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  1. Usually browning warranty is 10 years on the action and mechanical faults and 3 years on any woodwork. The warranty isn't transferable to any subsequent owners if you sell it on and if you make any modifications to the gun what so ever it voids the warranty. I had to send my new miroku back the other week as the forend loop needed regulating as it wouldn't go back on. I had to take my kickeez pad off and the teague chokes out just on case they turned it away. The turnround was good though, go it back fixed good as new in under a week.
  2. EJC Swinton I believe is his main coaching ground these days.
  3. I know lads that are coaches by both Ben and Mark, both are very good. Mark I believe is very flexible and will coach you in the best way that he thinks suits your style and technique, Ben I belive is a bit more rigid in his approach that you shoot his way and that's it. Both are top class and only trying them will tell you which is best for you. Like smoker said above, there is also John Lee along with Ed Solomons, Sam Green, Nick Hendrick that are Midlands area based.
  4. I use a pair of 1/4 teague flush chokes in my miroku 20 bore in invector plus. Outstanding chokes and I'm very happy with them. I shot clays the other week with some ct20 24 gram fibres and it was crunching clays out to 50 to 60 yards no problem at all.
  5. I think Browning missed a trick with the sporter laminate. I think that if they had put a rounded forend on instead of the traditional schnabel, it could have sold in even better numbers.
  6. The kickeez pads are pretty heavy, I've just put a 24mm on my beretta with a pitch spacer and in total it weighs 200 grams, the equivalent length beretta micropore pad weighs just 80 grams.
  7. I've just fitted a couple of kickeez sporters to my guns from Sporting targets, but have also had the isis pads before and both are very good pads.
  8. I usually buy teague these days, good chokes, nice patterns and best of all they are pretty quick on turn round.
  9. The new mk game are back bored, invector plus multis and steel shot proof. Think that's why they have steered away from calling it an mk60 this time round. The original mk60's are fantastic tools though, not sure if they can be opened out/ teagued and reproofed for steel.
  10. If you like the mk11 but the price is a bit strong for your budget, the miroku mk game is a good alternative option. Similar sort of specs apart from the side plate and it's not the 725 action. I picked up a 32" 20 bore mk game and its been a fantastic piece of kit.
  11. Should fit fine, problem will be cost and or availability of the laminate stock. After market woodwork can be difficult to obtain and very expensive, you could find its more cost effective to trade in your gun for an SL.
  12. I've had some good success with eley high fliers in 28 gram 6's. Also patterned some 28 gram 5 eley zenith the other week with the copper coated shot and they printed very nice even patterns, didn't get chance to try them on live quarry before the lockdown though.
  13. North half of Lincolnshire, Market Rasen Caistor area.
  14. Unfortunately not, just an old user name that I used from years ago that I've kept. Rowan Atkinson doesn't seem to be the shooting type to be honest, but you never know?
  15. Hi all, Martin from Lincolnshire. Do a little bit of pigeon and game shooting, majority clay shooting. Pretty average at everything but love the sport. Looks to be some great content and discussion on the site, look forward to participating. Thanks
  16. I picked up one of the new miroku mkgame before Christmas in 32" 20 gauge. Its a fantastic gun, weighs about 7lb 5oz and handles like a dream. Weighs just enough to be very comfortable to shoot, but light enough to carry. Miroku have made some very nice subtle changes to these with the chokes, bead, ribs, butt pad and forend which add up to a big improvement. Swings and balances very nicely as well. Not had much chance to try an array of cartridges yet but it handles 28 and 30 grams game carts with ease. Looking forward to using it some more this year when we get the chance.
  17. The warranty should be from the date on your invoice or till receipt as that is what they usually ask you to produce. Very nice guns, my dad bought a LH one when they first came out and has been very pleased with it.
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