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  1. Hi it's in the Firearms components section .
  2. One on the stalking directory.
  3. wheelie


    Have you tryed Ant supplies ?.
  4. Hi Steve Could I order one of these please . Cheers Chris
  5. If you would like pictures send me your mobile number. And I will forward you some pictures .
  6. For sale GRS stock for Howa Varmint S/A in black used condition for sale due to have a op on my arm finding it uncomfortable to use . Would like £260 to include postage.
  7. wheelie

    Logun s16

    Ok no probs 👍
  8. Think I have a 5 round one if that is of any good to you .
  9. wheelie

    Logun s16

    Hi my mates got one in .22 if your interested £400
  10. Hi i have a Photon 5x42 which has had the extreme conversion. Very good for ratting and have also used it on both my rim fires . P.M me with your email for pics if interested looking for £175 including p&p .
  11. wheelie


    Ok no probs
  12. wheelie


    Starlight arrow any good to you ? . P.M me if interested .
  13. wheelie

    Rifle brass

    Hi I have some 223 and hmr's here . If you p.m me . Cheers Chris
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