sat on or crushed ,got to be one of the best available , £120 plus postage
  13. Arielvb

    Brady slip

    Hi I am near Southwell ,Notts . Gary
  14. Arielvb

    Brady slip

    Brady side by side slip wanted for 25 inch gun .
  15. Have a leather SBS case which is for a 30 inch gun ,complete with straps and brass corners . very good used condition ,circa 1910 ,with very small Irvine trade badge P Knight Notts . Let me know if you want a photograph . Gary
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