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  1. I will take these please .Is bank transfer ok ?. Cheers Chris
  2. I've been out for the day money on its way .
  3. Can i have this please .Is bank transfer ok ?.
  4. Have a bump on me Andrew mega guy to deal with 👍.
  5. Yes please can you send payment details is bank transfer ok .Cheers Chris Sorry I would like both reels .Cheers Chris
  6. Can I have both pairs please. Is bank transfer ok for payment .Cheers Chris
  7. Hi is this still for sale if not sold I can collect .
  8. I would like these if you pm payment details please. Cheers Chris
  9. Where are you based ? as I have some here I'm near Rugeley Staffordshire .
  10. Looks like the MK 1 Photon
  11. wheelie


    Try Midcounties Blacking in Lichfield Darren is a top bloke should be able to help .
  12. Hi have you still got some sleeves as I would like a spare ?. PM payment details . Cheers Chris
  13. Hi my mate has a couple of vices for sale if you send over your contact details I could get him to email some pictures over to you . Cheers Chris
  14. wheelie

    .17HMR Set up

    I have a HW60j with 2 mag's mod and photon 6.5 x 50s so set up ready for night time shooting . Looking for £700 face to face .
  15. I will have this please send me your payment details . Cheers .
  16. Hi try Midlands Blacking in Lichfield Darren had a few in . Tel 01543679599
  17. wheelie

    .17 HMR

    How about a HW60j im only in Handsacer near Rugeley .
  18. Got a XT 6.5 x 50 here with a doubler looking for £380 plus p&p.
  19. The fella,s phone number on Gun watch is wrong ..me thinks he,s having a laff ?
  20. wheelie

    Air rifle scope

    Hi strimmer-13 Its a bit battered came with a rifle ive put nv on seems a shame to be just sat there .
  21. wheelie

    Air rifle scope

    Hi Hodge I have a Hawke 3-12 x 44 Varmint here with mounts £20 plus postage no box but i would wrap well . Cheers Chris
  22. I will have this please if you could get a price to post to WS154EJ . Can i pay with bank transfer ?. Kind regards Chris
  23. wheelie


    Will sort some pictures if you can send over your e-mail address. Cheers Chris
  24. wheelie


    Did you fancy a HW6OJ with full nv set up ? .
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