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  1. 222mark

    Long nets.

    2 X 45 Yard Long nets with stainless pins. I've never used them but they have a few repairs. Comes with 30 fibreglass pegs. £25 collection only DN9.
  2. Had a 1100 skeet 2 1/2" chambered .410, lovely gun. A bit cartridge fussy though. Chap I sold it to still has it.
  3. That's why its a job lot. !!!!
  4. MEC 600 junior, set up for 2 1/2" Winchester cases. + 2 charge bars, 6 bushings, 3" conversion kit and all paperwork. 1 x adjustable shuttle bar. 1 x hand operated RTO machine. 2kilos of Vectan SP3. 4 x 1lb tubs of Winchester 296.1 x 1lb tub of Hodgdon h110. Approx' 1100 once fired 2 1/2" Winchester cases . 350 once fired 3" Winchester cases. 150 new primed 3" fiocchi cases. 100 new primed 2 1/2" cheddite cases. 50 new primed 3" cheddite cases. Approx' 1400 209 primers. Approx' 9500 wads. 1000 yellow dusters, 1000 pattern control, 1250 Winchester AA, 2000 claybuster {sp410, AA replacement}. 250 Remington SP410, 1000 Winchester HS {red}, 1000 H40, 500 H33, 1500 H27, 100 GBior, 500 B&P. 1200 RTO cards and a few felt wads. Climbing the North face of the 410 Book. JOB LOT £500. Pick up only DN9. NOW SOLD!!!
  5. Gamebore did a 70mm case target load .410, that's 2 3/4". Got a bag of once fired here.
  6. 222mark

    Shotgun slip

    Try Quality Gunslips in Wales. Excellent quality , they do shorter slips and made to measure.
  7. JSB exact heavies worked best in mine. Far more accurate than the standard exacts. Think they are 4.52.
  8. I agree, there isn't a lot 1/2 ounce homeloads wont do in the .410 in a 2 1/2 inch case. Must be Winchesters though. Remember the .410 is a 30 yard gun.
  9. I had one years ago, they still come up for sale though.
  10. I gave BASC up after the lead ban on ducks. Looks like they are selling us down the river once again. Hope any members they do still have think carefully as they seem to be the biggest enemy shooting has at the present time. Anyone remember the vote of no confidence on John Swift last time. They all pulled rank to save his job. As before all they are interested in is their salaries and pensions. Enough said.
  11. 222mark


    I know so could i, I paid £10 per 100 new primed Remington cases, Once fired whinny's are £5 per 100 usually,
  12. That's a bargain, change the IR to a dragonfly and 400yrd is no problem.
  13. Hello

    Could you send me a few more pics and details on the Browning please



    1. 222mark

      Wasted morning

      They don't make bisley magnums in .20, JSB Exacts are a heavy .20 pellet.
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