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  1. Indeed, it was a very close shave! When the garage replaced the diff & transmission oils, they they were a little bit watery...
  2. I popped a new air filter in there yesterday and had a good look at the old one, and couldn’t find any moisture. What I think happened was it went up the exhaust (which is a lot lower than I thought it was...) and choked the engine out that way. The truck is in for new (non-screeching) belts on Tuesday anyway, so I’ll get them to do a quick oil change and check the diffs out too.
  3. I think I’ve been a very lucky chap! Looks like it’ll need a snorkel chucking on it at some point to avoid it happening again (or sending the missus out to check water depths first 🤣)
  4. Nice one, cheers. I pooed myself when I did it (my own stupid fault), as I’ve only had it a couple of weeks and just had the cam belt, pulleys, water pump & a few other bits done on it to get it sorted out. I was planning on giving it an oil change anyway next week, so will chuck a new air filter on it too whilst I’m at it.
  5. Just opened it up and the casing is bone-dry inside and the filter feels ok to the touch. Is there anything else to look for?
  6. So, like a ****, I went into some water a little too deep in my Shogun (2003 2.5 TDI) on the way home in a flooded lane and she conked out... However, the electrics were absolutely fine and once I’d pushed her out and gave her a minute, she fired up again after some persuasion with rolling it forward on the clutch/starter, belted out a load of white smoke. I sat it for 10 mins ticking over & until the smoke stopped (only a couple of minutes for that), then she ran absolutely fine for the remaining 10 miles home. I’ve checked the oil & there’s no sign of water in it. However, is there anything in need to be doing now? Garage job or just keep an eye on it?
  7. I stuck the best part of both boxes through it on Tuesday afternoon. It seems to prefer the 17gr Winchester BTs, which grouped surprisingly well considering I was having to wait for slight lulls in the breeze.
  8. I got a box each of Hornady 17gr BT & CCI 20gr HP, and will try to go out tomorrow to see how they perform. With regards to running in the barrel, did you bother with shoot 1, clean, shoot 1, clean.. etc, or just blast a few through it?
  9. I’m off to pick up a Tikka T1X in .17HMR tomorrow & was wondering what flavour of ammo people have been finding works well in theirs? Also, is there a lot of difference ballistically between 17gr & 20gr loads at sensible ranges (up to 100yds)?
  10. 1 vixen last night, thermal & .243 = 480
  11. Cheers. Is that just a case of having a prod with a screwdriver & seeing it it goes though?
  12. I’ve been offered a Shogun by a mate for a very good price. It’s a 2002 plate 2.5L diesel commercial model, currently owned by his dad. It’s got 87,000 on the clock (all on road), FSH and he’s pretty certain it’s had the cam belt done too (but needs to check paperwork). As I’m not very mechanically minded, is there anything Shogun specific that I need to be looking at when I go over to check it out?
  13. The problem is there’s no police around (not the fault of the police at all, but those in Parliament who’ve slashed their numbers), so even if you do catch them in the act, there’s no chance of getting a police response in time. Combine that with there being no legal deterrent if actually caught (car crushed? They’ll nick another. Fined? Either their caravan moves on swiftly or their benefits won’t cover it, so they don’t have to pay. Dogs taken? They’ll easily get more), and that farmers have a lot more to lose by their yards being burned out/stock killed/machinery nicked as repercussions for trying to stop the filthy vermin in the first place. It’s a lose-lose situation if you’re law abiding, while the Caravan Utilising Nomadic Sorts carry on doing what the hell they like.
  14. Bumble

    Fox club

    It wasn’t far off the range where I could have clubbed it! I’ll be doing some short range practice next time I go shoot targets, as it’s all well and good being able to ring the 2” gong at 300yds every time, but not much use if you can’t hit Charlie at 40yds when it’s sitting there waiting to be shot 🤣
  15. Bumble

    Fox club

    Had another very quiet look around tonight. I stopped at the bottom of the estate drive and decided to have a call next to the fence to a 15 acre field with a fair few sheep in it. Call, lamp, call, lamp, nothing. Final call and a scan with the lamp revealed charlie sat there looking at me along the fence line, 30yds away! It sat beautifully still while I steadied the rifle on the fence post, put the crosshairs on its chest... and promptly pulled the shot, missing completely. It went off like a stabbed rat, not pausing for a second go. Oh ******!!!
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