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    I know so could i, I paid £10 per 100 new primed Remington cases, Once fired whinny's are £5 per 100 usually,
  2. That's a bargain, change the IR to a dragonfly and 400yrd is no problem.
  3. Hello

    Could you send me a few more pics and details on the Browning please



    1. 222mark

      Wasted morning

      They don't make bisley magnums in .20, JSB Exacts are a heavy .20 pellet.
    2. That's right. Aigle iso open neoprene with the full zip. Just sold a pair for that reason. could of got both my legs in one welly. They are seriously wide.
    3. One on here. private gun sales.
    4. 222mark

      Wasted morning

      I had a similar problem with mine in .20 cal. The power dropped off and slowly built up again shot after shot. It was up and down power wise as well. Tried everything. In the end I sent it back to Daystate for a service and asked them to set the power at 11.5, which they did. Its settled in again and is doing 11.8 with jsb exacts. I'm more than happy with it , being very accurate and consistant . Leave it to the experts.
    5. Buy an adjustable reamer and take a bit out at a time yourself until you get the required pattern. that's the cheapest option.
    6. 222mark

      Remington 1100 410

      I had the 2 1/2" chambered skeet model . Fantastic gun, far better than the 3" model . It cycled faultlessly on all 1/2 ounce loads. There was a .410 Wingmaster for sale on this site not long ago, they are a far better gun if you want the 3" chamber. will cycle any ammo.
    7. Don't expect it to be as good as Vectan AS. I couldn't get on with it at first. I now use it in 65mm reloads for an old 2 1/2" chambered English sxs and find it brilliant. 21grains behind an ounce of 6shot with a B&P wad. Its not as clean burning as Vectan powders though.
    8. Agile Parcours ISO 2 Open Wellington boots. Size 11 Full zip, neoprene lined. Excellent condition, like new as only worn a couple of times. £75.00 posted to uk address. Pm for more photos
    9. Yes they do. Think Folkstone Engineering does as well.
    10. Maxam psb2 is ok for .410, but is coarse grained. You are better with a ball powder such as Vectan sp3, Winchester 296 or H110. Even using these powders there's a massive saving on factory prices and all three are superb.
    11. John Carr guns. Thorne High Levels. He manufactures them. Hope that helps.
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