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  1. 222mark


    Try Dave Beard at Westwoodside. Excellent gunsmith.
  2. 222mark


    Can't see any point at all. Accuracy is what kills not velocity and accuracy is lost with increased velocity. A sub 12ftlb air rifle will kill a rabbit at 90+ yards hit in the right place.
  3. If lead is as bad as they make out why is the scrap value so high. It must be getting used for something. Or am i over thinking it.
  4. What is it like with 21/2" cartridges as a matter of interest?
  5. I left BASC 20 odd years ago for exactly the same reason . Lead shot ban on duck. Pity every one else wasn't in the same opinion or didn't listen. Things may be much different now.
  6. Powder sounds like Vectan AS. If it is that explains why they are nice to shoot.
  7. S410 then, good second hand one. It will last forever.
  8. Saw two last week. None since.
  9. Air arms s400. probably cheaper too.
  10. Don't like shooting it. Only when i have to then i use a light load. There's not much the .410 won't manage. Terribly underated.
  11. I'm with you all the way .410 wise. I've shot them all my life. Saying that though my 12g b25 is pretty light at 6lb 12oz and pistol gripped.
  12. 222mark


    Starlight Dragonfly IR laser torch. Used only a handful of times. Comes with Nightmaster mount. Scope mount rail and battery. No charger though. £100 posted. Cheers.
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