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  1. There’s no rape around here at all, nobody’s bothered planting it this year. It’s all either wheat, barley or oats. I finished on 27. Not a massive bag but enough for a couple of hours stood under a tree with just a pocket full of cartridges.
  2. I was out roost shooting on Wednesday. Got into the wood at 3.30 but the pigeons didn’t really start to come in until 4.30, apart from a few solitary ones that I managed to knock over. Once they did, it was thick & fast for 40mins.
  3. Bumble


    I’m burning mostly beech this year, but that’s only because a massive old beech keeled over in the small wood last winter and has provided me with a huge amount of timber. It dried beautifully during the summer and is burning equally as beautifully now. My log pile also has ash, sweet chestnut (good, but keep the door shut if you like your rugs without holes!), oak, apple, birch & hazel in it; basically, a selection of what grows on the farm and either fell over or needed dropping in the last year or so.
  4. 1 dog, 1 vixen last night; .243, lamp & mouth call = 8
  5. 5 last night. 3 with the .243, 2 with the .17hmr. Total = 200
  6. I like to have the paper map for my main nav in the hills & use my phone for backup if absolutely necessary. Maps & compasses don’t have batteries that can run out!
  7. ‘OS Locate’ is a very good free app that gives you a 6fig grid reference that you can then apply to the map if unsure. The actual OS mapping app is also very good, but you need to subscribe/buy the paper maps & enter the download code with them.
  8. Turn on the ‘adult content blocking’ filter on your router. That’ll help.
  9. Bumble

    EE scam

    I got caught out by that a couple of years ago; the text came from the official ‘150’ number that EE normally use & gave a link to the EE website, so I thought nothing of it. When it didn’t seem to go through, I rang EE to check & they said it must just be a glitch in their system. The scammers took nearly £800 out of my account over a couple of weeks before I noticed (fortunately my bank refunded it immediately & investigated for me).
  10. Little Wayne would be spending the next 5 days reconsidering his poor behavioural choices in silent isolation (after being given a high-volume attitude readjustment). Fortunately I work in a nice school in a nice area, and we’ve not got many of that sort. SLT are also very proactive with behaviour management and supportive of staff, so hopefully it won’t be an issue.
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