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  1. One wooden rolling pin, cut in half, wrap a rabbit skin around leaving the uncut end exposed to throw, get some wings say pigeon, etc, fix to and leave uncut end exposed to throw. Worked for me.
  2. I, have a small white one, and my friend knows somebody local who maybe getting rid off one, thanks.
  3. Hi, really not have the knowledge but thought of compressed air and the brewery trade, as I have just bought a hw 100 s 177 and until that air gun it was a airsporter many many years ago, so i am starting to realize more to this than first thought |
  4. Thinking outside the box, is there a opportunity to get a air cyl through a friendly pub ??
  5. Try pigeon wings fixed to half a rolling pin as a example, after that progress to a whole partridge cold, because they have tight feathers, not a mouth of cotton wool. Years ago moorhens, coots was used for having tight feathers.
  6. Clays you know when its happening, pigeons you can wait then when you scratch a itch, one fly's over, to many variables and you are caught out of sync, chill and forget the obstacles and be comfortable how you stand, etc. Plenty of advice, just chill it will come.
  7. Norman clark, from rugby is the man for parker hale.
  8. Hi, yes i would like one, thanyou.

  9. Been reading this with interest, still don't know how much i should be paying for a kc regd cocker with parents from good stock ?? as said going rate, or wait. tricky one when a year or so until now all changed with price.
  10. I have the sidewinder with the sr pro reticle on a .17 hmr recommend it. As said cant fault it.
  11. Best to let the gas fitter identify the issue, if any good will have with him the materials required to resolve the problem, ie, flue sealant, cement, flue sticky back seal, just let him be aware of your concerns, without lecturing balanced flues which are faulty can end in tears.
  12. No mention last night from Priti about the French escorting the boats over the channel last night, no mention by the media raising this problem, seems the media just highlight what good the bame do.
  13. Have used the gen 3 since they came out, never had a problem, remember a guy at the shooting show saying if they get wet, turn them upside down, to drain the water, cannot remember much more than that,
  14. I was told by a person living next door to a cemetery that he sometimes digs up human bones in his garden next to the grave yard, I asked him how he knew if human, he says he was told if they turned black.
  15. opticron 10x42 bga water proof use most days had a long time, never felt the need to change, more you pay generally better the glass, weight is a factor when stalking as well, most people I know have the 40 - 42 due to weight etc.
  16. barbel

    face masks

    how nice, refreshing to read this.
  17. Hi, I have 1x 3/4 , 1x full, do not think they have been used ? all so a spare key and trigger lock.
  18. Got my tikka from Hogan and sons , grove farm, ettington, very helpful, might be worth a ring.
  19. Farmers have lost a lot of osr due to the eu, around my way have not seen one decent field of it, they are redrilling due to the failure of it.
  20. barrel up or down as long in a safe manner, not chambered, never rely on a safety catch, be safe.
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