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  1. Will split if anybody is interested in individual items. Cheers.
  2. As above. Full set up. C&H press, RCBS powder dropper with Redding stand, Redding scales, Lee auto prime, Lee case trimmer, set of Lyman .222 dies ( neck, full and seat ), loading trays, 185 new brass cases + hundreds of once fired (some primed), bullet heads, primers, 3 x 1/2 tubs of powder, lube + bits and bobs. £200 JOB LOT. PM me for photos via watsapp.
  3. Cheers, you can fit a silencer to the HFT. I had a s400 and it was laser accurate, that's what was throwing me towards the HFT500 and the high shot count. I wondered if the Ultimate Sporter was as accurate at longer ranges. Cheers.
  4. Evening all. Does anyone have any experience of the AA hft . Is it purely a target rifle . Anyone use one for hunting. Is the Ultimate Sporter a better gun etc. Any feedback would be appreciated . Cheers
  5. Original Hunter Boots - Made in Britain - Hunter Green - Size 7 Minimal wear, excellent condition, like new. £50.00 Postage @ £5.00
  6. I load 22 grains AS under 28g of shot with a B&P 24 wad, but clay and game data says 23 grains.
  7. Thanks for all the input. I think it's like the man above said though. The police have far more important things to concentrate on . Cheers.
  8. Evening all. Sure this has been discussed before but what is the police procedure fore testing airguns for the legal limit? Do they take a mean average of say five or ten shots or base it on a single shot out of a number of shots going over the limit. Cheers.
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