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  1. Think I have a 5 round one if that is of any good to you .
  2. wheelie

    Logun s16

    Hi my mates got one in .22 if your interested £400
  3. Hi i have a Photon 5x42 which has had the extreme conversion. Very good for ratting and have also used it on both my rim fires . P.M me with your email for pics if interested looking for £175 including p&p .
  4. wheelie


    Ok no probs
  5. wheelie


    Starlight arrow any good to you ? . P.M me if interested .
  6. wheelie

    Rifle brass

    Hi I have some 223 and hmr's here . If you p.m me . Cheers Chris
  7. Minox ZX5i 5x25x56 BDC in good condition .
  8. Would be nice to get a reply 🤔
  9. Would you consider a swap ?
  10. Could I have this please .Send over payment details . Thanks Chris
  11. wheelie

    Browning T Bolt hmr

    Cheers Good shot
  12. wheelie

    Browning T Bolt hmr

    Hi my mates name is Andy i will pm his number.
  13. wheelie

    Browning T Bolt hmr

    My mate has one he might part with .I will get you his number .
  14. Hi I've a Yukon 5x42 which has been extremed I have a couple of let's that can come with it . Looking for £210 including p&p pm me for pictures . Cheers Chris
  15. Hi Kieth Money sent .Please send to same address as before . Many thanks Chris
  16. Hi Keith will send payment after work . Are bank details as before ?. Cheers Chris
  17. Hi can I have the 105 mm lens please . Is bank transfer ok for payment.
  18. Your welcome Dave and thanks for showing me your thermal spotter . Well jealous 😁. Cheers Chris .
  19. Hi got a Delta here i would swap can send pictures from my phone if you pm your mobile number , Is on my hmr at the moment and being used with a pard 007 really nice combo .
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