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  1. Thank you all, I purchased the gun second hand from the sale section. I think I'll take it out and put a box through it. Although I did shoot the gun prior to her. I imagine the gun ain't worth the fix at a smiths tbh. But I will contact them anyway And your right I really dont want to knock her confidence just now being so new to shooting, bless her I felt terrible when I heard and saw her face.
  2. Hi all, Would anyone shed some light please. I purchased a second hand Yildiz sp2 20" couple weeks ago and only just had the time to take it out today. Seems to be firing both barrels. It was meant to be for my partner but shes not too happy with 42g on her shoulder 😂 is this a easy fix? Many thanks James
  3. Thanks guys. I have a nikkostirling 3-9X50 AO mountmaster.ill do some research into what size it is and get a knock off one
  4. Jamesrb90

    Sun glare

    Hi all, Are the attachments for sun glare any good? Do they work. Having abit of trouble where I currently shooting targets and would love to find a solution James
  5. Hahaha I have indeed. I shoot after and my god i was well out! Just fitted a bipod to the rail and its more consistently accurate just some fine tuning. But what a difference...
  6. Iv seen this thank you Hatfield buddy
  7. Thanks for the reply bud. But I'm looking for a 20 bore right handed
  8. Hi all looking for a 20 gauge shotgun for my other half. 28"barrel small budget James
  9. This is why I love this group. Some really helpful points there guys so thank you I'm off clay shooting tomorrow so will pick up some more pellets I'll defo use a bag or pillow of some kind
  10. Thanks for your reply mate Iv got a bipod coming to fit on the rail but this one has got me going for now. I'll take that into account though. So it could possibly be the issue here then or contributing. James
  11. Hi all I recently purchased a walther rotex rm8 and was wondering if the PCP need a breaking in period as such. Iv got a scoop on it and having a little difficulty zero'ing. This being my first rifle and experience zero'ing a rifle Many thanks
  12. Perfect thank you. Ordered!
  13. Sorry guys it is indeed a stirrup pump. Here's a better pic. Thanks for the ebay like also but I cant wait that long from China 🤣🤣
  14. Hi all does anyone know what attachment I need for a foot pump? For a rotex rm8 I need one of these (on the right) abit bigger to fit the thread of the rotex part (on the left) Any ideas Thanks James
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